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FRIDAY FUN: Summer Lovin' with the Stars of Your Favorite Shows!

I know it's about to be the dreaded summer when all of your favorite shows go on hiatus. What will we do without Veronica Mars, Lilly Rush, Earl Hickey, JD, a young Chris Rock or the Browns and the Abbotts?? How will we survive? Well, your favorite shows and characters may be taking a break, but the stars of your favorite shows sure aren't. They're going to be busy working on projects for the big screen while you're enjoying the lazy, hazy days. Here's a look at the projects that some of television's biggest stars will be doing this summer.

Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars): Kristen will be busy promoting her new thriller Pluse that comes out July 14th. The film, a remake of the successful Japanese film Kairo, is about a web site that seems like a scary hoax, but turns out to be run by a deadly force. The film also stars Ian Somerhalder (the now deceased Boone from Lost) and Christina Milian. You can see a picture from the film at IMDB. To see the trailer, click on over to Yahoo! Movies.

In addition to Pulse, Kristen will also be promoting Fanboys. The comedy is scheduled to hit theaters some time this year. The film centers around four friends who drive across the country to honor the wish of their dying friend - to watch Star Wars: Episode I at George Lucas' ranch. It also stars Jaime King and Christopher Marquette (Joan of Arcadia).

Kristen also stars in Fifty Pills, a film about a student who loses his college scholarship, so he turns to a drug mogul to make the money he needs to stay in college. The film premiered Wednesday at the Tribeca Film Festival. Check out these pictures of Kristen from the festival:

You can get more on Fifty Pills, including the trailer, from the film's official site.

Kathryn Morris (Cold Case) (photo courtesy KathrynMorrisOnline): Kathryn will begin shooting Resurrecting the Champ in Alberta, Canada this June. The movie, about a desperate reporter who believes that a homeless man is a former fighter, also stars Samuel L. Jackson, Josh Hartnett, Alan Alda and Rachel Nichols (Alias). Kathryn will play Hartnett's wife according to the Calgary Sun. Rod Lurie will direct the film, and he and Kathryn have worked together on The Contender, Deterrence and The Last Castle. Harnett will play the reporter to Jackson's former fighter. It is due to hit theaters some time next year.

Meanwhile, Kathryn was busy attending the PRISM Awards (They recognize the accurate depiction of drug, alcohol and tobacco use and addiction in film, television, music and comic book entertainment) and the 3rd Annual Inspiration Awards yesterday. Here are some pictures from the events:

Cast of My Name is Earl: This gang is going to be very busy this summer. Star Jason Lee has Monster House hitting theaters July 21st. The movie is about three teens who discover that their neighbor's house is a real, living monster. It also stars Nick Cannon, Jon Heder, Kevin James, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Steve Buscemi. To see a trailer from the film, click on over to IMDB.

Meanwhile, Jaime Pressly (Joy) will star in the big screen adaptation of the popular video game DOA: Dead or Alive. The film is scheduled to hit theaters August 25th. You can see a trailer over at IMDB.

Ethan Suplee (Randy) will show up in Clerks II along with Jason Lee. The sequel to the popular 1994 film is once again written and directed by Kevin Smith. It is slated to hit theaters August 18th. You can view the trailer HERE.

Matthew Fox (Lost): Matthew has been hard at work on the West Virginia set of We Are...Marshall. The movie, based on the true story of the Marshall University football team and how their new coach struggled to keep the team going after members were killed in a plane crash, is set to hit theaters later this year. The movie also stars Matthew McConaughey and Ian McShane.

Matthew will also begin working on Vantage Point, which tells the story of an attempted presidential assassination through five different viewpoints. So far, Dennis Quaid and William Hurt have also signed onto the project. It is slated for 2007 release.

Zach Braff (Scrubs): Zach will begin shooting Open Hearts in June. The story about a woman whose life is turned upside down after her husband is left paralyzed in an auto accident is scheduled to hit theaters next year.

Zach also has The Last Kiss scheduled for an October release and Fast Track scheduled for release some time this year. In Kiss, a couple has to deal with the anxieties that threaten their future. Along with Braff, the movie also stars Jacinda Barrett and Rachel Bilson. Fast Track finds Zach playing a slacker who has to work for his father -in -law when his pregnant wife quits her job. It also stars Amanda Peet and Jason Bateman.

Tyler James Williams (Everybody Hates Chris): Tyler has a part in this summer's animated The Ant Bully. The film, about a boy who floods an ant colony and suddenly finds himself shrunk down to the size of an ant and forced to do labor for the colony, is slated to hit theaters August 4th. It stars the voices of Nicolas Cage, Alan Cumming and Cheri Oteri. You can get more info on this movie from its official site. You can also view the trailer at IMDB.

Gregory Smith (Everwood): Gregory will be working on Closing the Ring. It's the story of a young man who searches for the owner of a ring that belonged to a man who was a United States World War II bomber pilot who crashed in Ireland 50 years ago. The movie stars Shirley MacLaine, Christopher Plummer, Mischa Barton and Richard Attenborough. It is scheduled to hit theaters next year.

To learn more about each of these movies and to see what other TV stars are working on this summer, visit IMDB.

That's all for this edition of Friday Fun! Be sure to check back here Monday for the latest edition of Pass the Remote and next Friday for another installment of Friday Fun! Monday's edition will have thoughts on this weekend's episodes of Cold Case and Desperate Housewives. Plus, all the latest television news! Have a great weekend everyone!

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'Model' Talk, 'Earl' of the Rings and Skating Through 'Trace!' Plus NBC Renewals and ABC's Sweeps

Most fans of America's Next Top Model were shocked to see Nnenna eliminated during this week's episode. The 24-year old chemist from Houston, Texas started off the competition very strong, but seemed to fall off in her last few weeks. Troubles with her boyfriend, John, back home seemed to occupy most of her free time, but Nnenna insists that she is fully responsible for her elimination. "I don't want to blame the situation on my boyfriend," she told bloggers last night during a teleconference. "I think it was a combination of different issues." During the show, it seemed like Nnenna was always on the phone arguing with her boyfriend, who was missing her, but she says that what you saw wasn't necessarily what happened. "I used the phone two days. Every episode they would play a little bit of the same argument on the phone," she explains. Things seemed especially bad between Nnenna and John when he was the surprise visitor for a challenge reward. Nnenna seemed disappointed, but she says that things got better between the two as John's visit came to a close. "We really talked and I cooked for him and we made up."

Nnenna (Left, waiting for her mermaid shoot. Photo courtesy UPN) also received a lot of heat from viewers for her friendship with fellow contestant Jade. She says that the viewers don't get to see the whole picture. "The audience just sees bits and pieces of Jade, the negatives," she explains. "Human beings have negatives about them and positives." One issue that she would like to clear the air about is what happened when Miss J taught the girls how to walk the runway with accessories. In the show, it appeared that Nnenna laughed at Brooke when she kept messing up, but Nnenna says that she was laughing at the faces that Miss J was making during the lesson. "I laugh very easily. I'm easily amused. My nickname, even at work, is 'Smiley' because I'm always smiling," she explains. Despite the misconceptions, Nnenna insists that she learned a lot from her Top Model experience, and she's moving to New York next month to pursue her modeling dreams. But before she goes, she says that she'll be working on her expressions so she can improve her photo shoots. "I'm going to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror to work on my facial expressions," she says. As far as who she thinks will win the competition, Nnenna says that she was impressed with all 13 of the girls. "Every girl at that point had something special about them that I admired," she says sincerely. "I am definitely supporting each and every one of the [remaining] girls. They're all great girls." America's Next Top Model airs Wednesday nights on UPN. The final 6 contestants pose for a group photo while preparing for their mermaid shoot in Thailand (photo courtesy UPN)

Instead of talking about last night's mediocre -at -best episode of CSI, I thought I'd switch it up and discuss the wonderful episode of My Name is Earl that aired last night. Loved, loved, loved how they did a subtle parody of Lord of the Rings, but instead of the ring that puts a spell on them, it was a stolen police badge. Seriously, how funny was the scene where they were all turning against each other and Earl tells us (through narration) that they realized that they had to get rid of the badge before it destroyed them all? I was laughing so hard. What made this episode even better was the fact that it even had its own "My Precious" guy (as you can tell, I'm not a huge LOTR fan, so I have no idea what the characters names are). Rodney looked exactly like that little computer-generated ring thief, and even slinked around just like him. He was always trying to get his hands on that stolen police badge. I have to say, though, after watching this episode, I will not be storing any valuables in my shoes while I bowl!

