Friday, February 29, 2008

Desmond Finds His Constant

Flashforward or flashback? Flashback or flashforward? This, dear readers, has become my new favorite Thursday night ritual. I play from the moment Lost starts until the answer is revealed. Now, last night's episode was a much more challenging round of my new favorite game show. Originally, I thought it was a flashback. I was sure the producers had slipped another one in to throw us all off since they knew we'd be expecting a flashforward. And then, since it was Desmond, we'd all obsess and argue over whether he counted as one of the Oceanic 6 (of course, he wouldn't -- he wasn't on the plane, which leads me back to Aaron. I'm still not sure whether he counts or not. See? See the obsessing?). So, I went with flashback because I figured I was seeing the producers' hand, and it was full of trick cards. And, I was right -- sorta. Sure, it was a flashback, but not in the way that we're used to seeing them. This was one of those episodes that proves that Lost is creatively leaps and bounds above any other show on television. Time travel of the mind??!! How freakin' brilliant was this idea??!! I wanted to give the episode (written by executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindeloff) a) an Emmy, b) a standing ovation and c) my first-born. It was that good.

The idea of time travel had been floating around on this show for a few seasons. There was the whole Wrinkle in Time hysteria a couple of seasons ago that had Internet message boards buzzing about the idea, but this episode definitely linked the island to the intriguing idea. But, it seems to only affect certain people -- those who come in contact with a large amount of radiation or electromagnetism. Desmond failed to punch the numbers into the computer, which set off a huge electronic magnet and caused the crash of flight 815. Hmm... We now know what "Not Penny's boat" means. It didn't make sense prior to this outing because the people on the boat knew her, but that's because she kept calling the boat looking for Desmond because he told her he would need her phone number in 8 years. This, of course, led to an emotional phone conversation between these two. Time travel, an emotional reunion, and few more pieces of the puzzle -- what more can you ask for from an episode of Lost?

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: 'Scrubs' Switching to ABC - UPDATED!

UPDATE (2/29/08): The Hollywood Reporter is now reporting that the show is caught in a tug-of-war between NBC and ABC. The online site writes:

ABC is in negotiations to pick up 18 episodes of the series from ABC Studios, which has produced the comedy for NBC since 2001.

NBC brass are said to have been caught off guard when broke the story Thursday.

A network insider said NBC is still in "first negotiation period" -- a period of exclusive negotiations -- with ABC Studios.

ABC Studios chose not to respond.

Given the history between NBC and ABC Studios, which have been at odds over the quirky medical comedy since the get-go, industry observers are preparing for an ugly battle between the two over a series considered to be on its final lap.

The original story follows....

Details are still sketchie, but here's the latest breaking news. From The Hollywood Reporter:

Longtime NBC comedy "Scrubs" is heading to rival network ABC. Sources say ABC is in negotiations to pick up 18 episodes of the show from ABC Studios, which has produced the series for NBC since 2001. A broadcast show switching networks, though often discussed during contract renewals, is a rare event. Previous network jumpers include "JAG" (NBC to CBS) and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (The WB to UPN). The writers strike cut short NBC's 18-episode final season order for the Zach Braff medical comedy to 12 episodes. Sources say the network has been reluctant to order additional episodes for next fall, citing the fact that it already has some remaining originals in the can. NBC reportedly floated various end game scenarios to producers, including ordering one final episode, or producing the remaining episodes direct to DVD. Details of the ABC deal are still being hammered out as contracts for most cast members and writers have not been picked up beyond the current season.

More at The Hollywood Reporter. According to the article, NBC plans to air the remaining 5 episodes beginning April 10th.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


If I were to make a famous Rory Gilmore "Pros and Cons List," then the fat paycheck that Allison received for her "medium-for-hire" gig with a slimy defense lawyer would top the Pros column. Of course, having to earn that paycheck by working for said slimy defense attorney would top the Cons column. And thus we have the fundamental dilemma this week on Medium. Do you work for the money or your conscious? Tough choice. I'm not so sure Allison will be so quick to choose money again. The fact that the real killer is walking the streets (and has a history of violence) did not sit well with her. And I can't say I blame her. I'm not so comfortable with the killer on the streets either, but I'm not broken up about the outcome.

