Wednesday, March 31, 2010

'Chuck' Turns Around

What a difference a week makes!  Last week about this time, I was not a happy Chuck fan, but as I said, I had faith that things would turn around by the end of the season.  I just didn't expect it to happen so quickly!  After Monday's episode, it looks like the show is moving toward getting back to its old self.  Shaw has gone off the deep end (maybe we can finally get rid of him), Chuck is back to trying to woo Sarah and Casey is involved with the team (unofficially, of course, since he's still a private citizen).  And then there is Chuck's continuing inner struggle over whether to spy or not to spy (that is THE question), which is heating up by the minute!  But my favorite moment this week was the one that can, potentially, single-handedly turn this thing around -- FAST.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Caught in the Crossfire

Oh.  My.  COLD CASE!!!  Sometimes an episode comes along that is so awesome, so wonderful, so perfect that I'm actually afraid to do a write-up about it because I know that I cannot possibly do it justice.  Such is the case with this week's beyond-stellar outing of Cold Case.  There wasn't a single thing wrong with this episode, but there were a lot of things right about it starting with guest star Susanna Thompson as FBI Agent Yates.  Sure she was pushy, over-the-top and forward, but that's what made her such a great contrast to the "hand-holding" PPD characters (although, we all know that Lil and co. have their moments in the interrogation room, but in a completely different way than Yates).  Plus, the evolving relationship between Yates and Lil was well-played and the two made for great foils-turned-teammates.  But this hour wasn't just packed with awesome-ness, it also had its share of surprises and a few jaw-dropping moments.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

'Chuck' Passes the Test

I am so not liking the current direction of Chuck, but I'm hoping it's just temporary and that things are going to get back to the old Chuck very soon.  I want Chuck, Sarah and Casey-- NO Shaw-- all working together on spy cases with lots of tension between Chuck and Sarah and lots of funny from Casey.  Watching things deteriorate between Chuck and Sarah and seeing Casey assimilate into a "normal" life just isn't cutting it for me.  And then this week, things began to look even bleaker than I expected.  The question of the episode was whether or not Chuck would pass his final exam and become a bona fide spy.  Round one went relatively well, but round two was decidedly a bit more challenging.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Skanks

Pictures and birthday parties go together like cake and ice cream, and this week's very funny episode of How I Met Your Mother used that combination very well.  There's always one in the group who never takes a bad picture and one who takes nothing but bad pictures, but Barney's good photos streak was, wait for it, LEGENDARY!  Not only could he not take a bad picture (believe me, Robin tried), but he always had the exact same pose in each one.  He chalked it up to the camera loving him, but Robin was hell-bent on getting a bad picture.   All of this led to a hilarious side story.  Meanwhile, Lily was focused on her birthday celebration and getting Ted to stop bringing random "skanks" to group get-togethers.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Vera's Tough 'Case'

Not to be a wet blanket, but seriously, I'm getting sick of the Cold Case gang covering up for each other.  I didn't agree when Scotty did it for Lilly, I really worried when Lil did it for Scotty, and this week, I was down right angry that Lil/Scotty/Will/Kat all did it for Vera.  He was drinking and driving for crying out loud!  He could have killed someone!!!  Is Hollywood's moral barometer so out of touch that they think it's OK to have a detective on a network show get away with drunk driving and the detectives who covered for him seem to face no consequences??!!  I can't even tell you how angry I was when Lil covered up Vera's DUI.  It sorta ruined the rest of the hour for me (as I was steaming over the show's decision to do something so reprehensible without showing any consequences).  I'll step off my soap box for now (but I'm not forgiving the show for this part of the story), and I will say that, overall, I enjoyed this episode.  It was another break from the usual formula and it worked really well.  The hour's biggest question turned out to be a lot less serious that Lil and the gang feared.  Vera was depressed and MIA, but had he gone off the deep end?  Lil and co. raced the clock to prevent the tragic ending they feared was right around the corner.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Casey Makes a Choice

So, remember when I was talking about other people's heads imploding over recent developments on Chuck?  Well, add my name to the list of imploding heads!  Casey CANNOT leave Chuck and Sarah!!  Noooooooo!!  This better be a plot ploy and not some sort of permanent condition.  And just to add insult to injury, Sarah is seriously considering taking a reassignment to D.C.!!  I'm not really sure how things got from Chuck and Sarah in relationships with other people to Chuck and Sarah possibly on different assignments in different cities and Casey back to being a civilian all in the course of one episode, but somehow we got here and I don't like.  I don't like it one bit.  Let's try to retrace our steps and figure out how we got on this very wrong path.  It all started with an innocent "spy" mission involving Morgan, Casey and an old friend.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Wrestling with the Truth

I am so not a fan of wrestling, but there was something endearing and engaging about this week's wrestling-themed episode of Cold Case.  Of course, setting the episode in the 80s didn't hurt!  At its core, though, this story was about a father and son and trying to mend their fractured relationship before it morphed into the father's relationship with his own father.  So, how does a down-on-his-luck dock worker turn things around and begin to have a meaningful relationship with his young son?  Well, it wasn't through his day job (although, it did lead to a really cool opening song: Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer").  That left his new night job and as it turns out, it did indeed bring him closer to his son, but it also led to some unfortunate events, and ultimately, it cost him his life.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

'Chuck' Gets into Character

I know heads are still imploding over Chuck's current love situations, but I'm more concerned about Chuck's metamorphosis into a full-fledged spy.  I guess you could say that Sarah and I have that in common.  Although in her case, she's being reminded of her own journey from average everyday girl to super spy and the realization that she's a shadow of her former self is bumming her out.  I'm more concerned about Chuck becoming a shadow of his former self and that's bumming me out!  But thankfully, I wasn't alone this week because Chuck is also beginning to worry about what's happening to him, thus setting up the real conflict of this season.  All of this talk about transitions led to a whopper of a revelation about Sarah and that certainly caught Chuck off guard.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Off the Hook

After a much-too-long absence, How I Met Your Mother was back last night and it brought special guest star Carrie Underwood with it for a hilarious episode about being on and putting others on The Hook.  You know the people we have strung along and/or the people who have strung us along for far too long until it becomes painfully clear that you and that other person are never going to be together?  Well, then you have put someone on the hook or you yourself have been on someone else's hook.  The problem is, as long as there's some sign of hope kept alive, the hookee will continue to hang on.  Enter Ted, guest star Underwood and the latest "hot girl" job trend: Pharma Girls.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Two Weddings & a Murder

I know I shouldn't have LOVED this week's episode of Cold Case.  I know there were some forced plot points and a few over-the-top story elements.  BUT, seriously, I didn't care because I loved the whole concept so much that it just didn't matter.  Plus, it was so good to see Louie again!  I loved Lilly's comment about having a soft spot for him.  Those two were always funny together at crime scenes back in the first couple of seasons (ahh, the good ol' days!).  Well, he was back and everyone was supposed to be having a nice time at his wedding, but leave it to the CC gang to turn a wedding into a murder investigation!  They couldn't even enjoy themselves on a day off celebrating a very happy occasion for one of their co-workers.  And I thought Lil was bad, but she was the voice of reason when the rest of them dragged her into the fray.  Then again, she did want to make sure that Louie wasn't making the biggest mistake of his life.  His fiancee had lost her first fiance on the eve of their wedding, so was Anna a grieving or black widow?