I'm not sure how I feel about last night's Without a Trace. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it either. I guess it just falls somewhere in between love and hate. I would have thought the Jack story line would have driven me crazy, but it wasn't THAT bad. I mean, I'm getting a little tired of his relationship with Anne, but I'm not burned out yet. I'm hoping they keep it at a minimum the rest of the season so that I don't reach that point (like I did with last season's divorce story line). It was nice to see Kate again. I've been thinking that it's a little weird that Jack seems to NEVER see his girls. I know they live in Chicago, but still. The case was just OK for me. It kind of went along at a steady pace, but then it picked up at the end. I didn't really feel the family's pain over losing their son to suicide until Sam found Kelly up at that pond where she learned to skate. Seeing the effect it had on her was emotional. One thing I am getting tired of on this show is the consistent MO it has followed lately. And since I am no longer making requests for American Idol, I'm moving on to this show and we'll just have to see how that pans out (Yes, I know that the series has more than likely wrapped for the season, but these requests hold true for next season as well). Is there anyway we can have a case where the victim doesn't voluntarily leave? I mean, it's pretty anticlimactic when we learn that the person was just visiting her sister because of some bad news she received or when we learn that a figure skater was simply meeting with a prospective new coach. And what is up with these victims returning and no one notifying the FBI? This happened last night and with the pregnant AIDS victim, and it's driving me crazy. If they're actually missing, then they need to be missing. I need to feel like these people are in danger. OK, so those are my requests for now, and hopefully, we'll start getting some better cases soon.

About Last Night...CBS dominated the first night of sweeps, winning each of the three hours. At 8, Survivor took the prize, followed by NBC's Will & Grace and My Name is Earl (r) and ABC's American Inventor special. At 9, CSI landed in first, followed by NBC's My Name is Earl and The Office and ABC's American Inventor. The final hour of the night went to Without a Trace, followed by NBC's ER and ABC's Commander in Chief. For more on last night's ratings, visit Zap2it.

~Primetime Pass~
@8 p.m. - ABC airs the 33rd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards with hosts Kelly Monaco and Tom Bergeron. Over on CBS, it's part one of the 2-part season finale of Ghost Whisperer. In it, Melinda must help the victims of a airline crash cross over.

@9 p.m. - During a murder trial Annabeth discovers that the victim, who was strangled the night before her wedding to another man, was hiding a secret from her friends and family which may have led to her murder on CBS' Close to Home. Over on NBC, Ed and Jillian set off on a retreat that proves to be anything but peaceful on Las Vegas.

@10 p.m. - The ADAs have a tough time prosecuting a case where the teenager died playing the "choking game" on NBC's Conviction. Over on CBS, Charlie gets caught in the crossfire when an assailant storms the FBI office with a gun on Numb3rs.

@8 p.m. - Lilly and the team tackle a 1945 case involving an ambitious reporter recently demoted to writing trivial advice columns after a heady period covering Eleanor Roosevelt on CBS' Cold Case. Over on NBC, Santos is wrapped up in choosing his new Vice President while Helen is overwhelmed by the issues facing the new First Family on The West Wing.

@9 p.m. - Baby Lily's father shows up on ABC's Desperate Housewives. Over on NBC, Detectives Goren and Eames investigate when the body of a former school chancellor is fished out of the Hudson River on Law & Order: CI.

@10 p.m. - Izzie grills George about the personal details of his life, Addison takes Alex to task about a sensitive case, and Burke feels the pressure when he treats his musical hero, on ABC's Grey’s Anatomy. Over on NBC, Macy tries to deliver some personal effects of a deceased elderly man to his family and finds a young boy being held captive on Crossing Jordan.


*NBC is renewing all three Law & Order series, Crossing Jordan, Medium and Las Vegas for another season. The new pick ups join the already renewed My Name is Earl and The Office. No word yet on whether Jordan and Criminal Intent, which both air on Sunday nights, will be held until midseason to accommodate NBC's new Sunday night NFL programming. We'll find out what other NBC shows make the cut when the network announces its fall schedule next month.

*And finally, ABC is releasing its plans for May sweeps. Look for the movie Seabiscuit (May 6th), the 2-part season finale of Grey's Anatomy (May 14th and 15th), the 2-hour season finale of Boston Legal (May 16th), the first season finales of Invasion (May 17th) and Commander in Chief(May 18th), the 2-hour season finale of Desperate Housewives (May 21st), the 2-hour series finale of Alias (May 22nd), the premiere of Stephen King's Desperation and the 2-hour season finale of Lost (May 24th). For more on all of these events and more (including spoilers), click on over to The Futon Critic.

That's all for today. Be sure to tune in Monday for thoughts on Cold Case and Desperate Housewives. Plus all the latest television news! And be sure to check back here later today for another exciting edition of Friday Fun where you'll get the inside scoop on your favorite TV stars' summer projects! Stay Tuned...

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Will the Real Sydney Bristow Please Stand Up! Plus 'Idol,' 'Model' and Fox's Sweeps Plans

There are now two Sydney Bristows?? Oh my gosh! I figured out halfway through last night that Prophet 5 wanted Syd's DNA, but I had no idea that they were going to use it to turn Anna into her! I figured it was some sort of cloning experiment. Genetic mutation sounds very dangerous. Clearly, Prophet 5 is trying to have their very own Syd to carry out the Rambaldi foretelling, so it seems that there's trouble ahead. I'm excited to see how this plays out. I guess that Jen Garner will be pulling some double work. This is the point in my discussion of Alias where I should point out that I just started watching this show last season, so Rambaldi and Will are not my strong points. In fact, I met Will for the first time last night. So the following thoughts may be a little "off."

- Baby Isabelle is very cute. I wondered what Syd was going to do when she had to leave her. Those "babysitters" that Jack sent were hilarious Did you see the briefcase with bottles and other baby accessories? Classic!

- So even though I didn't know Will before last night, I LOVED him! He and Syd have a great friendship. I was really worried there at the end that he wasn't going to survive, but Syd saved him just in time.

- The bomb-in-the-head thing was pretty awesome, but only because it didn't go off. I LOVED the way everyone at A.P.O. kept dealing with it like it were any other bomb and then Will kept reminding them that it was in his head. How funny was the cell phone ringing?

- Sloane, Sloane, Sloane. I know I'm supposed to dislike you, but as I stated above, I've only known you since you have been "good." Therefore, I feel for you and you're struggle to save your daughter. BUT, this is going to blow up in your face very soon. I'm also thinking that Peyton didn't fulfill Prophet 5's end of the deal, but we'll see.

- Syd definitely knows that Vaughn is still alive. I'm so dying to see their reunion!

- LOVED Jack's comment that Syd needed to keep sharp objects away from Isabelle because she's a Bristow woman, no matter her age.

Overall, another great hour of Alias. What did you think about the return of Will and Anna? How about Prophet 5's genetic mutation? Leave me a comment with your thoughts.