An innocent man is in jail by his own choice. He confessed and took the wrap for his daughter knowing full well what he was doing. I didn't get why this bothered Allison so much. He was protecting his daughter. Not so fast you say? What about the small detail about him thinking his mentally handicapped daughter was responsible for his wife's death when, in reality, it was his other non-mentally handicapped daughter? And you have a point. A good one. This is where it gets a little sticky. Would he have done the same for her? Hard to say. Should he have been given the chance to decide for himself? Absolutely! There's no question that the guilty daughter is dangerous and should be in jail over her innocent father. But the man sacrificed for his child. Argh! All of this medium-for-hire stuff is making my head hurt. Bring back Devalos! Finally, how cool was that silent movie-style opening??!! Loved it!

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So Say the Believers on 'Chronicles'

By LillyKat
PTR Staff Writer

Do ya’ believe me, now?

Forgive me if I wanted to convert the “Can ya’ hear me, now?” Verizon Wireless commercials into a Sarah Connor version whilst watching last night’s episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Do ya’ believe me, now?

Agent Ellison took a trip down Sarah Connor memory lane last night – complete with a visit to Pescadero State Hospital, where Sarah was incarcerated for three years. Seems Agent Ellison is secretly keeping that missing hand from the now incinerated T888 (we remember this got broken off when Cameron kicked its arse a few weeks back). Ellison has dug up ever conceivable bit of video tape and medical file on Sarah almost as if to reassure himself that the hand he’s secretly keeping in the freezer at his apartment really is from a machine.

Do ya’ believe me, now?

And it seems ol’ Dr. Silberman (we remember Dr. Silberman from the film, right?) has headed for the hills. He’s no longer working at the hospital. Rather, he’s happily making a life for himself, tending to his garden whilst trying not to think about that disturbing incident on June 8, 1997, when two terminators faced off in the hallway of the hospital – one to protect, the other to destroy.

Do ya’ believe me, now?

Ever since Day 1 of this series, T:SCC have faithfully referenced key sequences from the film. How could we forget the T-1000 v. T101 fight at the hospital; the irony of John arriving to rescue Sarah with the help of the exact machine she last remembered trying to kill her; the relentlessness of the T-1000’s pursuit.

Yet, we never saw any of this from Dr. Silberman’s point of view.

Last night, we did.

And it was powerful.

Not to mention there was something eerily poetic about how the experience seemed to both haunt and fascinate him. In the film, at least from Silberman's point of view, that hallway sequence played more comedic whereby Silberman didn't really believe what he was seeing and/or take it seriously even when it was happening. It was sobering to have the series frame that experience on the darker side - showing us it disturbed him and everyone else who worked at the hospital during Sarah's stay.

It also made him a believer.

And even though we knew this was a pivotal day for Sarah given she escaped, we never knew that earlier in that day, she signed away her rights as John’s mother. As in, she was going to plan her OWN escape to try and get to him – and was prepared to die doing so.

Awesome additional backstory detail.

And so what would this recap be without mention of my favorite terminator Cameron (remember, I am Summer Glau’s … well, okay, biggest new fan).

Cam’s taken up ballet this week.

Yes, you read that right. She actually makes one heck of a ballet dancer, and it’s a clever cover as she seeks out Andy Goode’s partner, Dimitri, who made off with that darn TURK computer, but then sold it for $20,000.

There is something beautifully clinical, yet so cold and calculating about Cam’s precision. You knew she was just using Dimitri’s ballet-instructor sister to get to him, and that he would likely end up dead. Still, you couldn’t help but want to watch her go through the motions.


And then there’s loopy Uncle Derek, still recovering from his brush with that nasty T888. Guy is just a wee bit paranoid (and perhaps rightfully so given he is from the future where machines are running the world). He wanders around constantly scrutinizing Cam (their stare down over pancakes a classic). I’m curious how this is going to play out.

The ending sequence of this week’s ep has to be one of the more poignant. Cam is in her room at the house, practicing the ballet she had quickly learned whilst Derek watches. It reminded me of when the T101 says goodbye to John at the end of the T2 film - “I know now why you cry, but it’s something I could never do.”

Makes us forget they are machines for a minute.

And there's something strangely beautiful about that.

How in the world is next week the two-hour season finale?!?!??!

The first season two-hour finale of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles airs next Monday beginning an hour earlier at 8 p.m. on FOX. If you missed any of the episodes, visit the Official Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Web site to catch up before next week!

Monday, February 25, 2008

(Not) Seeing Blood on ‘Dexter’

By LillyKat
PTR Staff Writer

“Blood is my (life) job.”
Not so much for the Icetruck Killer, eh?

This plays ingeniously off Dexter Morgan.

He is, after all, blood-obsessed.

