Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Picture Edition (As Promised)!

As I was discussing earlier, Lilly from CBS's Cold Case had her hair down in last Sunday's episode. It's only noteworthy because the character has been ridiculed for her messy updo since the show premiered. I promised you guys some pictures, and here they are:

BEFORE (screen capture courtesy Kathryn Morris Online):


I think we can now officially put the hair thing to rest. Be sure to tune in later today for the regular edition with my one month report card! Which shows will make the grade? And be sure to leave comments with your thoughts.

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ignorance said...

I always hated the hair discussion (between people who spoke badly of it, I mean) and it irks me a little to give them what they wanted. However, Lilly looks beautiful, and we all need to look and feel feminine sometime, even tough cops ;). I hope, though, that it's a one-time thing, or at least not often, so it'll be more special. Otherwise it would be sort of out of character. I can't believe her "boys" didn't comment... I mean, come on! Talk about a HUGE change. Even the most distracted male mind couldn't miss it...