Music Moment
You guys have been buzzing a lot lately about some cool tunes on your favorite shows. A lot of you are talking about that awesome song that played while Veronica and Logan almost kissed the other night on Veronica Mars. That song is called "I Hear the Bells" and it's by Mike Doughty. You can hear a clip of it HERE (just click the little speaker button next to the song title at the top of the page in the brown banner). You've also been asking about the amazingly perfect and poignant ending song from Scrubs the other night. You know the one when Dr. Cox was in the middle of a breakdown because all three patients died and JD tried to comfort him? Anyway, the song is called "How to Save a Life" and it's by one of my favorite new bands The Fray (they of "Over My Head (Cable Car)" fame). You can hear a clip of this song at the band's web site (just click on the music player at the top of the page, and it's song 3). Like you, I've been loving both tunes, so you can be sure they'll both be getting heavy play on my iPod. To purchase these songs, visit iTunes or pick up either artist's album. "I Hear the Bells" is on Doughty's Haughty Melodic album. "How to Save a Life" can be found on The Fray's album by the same name, How to Save a Life. If you guys are ever wondering about the music you hear on your favorite shows, feel free to drop me a line (via comments or email), and I'll try my best to get the answer. Chances are if you're buzzing about it, others are too!

The Idol Moment
OK, this is really starting to freak me out! I asked you guys to stop putting Katharine McPhee in the bottom three (don't you love the way that rhymes?), I asked you to please stop voting for Ace and last week I asked you to stop picking Pickler. All three requests have been answered! You know I'm only kidding, but seriously, I'm happy to know that I feel the same as America. This is the end of the road for my requests getting matched, I'm afraid, because my next request is for all five contestants to remain on the show. I really can't pick just one from now on. Once again, I would like to give props to Kellie for her great attitude last night. Honestly, she is a talented girl when she's given the right material. I just felt that she was the weakest link of the remaining six. Chris continues to blow me away, and I'm still loving Katharine and Paris. Elliot has such an amazing voice and Taylor has such soul to his sound and a great personality to match. This is going to be very difficult from here on out. I would also like to give props to Katharine McPhee for pulling off that much talked about dress the other night. Her boobs were working overtime, and it must have paid off because despite the judges' harsh remarks, she and Chris managed to get the most votes.

The Model Moment
I have to admit, I'm still a little shocked about last night's elimination on America's Next Top Model. Nnenna (left - photo courtesy UPN)?? I mean I agree that she had been seriously slipping these last few weeks and her attitude was getting on my nerves, but I was just surprised that the judges saw it that way as well. How cool is Thailand??!! I was so psyched when they found out that this was where they were heading. I thought that Joanie and Sara's idea to learn the language and the culture was a good one. That massage task was a bit icky, and I have to agree with Furonda. Although, I do think that if you're in a competition, then you need to suck it up and do it. I agonized with Danielle over her decision to fill in her gap. The way the dentist did it, though, was sort of a compromise and it didn't take away from her originality. I thought it turned out well. That mermaid shoot, although painful, looked really awesome. Joanie and Danielle rocked their photos! The last little interview session at panel was interesting. I couldn't believe how many of the girls just couldn't pull this off. Danielle was awesome as usual, but Nnenna, Furonda and Sara were just awful! I LOVED that the judges think that Danielle is everyone's biggest threat right now. Yay! Go Danielle and Joanie!

About Last Night...NBC won the first hour of the night with Deal or No Deal, followed by Fox's Bones and CBS' The Amazing Race. ABC's Alias landed in fourth place. At 9, Fox took the lead with its combination of the Idol results show and Unan1mous, followed by ABC's Lost clip show and CBS' Criminal Minds (r). The final hour of the night went to CBS' CSI: NY, followed by NBC's Law & Order (r) and ABC's Invasion. For more on last night's ratings, visit Zap2it.

~Primetime Pass~ (NOTE: May Sweeps officially begins tonight)
@8 p.m. - Chris brings his father's Playboy to school, but panics when it gets stolen on UPN's Everybody Hates Chris. Over on CBS, the Casaya alliance has to vote out one of their own at Tribal Council since Terry has possession of the hidden Immunity Idol. ABC airs back-to-back episodes of American Inventor.

@9 p.m. - Solving the case of a wealthy defense attorney killed at her son's wedding is compromised when all of the evidence from the case is stolen along with Nick's car on CBS' CSI. Over on NBC, Earl attempts to take care of number 127 on his list, "stole a badge from a police officer." Fox's The O.C. features special guest star and former American Idol contestant Lisa Tucker as the gang attends the senior prom.

@10 p.m. - The team attempts to locate a 15-year-old Olympic-hopeful figure skater on Without a Trace. Look for guest stars Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Tracey Needham. Over on NBC, Noah Wylie and Diane Ladd guest star on ER. Mac calls on her new Attorney General to look into the growing urban unrest in nearby Prince George’s County, Maryland on ABC's Commander in Chief.


*Fox is releasing some insight into its sweeps plans. Look for the final episodes of That 70s Show (May 18th) and Malcolm in the Middle (May 14th), the 2-hour season finale of 24 (May 22nd), the 3-hour, two night American Idol finale (May 23rd and 24th), the 90-minute season finale of Family Guy (May 21st) and the world broadcast premiere of School of Rock among the offerings. You can also expect big episodes of your favorite Fox shows, including pivital episodes of Prison Break that put the plan into action, a 2-night House event and a very personal case for Booth on the first season finale of Bones. If you would like to read more about what to expect next month, click on over to The Futon Critic (WARNING: the press release does include spoilers).

*Fans of The Sci Fi Channel's Battlestar Galactica are about to get a bonus. The cable channel announced yesterday that it is developing a new show, dubbed Caprica, that will focus on the back story to Galactica. The show will be set 50 years before the Peabody Award winning series during the years leading up to the Cyclons' devastation of humanity. The network promises that this series, like Galactica, will be about more than just space battles and will deal with family drama as well.

*And finally, NBC already has a hit with Deal or No Deal, and now the network is banking on another game show import. The Peacock is developing an American version of the popular international game show 1 versus 100. In the game, "one player must outlast a mob of 100 people in a tense battle of brains and greed for a chance to win a multi-million dollar cash prize" by answering trivia questions correctly. If the mob gives a wrong answer, then one of them leaves and the value of the cash prize goes up. If the single player can outlast all 100 members of the mob, then they win the top cash prize. No word yet on when the show will debut.

That's all for today. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for thoughts from Nnenna about her Top Model experience. Plus, thoughts on CSI and Without a Trace and all the latest television news!

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'TAR' Edition: Crickey! The 'Race' Goes to the Land Down Under

It's really getting down to the wire on The Amazing Race. The slightest mistake can send you packing and obsessing about the little detail that took you out of the race for the $1 million. Luckily for five of the teams last night, there were many mistakes made by each of the teams. Unfortunately for one team, not everyone was able to capitalize on those mistakes. The teams left the Pit Stop in Oman and opened their clues to learn that they would need to travel 9,000 miles to Perth, Australia. Fran and Barry were first out the gate, but they soon encountered a major traffic jam. Apparently, the king was visiting the city, so a few roads had to be shut down. The other teams encountered the same traffic mess, so it was no harm, no foul. The Hippies were the last team to depart and they were given no money because of last week's non-elimination round. No worries, though, because Fran/Barry left them $20 and Ray/Yolanda left $10. MoJo threw a piece of paper in their car and said that they weren't going to give the Hippies money because the Hippies said they wanted to Yield MoJo if the opportunity presented itself. Team Slacker left them an I.O.U for $100, which although annoying, was also a bit clever. Any cleverness was instantly erased, however, when they said that the Hippies would be able to make gas from trees since they are, in fact, hippies. All of the teams made their way to the airport. Everyone, except the Hippies, bought tickets for the earliest flight, so the other teams assumed that the Hippies wouldn't make the flight. Cut to the Hippies who decided to pick up a hitchhiker. Man, don't these two watch scary movies? Hitchhikers are always scary! But wait, this hitchhiker is actually pretty awesome! What's more, he's a Bedouin, which the Hippies explain is the same thing as a Hippie. What are the chances? Anyway, the Hippies needed to stop for gas, and the editing showed the rest of the teams boarding the plane. The fun-loving duo are so not making this flight! Cue my nail biting and nervous leg shake. Back at the gas station, the hitchhiker bought food and gas for the Hippies! Man, this hitchhiker is the best ever! Sadly, he had to get on his way and he and the Hippies shared a tearful goodbye (not really, but there was a lot of nose rubbing). Meanwhile, the rest of the teams were overjoyed because it was getting close to departure time and the Hippies were no where to be found. Cut to the ticket counter and the Hippies desperately trying to get tickets on the same flight. It wasn't looking too good and that "this could be trouble" music was playing, but wait! The ticket agent came through for the happy-go-lucky team! They're on the flight. I can't wait to see the pissed off faces of the other teams. Cue the pissed off faces of the other teams. At this point in the recap, I would like to give a big BOO! to MoJo for their mean spirited comments toward Team Hippies. So what if they said they wanted to Yield you? This is a game and as such, teams are going to do whatever benefits them the most. I still don't understand why MoJo got so bent out of shape over the Yield comment. No matter, because of the teams made their way to Perth and the King's Park War Memorial.

At the War Memorial, teams learned that they needed to travel to Fremantle and catch a ferry to Rottnest Island. All of the teams reached the ferry, but per usual, it didn't leave until 7:30 the next morning. The teams made their way to a nearby hostel where the biggest TMI moment of this Race took place. Fran/Barry stayed in a room called "The Pleasure Dome," which prompted Barry to respond, "This race has ruined our sex life. I’ll tell you that." Moving on and not a moment too soon, the teams boarded the ferry the next day and received their clue on Rottnest Island. The teams had to choose a tandem bike and ride for 3 miles until they reached the lighthouse. Team Slacker reached the lighthouse first and learned that they needed to keep riding to the Detour: Sand or Sea. In Sand, teams needed to drag 40 branches 126 yards to a marked sand dune (I know, it sounded incredibly easy to me too. In fact, I kept waiting for the second part of it, but this was it). In Sea, teams needed to search 50 crayfish traps lying on the ocean bottom, and each team member had to get a live crayfish and trade it for a clue. Team Slacker chose the latter along with MoJo, but MoJo got lost trying to get to the Detour, allowing the Hippies and Fran/Barry to jump ahead of them. While lost, Monica got frustrated and said the forbidden word "damn." Luckily, Yolanda was not in earshot or things could have turned ugly. Joseph apparently has the same aversion to the "D" word, though, because he flew off the handle after Monica used it. It seemed that MoJo had, well lost its MoJo and the dating couple began arguing over being lost. This was so bound to happen, though; because the two stated when the leg started that they needed to be careful not to make any mistakes. NEVER say things like this on TAR! Meanwhile back at the Detour, Team Slacker was sporting Speedos, which was the second biggest TMI moment of the Race. The Hippies were quickly working through Sand as were Fran/Barry. Team Slacker retrieved their two crayfish and got their next clue, which instructed them to travel by ferry back to Fremantle and make their way to the now closed Fremantle Prison. Just a side bar, but wouldn't it have been way cooler if it had been still in operation? I mean, how popular would Team Slacker have been?? MoJo finally arrived at the Detour and Joseph easily dove down for his crayfish. The duo thought that they needed only one, but soon learned from the man they were supposed to exchange the crayfish with that they needed two. See, this is why you don't say things about making mistakes BEFORE the leg starts. It will come back and haunt you. Monica had to dive down to get her own crayfish, but she flipped out when the "lobster" flipped out. We took one of those TAR doomed commercials, and as usual, when we returned Monica dove down and got her crayfish (or lobster to her). While all of the crayfish drama was unfolding, Team Slacker snagged the first ferry back to Fremantle. The Hippies finished the Sand Detour, but just missed the ferry. Some of the people at the ferry told them that they would save a half an hour if they took another ferry to another location on the mainland and then took a taxi to the prison, so the best friends decided to follow that plan. Fran/Barry finished their Detour and made their way to the ferry. Back at the Detour, Ray/Yolanda arrived and started on Sand, taking advantage of MoJo's mistake. The dating couple finished right behind MoJo, and the two teams joined Fran/Barry on the ferry ride to the mainland. On the ferry, Joseph decided to borrow a cell phone and call to arrange for a taxi. Fran/Barry had done the same, so when the boat docked, it was a mad dash to the cabs, with MoJo coming out victorious because the cab driver said Joseph's name. Ray/Yolanda and Fran/Barry (whose cab apparently didn't show) struggled to find a cab, so Fran/Barry took a bus instead. All of the teams were on their way to the prison.

Team Slacker was already at the prison, where they found this leg's Roadblock. One team member had to search the prison for Division 4 and then find one of the cells with batteries and a flashlight. Then, they would have to find the hidden tunnel and using the flashlight, find a clue somewhere in the tunnel. Jeremy of Team Slacker fame, had little difficulty finding the flashlight, but apparently he missed the part of the clue that said that the tunnel was "hidden" because he searched the prison grounds for over an hour according to Eric. He searched for so long that MoJo arrived and Joseph began his search. The Hippies finally showed up, and Tyler began searching as well. Jeremy finally found the tunnel and he made some remark about it being hard to find. Once again Jeremy, "hidden" tunnel - sort of the point. Anyway, Jeremy descended into the tunnel and decided to try his luck at the row boat. He didn't find a clue, so he then tried the walking passage where he quickly retrieved a clue and learned that they would need to travel 1 1/2 miles to the Pit Stop. Meanwhile, Joseph found his flashlight and lied to Tyler when Tyler asked if they were in Division 4 (BOO! to MoJo again). As Jeremy ascended the tunnel, Joseph was waiting to go down and search for his clue. He asked Jeremy for advice and Jeremy told him to take the row boat. I thought that Joseph had just gotten a beautiful dose of karma until he quickly found a clue. Apparently, Jeremy managed to miss the clue like he missed the "hidden" tunnel. Tyler was soon searching for his clue too, and Ray/Yolanda and Fran/Barry were working through the task. Team Slacker couldn't find a taxi, except for the one waiting for MoJo. Some locals told them that the Fremantle Sailing Club (Pit Stop location) was just up the street and that they could walk there. Meanwhile, MoJo jumped in their cab and started on their way. At the sailing club, a foot race ensued between Team Slacker and MoJo, with the slackers once again coming out ahead. Back at the Roadblock, the Hippies completed the task and made their way to the Pit Stop. Yolanda made quick work of it and she and Ray took off for the sailing club, but according to the editing, Fran/Barry weren't too far behind. As usual, Ray/Yolanda got lost at the location, but soon found Phil and were relieved to have landed in fourth. Fran/Barry fell to last place and were eliminated from the Race.

What did you think about last night's episode? Were you sad to see Fran/Barry exit the Race? Are you still loving the Hippies? Leave me a comment with your thoughts. All of the pictures in this edition are from The site has a lot more pictures and info if you just can't get enough of TAR. You can also click on over to The Early Show's site (click on "Watch 'The Amazing Race' castoffs") to watch today's interview with the eliminated Fran and Barry. And be sure to tune in later today for the regular edition of Pass the Remote jam-packed with thoughts on Alias' 100th episode. Plus, the Idol and Model moments and all the latest television news!

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

'Veronica' Makes Us Laugh, then Breaks Our Hearts! Plus the Scrubies, a 'Law' Exit and Nielsen Wednesday

You know a show is awesome when you start to get a little misty-eyed at the thought of it going on its dreaded summer break. You know a show is beyond awesome when you start to tear up at the sheer fact that the episode is about to end! Both of these statements reflect my love affair with Veronica Mars, which is why I honestly can't even fathom the thought of it not returning for another season. And it's also why last night's episode was one of the most amazing hours of television this season (as was last week's outing and others before it, but this show has so many good episodes that it's hard to keep track). What amazes me about this show, is its ability to easily weave between laugh-out-loud lines and teary-eyed moments all within the course of an episode. It just has the most amazing, brilliant writing! One of the funniest scenes last night took place in an elevator, hence the picture above, but let's start at the beginning. Gia asked Veronica to look into who was stalking her. She kept seeing a "non-descript" car following her, so Veronica borrowed Keith's rooftop video surveillance and with the help of Gia, found the vehicle and its license plate. Turns out it was registered to (former) deputy Leo. You know, the same Leo who Veronica dated first season and dumped for Logan. Veronica met him at Java-The-Hut, and found out that a) he's still harboring some feelings for her and b) he's now working for a private security firm and Woody hired him to keep an eye on Gia. When Gia confronted her father about the security detail, he told her that it was just a normal precaution right before a referendum (the incorporation plan was coming to a vote any day). Gia seemed satisfied until she found a DVD of her cheering for her little brother at his soccer game. It seemed that Gia had a real stalker, and not of the security firm kind.

On the new DVD, Veronica noticed a woman recording across from the person recording Gia, so she asked Gia if she could get a copy of that woman's footage because it might have a shot of the person filming Gia. Gia got the footage and Veronica found a man with a Neptune High letterman's jacket filming. She also noticed a red truck. The next day, she got a copy of the student parking permit list, but there were no red trucks listed. She searched the student parking lot anyway, but came up empty. Meanwhile, Keith agreed to help Woody after a "campaign staffer" (read call girl that Woody paid for with campaign dollars) had a little too much to drink and wound up passed out in Woody's hotel room bed at the Camelot, of course. Keith took the girl to the hospital, but warned Woody that he won't be doing favors like this very often. The next day, the story hit the press, except Woody lied and said that the woman was Keith's call girl, so Keith retaliated and told the press the real story, which hit the papers the next day. Gia got angry at Veronica about the call girl story, and decided that she didn't care about her stalker anymore. Veronica showed the DVD to Keith, and he showed her the other one that Logan found a few weeks back, but Keith told Veronica that he doesn't want her working on the stalker case anymore. She agreed, but that evening at school, she and Gia stayed late working on the Navigator. Veronica wanted to talk to Gia about her father, but Gia wasn't interested so Veronica left. She passed Lucky on her way out and when she got to the parking lot, she saw the same red truck from the video, and it was parked in the main -tenance spot. She called Keith, but only got his voicemail. She waited 15 minutes and then decided to check on Gia. She found her with Lucky in his office, and he was telling her about Iraq and his injury. Veronica noticed a letterman's jacket hanging, and she tried to get Gia's attention. It didn't work, and soon Lucky spotted Veronica. He decided to show his stolen Iraqi knife to both girls, but Keith barged in right in time. He tackled Lucky and cuffed him. Then, Sheriff Lamb came in and reminded Keith that he didn't need to come to the scene if the law was going to be there. Lamb wouldn't let Keith interrogate Lucky, so Keith handcuffed himself to Lucky and threw the key down the drain.

Veronica then jetted off to her "alternate prom." It seems that the 09ers had a little too much fun on their class trip, so the school canceled the prom, much to Mac's delight and Wallace and Jackie's chagrin. But there were no worries because those 09ers arranged for a private prom at Logan's hotel suite at the Neptune Grand. Logan invited Veronica, and she invited Wallace and Jackie and soon Butter found out, so Mac went as well. Most of the "prom" was filled with 09ers, including a massive beer container (dubbed the Hog) carried by Dick. Logan seemed excited to see Veronica, and he finally found her by herself. He decided to take the opportunity to tell her that he still has feelings for her. Only problem was that he was drunk, but he still seemed genuine. At the end of his diatribe, he tried to kiss Veronica, but she interrupted him by saying that she had to go. Meanwhile, Keith and Lucky sat in a jail cell handcuffed together. Keith tried to get information out of him, but he only got a little bit. Apparently, it was Lucky that had sent both DVDs because he was trying to scare Woody. It had nothing to do with Woody's policies (including incorporation), but the fact that Woody is not a good person. According to Lucky, we don't know what Woody's capable of. He was unable to tell him anything further because Lamb came in with the key and the news that Stuart Manning (Meg's father) posted Lucky's bail. Remember, Meg's parents were trying to set her up with Lucky, and he went to their church. And Lucky hates Woody, who is capable of terrible things, and Meg was on the bus...hmm.

The final scene of the episode was also the most heart -breaking. Veronica went to talk to Logan about trying to see each other over the summer and to apologize for just running out the night before, but he told her that the night was just a blur and he doesn't remember what he said. To make matters worse, Kendall appeared and the two obviously spent the night together. Veronica tried not to get too upset as she turned and walked to the elevator, but it was all a bit too much for her. Her sad face just broke my heart! When will Logan wake up and realize what a jerk he can be? Veronica doesn't need his wishy-washy feelings. I do think that he still wants to be with her, but he can't figure out how to not mess things up so that he can get there.

Random Mars Musings

1) Wallace and Jackie are sure approaching this relationship thing full force! I think they make a cute couple, and I've really grown to like Jackie over the course of the season. Her character has developed into a very likable person.

2) So I think it's very clear now that Kendall is not stupid. The first 3/4 of the season was part of her grifting act. I wonder what's on that hard drive that she wants back so badly?

3) Logan recognized the sketch that Veronica was folding to mail out. The sketch was of the man who hired the call girl to steal Cliff's briefcase (that contained the Logan Echolls' case files). Logan thought the sketch looked like his father's former cellmate.

4) It was good to see Woody's incorporation plan voted down. Me thinks that Woody isn't going to be too happy about it, though. And I think we all need to be afraid of Woody, be very afraid!

5) LOVED the Netflix reference, especially since Netflix is responsible for my love affair with this show. Because of my subscription, I was able to rent the entire first season and discover that I had been missing out on a wonderful show.

6) Lamb's huffing over Keith's key trick was HILARIOUS!!! I was laughing out loud at that scene. The Lamb/Keith scenes are always some of my favorites.

7) The elevator scene that I referenced above (and serves as the opening picture for today's entry) was classic! All of the "prom" guests crowded into that elevator discussing how this was the longest elevator ride ever just cracked me up. I loved all of the different facial expressions.

8) If you needed more proof that this is the most awesome show to ever awesome, then you're in luck because last night had a hysterical Tom Cruise ripping, complete with Veronica saying that she hopes he doesn't try to marry her. It all stemmed from Gia's assertion that Veronica's surveillance handiwork reminded her of Mission Impossible, and how she expected Tom Cruise to rappel down from the ceiling at any minute. To which Veronica replied: "Great! Now I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight!" CLASSIC, people!

9) One of the best scenes, though, happened at the prom. Veronica went up to Madison and started commenting on the law coming down on her and about being "on the Lamb," references to Madison's secret relationship with Sheriff Lamb. It was one of the cleverest scenes I have ever seen, and Kristen Bell was spot on! She was amazing. It was so good that I'm going to let you guys see it for yourselves if you missed it and again if you just want to have another good laugh. Yes, I captured the scene and uploaded it for your viewing pleasure.

Like Veronica, Scrubs blends the hysterical with the heavy effortlessly. Last night's episode contained an extra helping of heavy, but it allowed John C. McGinley (Dr. Cox) to show that he can do a lot more than comedy. Maybe this will finally earn him that Emmy nomination he so deserves (Yes, he's on my list of the most overlooked actors in television along with Kristen Bell and Kathryn Morris). On the funny side, we had JD getting his very own shoplifter alert, IV lunch, The Todd pretending to be gay to get chicks, JD trying to get Dr. Cox to go to lunch with him, "Vintage Cox," and JD without kidneys. As always, here's a look at last night's best, funniest and all around awesome lines.

The Scrubies
"Security, we've got a grazer!" Store clerk Rebecca regarding JD's snacking on the mixed nuts bar in the grocery store

"I would swear on my father's grave, but when I go there, I usually end up dancing on it." Dr. Cox to a patient in need of a transplant

"I might finally happen upon Hugh Jackman and be able to give him the present I've been holding for him...BAM!" Dr. Cox on why he gets up each day

"Don't you know I dole out compliments once a year? Like a squirrel, you must gather up these acorns of kind words to sustain you for the upcoming cold, sarcastic months." Dr. Cox to JD

"See, I knew this was going to come back to me." Turk after Carla and Elliot talk to The Todd about the fact that they think he's gay and then The Todd propositions Turk

"I've really gotta thank you gals for outing me. Chicks dig gay dudes!" The Todd

"I'm The Todd." The Todd after someone asks him who he is

That's this week's edition of the Scrubies. If you have a line that you would like to nominate for a Scrubie, drop me a comment and I'll publish it in a future edition. As always, if you would like to discuss last night's Scrubs or Veronica Mars episodes, leave me a comment with your thoughts. Remember that you can also help name Carla and Turk's baby through NBC's contest. Click HERE for the details. You can also check out exclusive footage from JD's "Dr. Acula" screen play at the NBC site.

About Last Night... Fox won the first hour of the night with American Idol, followed by CBS' NCIS and the WB's Gilmore Girls. At 9, Fox stayed in first with House, followed by CBS' The Unit and ABC comedies Hope & Faith and Less Than Perfect. NBC's Scrubs combined with Teachers to land in fourth and UPN's Veronica Mars got edged out of fifth place by the WB's Pepper Dennis. The final hour of the night was a tie between CBS' CSI: Miami (r) and ABC's Boston Legal. NBC's Law & Order: SVU (r) landed in third. For more on last night's ratings, visit Zap2it.

~Primetime Pass~
@8 p.m. - ABC's Alias celebrates its 100th episode with special guest stars Bradley Cooper and Gina Torres. Over on CBS, the teams travel to Australia where a fierce rivalry between two teams heats up on The Amazing Race. UPN's America's Next Top Model teaches the girls how to handle tough interview questions and the girls head overseas. As usual, I've seen some advanced clips from this episode and Jade stalls a bit during a mock interview, Joanie has a little too much coffee before a difficult shoot and the girls try to learn the culture and language for their new destination.

@9 p.m. - Find out which contestant is the next to go and watch a special performance by Andrea Bocelli on Fox's American Idol. Over on ABC, catch up on all this season's happenings involving faith and love on the island on Lost. UPN airs a second episode of America's Next Top Model that recaps the season thus far.

@10 p.m. - Russell discovers that his job may be in jeopardy because of his investigation of the hybrids on ABC's Invasion. Over on CBS, Kid Rock guest stars as himself and Mac and Lindsay question him as he was the last person to see his limo driver alive.


*Actress Annie Parisse will leave NBC's Law & Order at the end of the season according to sources. Parisse, who joined the series just over a year ago, plays Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Borgia. NBC is not commenting on the report because "it is the producers' desire to keep the season finale of 'Law & Order' under wraps because of some surprising developments" according to a network spokesperson. No reason was given for the possible exit. Law & Order airs Wednesday nights on NBC.

*And finally, it's Nielsen Wednesday! Per usual, CBS won the week in total viewers and Fox won in the 18-49 year old group. CBS was led by CSI (#4), Without a Trace (#5), CSI: Miami (tie #6), Survivor (tie #6), NCIS (#8) and The Unit (#10). American Idol (#1, 2), House (#3) and Desperate Housewives (#9) rounded out the top 10. To see a list of the top 20 shows from last week, click on over to USA Today.

That's all for today. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for 2 for 1 Thursday with a special early edition on The Amazing Race and the regular edition with thoughts on Alias and the Idol and Model moments. Plus, all the latest television news!

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bright Makes a Big Mistake! Plus Scanlon Needs a 'Medium,' More 'Veronica' Answers and 'Lost:' The Game

I'm just going to reiterate what I wrote yesterday: Bright, NO!!! Oh, these writers are mean. Mean, mean, mean! Hannah and Bright were moving along just fine and then the show does this to them and us. Sure, they had their problems, but what relationship doesn't? You know, I always thought that Bright had matured and grown so much over this show's four seasons that he was basically just a shadow of his former shallow, jerky self. But in a moment of weak -ness, he reverted back and did something that the old Bright would have done in a heartbeat. The difference now, though, is that Hannah isn't the only one who's going to get hurt. This is the first time that Bright has had a HUGE vested interest as well, and when Hannah learns the truth (and she will), Bright is going to be hurting just as much, especially since he caused the impending pain. Not only will he more than likely lose Hannah over this indiscretion, but he'll also have to deal with the fact that he hurt her so deeply. After running into a former girlfriend, Bright did the unthinkable. He helped her get a new table into her yarn shop (where you can "stitch and bitch"), but he let his problems with Hannah and their lack of a physical relationship cloud his judgment as he cheated on Hannah. It seems that the perky duo discovered that they weren't being their true selves around each other because they were trying to make the other person happy. Hannah was pretending to like keg parties because she knew that Bright did and Bright was pretending that Hannah's stance on premarital sex was OK with him, and neither of them liked pretending to be someone that they're not. Hannah realized this after two days of not talking with Bright. One of the most heartbreaking scenes last night was when she went over to Bright's to tell him about her epiphany and he found it difficult to even look at her knowing what he had done. He tried to tell her, but he allowed her to continue speaking about their relationship and how they should never hide anything from each other again. The closing shot of the two hugging was the epitome of the proverbial calm before the storm. Yup, it's only a matter of time before Hannah discovers the truth.

Meanwhile, Ephram was busy deciding on his future. He wanted to transfer to Colorado A&M, but Andy was concerned that he only wanted to transfer because of Amy. Turns out, Andy wasn't completely wrong, and neither was Hannah last week when she told Amy that Ephram is biding his time waiting for Amy. Andy wanted Ephram to take a second look at pursuing his dream of being a concert pianist, so he got him some face time with one of his idols. The experience paid off because it, along with the recital he put on with his students, allowed Ephram to realize that he wanted to teach. So, he's off to A&M to get a degree in music education. The most intriguing Ephram-related point last night was his decision to call Madison and apologize for the way he acted in New York last year when she told him about their child. It was a big step, and it showed just how much Ephram has grown up this last year. I couldn't help but think to myself that Madison certainly has moved on and found another "it's me." In fact, she's now engaged and confused over her feelings for her fiance's best friend Brian on the ABC show What About Brian. Anyway, I was impressed with Ephram's level of maturity. It was also nice to see his excitement over Kyle's audition and scholarship offer from Julliard. In other Everwood happenings, Nina jumped the gun with Jake and thought that he would be ready to marry her and start a family, but he is still trying to get his life back together after his stint with the pain pills. As usual, she turned to Andy for advice and ignored him when he tried to tell her that she may be getting ahead of herself. What puzzles me about Nina is the fact that she knows how Andy feels about her, and yet, she always turns to him to get advice about her relationship with Jake. Andy is such a sport, and seriously, the best friend anyone could ask for, but I always feel bad for him when Nina turns to him. I have to applaud Andy for not giving Nina a big "I told you so" when things didn't go as she planned. And despite everything, he still invited her to dinner to combat the loneliness that she was feeling in the wake of her discussion with Jake. When will Nina learn? If you are enjoying Everwood as much as I am and want to see it return for another season on the new CW network, then click on over to Save Everwood Now to learn what you can do to help the show get another season.

You guys know I love me some Scanlon. He's totally on the top of my current list of TV boyfriends, so I was like a fangirl at an *NSYNC concert last night while watching Medium. When this episode first started and things were looking really bad for my Scanny, I got worried. I thought that I had made a huge mistake when I put him at the top of my coveted list, but things turned around as the episode drew to a close. In a nutshell, Scanlon used to work narcotics and he went undercover to nab a huge drug cartel family in the Phoenix area. While undercover, he "dabbled" in drugs as part of his cover (although, I'm thinking it may have been more than dabbling since we saw him at a NA meeting). He also fell really hard for a dancer who he later found out was a member of the drug cartel family. He was supposed to marry her, but the whole drug family thing ruined those plans. It seems he's still a little stuck on this girl, Elena, so he cautiously responds when she asks him for his help until he believes that Elena murdered the three women (2 mules and 1 undercover cop). The interesting part, and what totally restored my faith in my Scanny, was when Elena said that Lee was too principled to join her family and be with her. We also learned that Scanlon's former fellow narc detective, and now a lieutenant, was responsible for the murders because he wanted to create a drug cartel war that would lead to each side killing the other. How shocked were you when mean former narc cop shot and killed the handcuffed Elena?? I was cheering loudly when Scanlon began beating him up. Despite everything that transpired between Elena and Scanlon, he still cared about her and was devastated when she died in his arms. See, he's the perfect TV boyfriend, which is exactly why he can't date that deputy mayor. I LOVED the scene in the stairwell when Scanlon explained everything to Allison and we learned how it all matched her dreams about him. And why do people always assume that if you dream about someone then it has to be dirty? This totally happens in real life as well. I felt like a proud parent last night watching Ariel do the right thing with the presentation contest. Did anyone else find it terribly ironic that the presentation had to do with discrimination and the teacher was discriminating against one of his students because he found him repugnant? I'm sure the irony was completely on purpose, but I thought it was pretty clever.


About Last Night... NBC won the first hour of the night with Deal or No Deal, followed by Fox's Prison Break and CBS comedies King of Queens (r) and How I Met Your Mother. At 9, CBS took the lead with its comedies Two and a Half Men and Old Christine, followed by Fox's 24 and NBC's The Apprentice. The WB's Everwood landed in fifth place ahead of UPN comedies. The final hour of the night went to CBS' CSI: Miami, followed by NBC's Medium and ABC's What About Brian. For more on last night's ratings, visit Zap2it.

~Primetime Pass~
@8 p.m. - The remaining 6 finalists perform love songs with the help of Andrea Brocelli on Fox's American Idol. Over on the WB, Lorelai begins bonding with April on Gilmore Girls.

@9 p.m. - Gia is convinced she's being stalked, so Veronica takes the case despite her dad's orders not to get involved because he believes Woody (guest star Steve Guttenberg) might be up to something, but what she discovers not only shocks both girls, but leads to further questions on UPN's Veronica Mars. Check out the opening scene from tonight's episode over at, and for more on TV's best show, be sure to read today's Quick Cuts. Over on NBC, JD is determined to have lunch with Dr. Cox on Scrubs. Over on Fox, House takes the case of a 15-year-old faith healer who claims he can talk to God on House.

@10 p.m. - Kerry Washington (“Ray”) and Peter MacNicol guest star on ABC's Boston Legal, and Denny Crane shoots his therapist.


*Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas is once again answering fan questions via He tackles burning questions like whether or not Veronica will have a roommate at college. How about a relationship between Veronica and Weevil? You can also find out which side story was inspired by a fan suggestion. Click on over to to read what Rob has to say about all of this and the remaining three episodes and beyond.

*ABC's Lost has found a way to beat the summer doldrums. The hit show will introduce an interactive multiplatform treasure-hunt game that will follow a new story line this summer. The game, dubbed Lost Experience, will require players to email, make phone calls and watch TV commercials, billboards and web sites to participate in the mystery game. The first clue will premiere during the May 3rd episode on ABC. The clue is a 1-800 number that players must call. There is no grand prize for the game, but players will learn more about the show and its mysteries according to ABC. Stay tuned to for more details on the interactive game. Lost airs a recap show this week, but will return with new episodes beginning May 3rd.

*And finally, E! Online's Kristin Veitch is launching her annual SOS: Save One Show campaign. The campaign, now in its 5th year, asks fans to choose one endangered show to save for another season. This year, everything from Veronica Mars to Everwood to Close to Home to Surface is included in this year's list of shows with various degrees of likelihood for another season. Next week, the list will be narrowed down to the top 5, with the winner announcement the following week. The winning show will receive "a huge shout-out of support that will appear on E! Online, E! Television and also be mailed directly to the network decision-makers and a few influential friends [Kristin] happens to have." To let Kristin know which show you want to save, you'll need to email her with the name of the show in the subject line of you email. Get all of the details, including Kristin's email, at eonline.

That's all for today. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for thoughts on Veronica Mars (This one looks freaky and I can't wait to see what Veronica discovers!) and the Scrubies! Plus, all the latest television news.

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Brooke Opens Up About her 'Model' Experience! Plus Sweeps Plans, 'Scrubs' News and the 'Case' of the Alternate Scene

Wednesday night's elimination from America's Next Top Model was not surprising for those who had been watching the show for the last few weeks. The judges made no secret of their thoughts that Brooke (left - photo courtesy UPN) had plenty of potential, but she was not able to turn all of that potential into beautiful photographs. "I needed to believe in myself more," the 22-year old Texas native said in a teleconference with bloggers Thursday night. She says that she got too wrapped up in what others thought about her. "I let what the girls think of me get to me," she explains. Brooke says that she wasn't as bothered by the judges' criticism because she knows that their goal is not to "tear you down, but to help you." And then there was that fight with fellow contestant Nnenna over the latter's constant dominance of the house's one telephone. Brooke says that she apologized to Nnenna that same evening, and the two never had anymore problems. Brooke's main frustration on the show was her photo shoots, something that left the judges frustrated as well, but she feels that her krumping (a style of hip-hop dancing) shoot was her best. "I allowed myself to let loose," she says enthusiastically. Brooke says that she had the hardest time doing the falling shoot. In the photo assignment, the girls had to dress up like fairytale characters, and then fall from a platform all while being photographed. Brooke was dressed up as the emperor from The Emperor's New Clothes. "It's hard to look elegant while falling," she explains. Throughout her tenure on the show, Brooke was labeled the most emotional of the contestants. Ironically, her final shoot called upon the girls to cry for hauntingly beautiful black and white photos, but those were the only tears we saw from Brooke during her final episode on the show. "People started seeing me as weak. I made a resolve that I wasn't going to cry that week," she explains. She says that the entire experience has made her more ready to take on criticism in the future, a skill that will come in handy as she pursues her dream to model. "I would like to move to New York this summer and see where it takes me," she says. America's Next Top Model airs Wednesday nights on UPN. One of Pass the Remote's faithful readers, Bitter, asked for a picture breakdown of my two favorite contestants as well as who I perceive as the current frontrunner. Here are those three girls with pictures from their doll shoot as well as their black and white crying shoot last week:

Danielle is my current top favorite (photos courtesy UPN)

Joanie is a close second for me, though (photos courtesy UPN)

Jade is my least favorite (because of her attitude), but I am wondering if she might be a frontrunner despite her attitude (photos courtesy UPN)

Moving along now to sweeps plans (including season finales) for your favorite CBS and NBC shows. Both networks issued press releases last week detailing what you can expect from each of your favorite shows as the May Sweeps period grows closer. First up, here's a look at what CBS has planned for its shows. Be warned that the following contains spoilers.

COLD CASE: When this show returns this week with a brand new episode, look for a case from 1945 involving the murder of female journalist demoted to writing advice columns after extensively covering Eleanor Roosevelt. Also coming for Cold Case, the 1984 death of a prominent ER surgeon who had a gambling problem on May 7th. I'm also hearing that Scotty gets involved in a problem that carries over to the season finale. When I say problem, think injury, but not serious. The third season finale finds Lilly strangely drawn to the victim of a 2005 murder. Things apparently get interesting when Lil's interest in the victim causes her to compromise the investigation, and leads to a "startling revelation." I'm hearing that this episode has a BIG twist involving the victim that is kind of like last season's "Best Friends" (HINT: It has nothing to do with sexuality) and "The House."

CSI: America's most watched crime drama returns this week with a wedding that ends not - so -happily when the groom's prominent mother winds up dead. On May 4th, Judd Nelson guest stars as the CSIs investigate the murder of high-stakes gambler killed outside a casino. The season ends on a two-part season finale airing May 11th and 18th. One of the team members finds themselves in a life or death situation when a man accused of murdering his wife takes a hostage and barricades himself in a casino hotel room. In part two, a colleague is placed in charge of the fate of the team member in danger and the rest of the team investigates the death of a man who used corsets to alter his appearance. Remember, this PICTURE apparently holds the clues to the final episodes. TV Guide's Mike Ausiello says to pay attention to what (or rather who) you aren't seeing in the picture.

WITHOUT A TRACE: Look for Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio to return this week as the team looks for a missing Olympic-hopeful figure skater. On May 4th, the team searches for a missing family after blood spatter is found in their living room. The May 11th show finds the team looking for a missing interracial teen-aged couple that raises tensions within the missing persons division. Lynn Whitfield returns as Jack's superior and Tony Award winner Viola Davis and multi Tony Award nominee Marin Mazzie guest star as well. The fourth season finale erupts with gunfire at headquarters as the team searches for a missing former assistant district attorney. Jason Priestly guest stars and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio returns.

THE AMAZING RACE: The teams are whittled down to the final three on May 10th. Then on May 17th, the final three teams make a mad dash for the finish line as the winning team is revealed in the 2-hour season finale.

Other Sweeps Highlights: Horatio Caine gets married on CSI: Miami, someone leaves the NCIS team (May 16th), Melinda deals with a tragic plane crash on Ghost Whisperer (April 28th and May 5th), the Dynasty cast reunites (May 2nd), Survivor crowns a winner (May 14th) and the 41st Annual Academy of Country Music Awards air May 23rd (don't forget Kathryn Morris has already been announced as a presenter). To read more about CBS' sweeps plans for all of these shows as well as those I didn't mention, click on over to The Futon Critic.

MEDIUM: Molly Ringwald guest stars in the May 1st episode as a woman in Allison's visions. Each vision shows the woman's house getting broken into by a man with no face, but the man steals only a kiss. On May 8th, the show's executive producer, actor Kelsey Grammer, guest stars as a man in Allison's visions known only as "Death." Allison begins to worry that she is operating on borrowed time. In the second season finale, Allison has visions of how her life would have been different if she had become the high powered attorney she set out to be and married someone other than Joe.

SCRUBS: Dr. Cox turns to the bottle after a decision leaves three patients dead on May 2nd. Also, Turk is disappointed to learn that the doctor on his new rotation is a little too hands on. On May 9th, Dr. Cox returns to work and JD reflects on the last five years. Meanwhile, Carla gets fed up with Turk flaunting all the things he can do that she can't because she's pregnant. The 1-hour fifth season finale airs May16th. Elizabeth Banks guest stars as a urologist with the hots for JD and Elliot considers breaking up with Keith. Also, look for shocking news about another pregnancy at Sacred Heart! For some exciting news about Scrubs, be sure to read today's Quick Cuts section.

LAW & ORDER: SVU: Natalie Cole and Anthony Anderson guest star in the May 2nd episode as Stabler and a former partner (Anderson) track down siblings who attacked and sodomized a teenage girl. On May 9th, a woman believes her young son was molested by her husband. In the seventh season finale, American Dreams' Brittany Snow guest stars as an unstable young woman who loses her virginity goes off her prescribed medication, gets behind the wheel of a car -- and mows down 10 people.

MY NAME IS EARL: The show returns this week as Earl works to cross off #127 from his list: "stole a badge from a police officer." On May 4th, Earl tries to cross off #147: "Shot Gwen Waters (guest star Miriam Shor) with a BB gun." The May 11th "super-sized" first season finale runs from 8:40 p.m. to 9:20 p.m. In it, Earl works to cross off #1 ("stole $10 from a guy at the Camden Market"), but soon learns that he owes the guy all of his lottery winnings, leaving him penniless. Earl wonders when all of his karma is going to kick in.

Other Sweeps Highlights: Will & Grace says goodbye (May 18th), The West Wing takes its final bow (May 14th), Crossing Jordan celebrates its 100th episode (May 7th), the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders make an appearance on Deal or No Deal (May 1st), Olympic Medalist Sasha Cohen guest stars on Las Vegas (May 5th) and the network airs its follow-up mini-series to last season's 10.5 entitled 10.5: Apocalypse (May 21st and 23rd). To read more about NBC's sweeps plans for all of these shows as well as those I didn't mention, click on over to The Futon Critic.

So, there's a look at what you can expect from CBS and NBC as the season winds down. Stay tuned to Pass the Remote for sweeps news from all your favorite shows and networks. What are you most looking forward to next month? Drop me a comment with your thoughts on the upcoming sweeps events.

About Last Night...CBS won the first hour of the night with Cold Case (r), followed by ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (r) and NBC's The West Wing. At 9, ABC took the lead with its Desperate Housewives clips show, followed by CBS' movie and NBC's Law & Order: CI (which had more total viewers than CBS). The final hour of the night went to ABC's Grey's Anatomy clip show, followed by NBC's Crossing Jordan and CBS' movie. For more on last night's ratings, visit Zap2it.

~Primetime Pass~
@8 p.m. - Lincoln learns why he was framed for murder on Fox's Prison Break. NBC airs another edition of Deal or No Deal.

@9 p.m. - Ephram decides to transfer to a different college and Bright makes a terrible mistake with a former flame on the WB's Everwood. Over on Fox, Jack's intense interrogation uncovers both new leads and incriminating evidence, but his tactics have devastating consequences on 24.

@10 p.m. - Scanlon's past comes back to haunt him on NBC's Medium. Over on ABC, Marjorie asks Brian to help her move instead of her fiance on What About Brian.


*'s Mike Ausiello is reporting that NBC's Scrubs will be back for a sixth season next year. The network is not confirming the good news yet, and is dismissing it as "rumors," but Ausiello is already celebrating. We'll find out whether Scrubs makes NBC's fall schedule for sure when the network announces its schedule next month. Ausiello is also reporting that the WB's 7th Heaven may not be wrapping up its run just yet. According to Zap2it, the new CW network is considering bringing the series over to its new network this fall. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that cast members from the family drama have been approached about sticking around for another season, but no formal offers have been made. Right now, the network is said to be keeping its options open. The CW will announce its fall schedule on May 18th.

* is reporting that the WB's Gilmore Girls is losing its creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband Daniel Palladino at the end of the current season. Contract negotiations between the pair and the studio, Warner Bros., have been ongoing for weeks, but neither side was able to reach a deal. TV Guide's Mike Ausiello reported in his Thursday edition of the Ausiello Report Blog that the negotiations stalled over the length of the show's renewal, now in its sixth season. According to Ausiello, Sherman-Palladino wanted to up the contract for another two seasons, but Warner Bros. wanted only one more due to series stars Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel signed on through only one more season. The show is expected to make the new CW's schedule and return for a seventh season without its creator.

*It seems that a scene from a recent episode of CBS' Cold Case was not how it was originally intended. The scene from the April 9th episode, in which Det. Lilly Rush has a few too many drinks after meeting her mother for dinner, shows Lil making a drunk phone call to former boyfriend ADA Kite. But the scene was not originally intended to have Kite's answering machine at the other end. According to, Lilly called her former flame, motorcycle man Ray, in the original script. The site has the text of that call, where Lilly comes off a bit more needy, and it goes like this:
"This is stupid. This is really stupid. It's Lilly. So, I'm just standing here in the freezing cold thinking about you buzzing around the corner and saving me. You know, you show up when I don't want you to, and then when I want you to just drive me away on that motorcycle, I have no idea where you are. Or who you're with. Ray."
The site speculates that the change came about after fans of the hit crime drama reacted negatively to Ray's appearance in the February 26th episode. The original script information came from "sides," early scenes from episodes that are released on sites for casting agents. Cold Case airs Sunday nights on CBS.

*And finally, it's TV on DVD Monday! Look for Law & Order: Tiral By Jury (the complete series) to hit store shelves tomorrow along with American Dad (volume 1), Reba (season 3), Tommy Lee Goes to College and The Waltons (season 3). For a complete list of tomorrow's releases, visit

That's all for today. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for thoughts on Everwood (Bright, NO!!) and Medium (You guys know I'm dying over this Scanlon-centric episode tonight!). Plus, all the latest television news!

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