But alas, last night’s episode of Dexter on CBS was just as much about Dex and the Icetruck Killer (who we’ll call IK for short) as it was about Sgt. Doakes and Lt. Laguerta trying to find the killer of an undercover officer who’s wife just also happens to be having an affair with Sgt. Doakes.

Ouch. Got all that?

When said undercover cop turns up dead and wifey also ends up being not so lucky … well, things get a little touch and go between Doakes and Laguerta not to mention within the Miami Metro Police Department as a whole. Never let it be said that cop killers aren’t treated with the same disgust and vengeance in all precincts on all shows (and in real life, for that matter).

Cops do not take the killing of one of their own lightly.

Dex’s “victim” this week was Matt Chambers – charming corporate prep guy with a serious drinking problem.

And killing problem.

He keeps leaving his hit-and-run victims for dead all over the continental United States. He escapes his crimes in one state only to commit the same crime in another. Well, welcome to Miami, Florida, Matt - your last stop on the start-over-again trail.

Allow me to segue (badly) into talking about Jennifer Carpenter in this episode.

Now, anyone who saw The Exorcism of Emily Rose knows how good of an actress she is (for the record, I am still in awe of her performance in that film – it was unbelievable).

But, as we start to really flesh out (no pun intended) Deborah ‘Deb’ Morgan, we see this fabulous sense of toughness balanced against huge insecurities. Worse, I'm afraid, than Lilly Rush ever displayed (and Lil's lapse into endless depression and despair from the third season onwards is trying my patience, getting on my nerves and making me wonder what the heck happened to her balance).

But alas, I digress. Carpenter has this way about her that I really enjoy watching. She makes Deb likable whilst showcasing a consistent display of insecurity and flawed behavior.

She struggles to make her way in the footsteps of her famous cop of a father. She’s not twitchy, but there is this noticeable nervousness - it's like she’s unsure and sure at the same time. She constantly searches for confidence, yet can assume – almost seamlessly – a mentoring role with her oddball brother. As such, she has no problem putting Dex in his place, or rattling off a perfect one-liner to Masuka, but she looks like a schoolgirl ready to be scolded whilst standing before Lt. Laguerta.

It’s all this conflict - both internal and external - that makes Deb my second favorite character on the show.

And this week, Deb finally gets herself out of Vice and into much-requested Homicide thanks to her handy finding of IK's … well, icetruck - complete with frozen block of ice displaying nicely severed, bloodless fingertips of IK’s latest victim.

Note the painted nail polish on the fingertips - the same pattern left on the substantially altered Barbie doll in Dex's freezer, which IK is leaving as a tag-your-it-let’s-play token for Dex.

The games have only just begun.

The first season of Dexter airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on CBS. Check out Showtime's official Dexter Web site for the inside scoop on the series.

And the Oscar Goes To ...

By LillyKat
PTR Staff Writer

Should it come as any real surprise this year's Oscar ceremony was the least watched … like, ever?


Heck, they didn't even know they were going to have the ceremony complete with actors until about two weeks ago, which is when the writers strike came to an end. True, some could blame lingering effects of the strike for the dive in ratings (as in, viewers have made other arrangements to entertain themselves). Or, perhaps it was the fact that several of the nominees this year were practically unheard of and/or not your usual Oscar blockbuster/landslide/overwhelming group of favorites. For the record, I did not see any of the nominated films, and I confess reading the names of some of the nominees read more like attendees at a United Nations convention.

Other Points of Amusing Interest:

Stage Fright: Who would’ve thought Grey's Anatomy's Katherine Heigl would look like she was going to faint for presenting the award for Best Makeup? Complete fear/deer-in-headlights/OMG-what-am-I-doing expression. Weird. Is it really that difficult to be a presenter (especially when 15-year-old Miley Cyrus walks up and does her presentation like a pro)? Strange moment for Heigl.

And the Award for the Least Interested Winner(s) Goes to … Joel and Ethan Coen. Could these two look any less interested in winning for Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Picture for No Country for Old Men? Geez, did we wake you guys or something? Was the Academy keeping you from an appointment? Compared to the incredibly moving speeches of Best Actress Winner Marion Cotillard, and Best Song winners Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, the Coens looked like they were passing kidney stones and/or couldn’t be bothered to say anything of substance. If it was supposed to be some sort of We’re-shocked-don’t-know-what-to-say vibe, it didn’t come off that way to this viewer. Rather, it seemed almost arrogant and/or like the whole thing was a complete waste of their time. Kind of a shame considering how many people never get to the Oscars let alone win. More than once. Go back to your corner in the sandbox, Coens. Sheesh.

Got Jack?: What would an Oscar ceremony be without Jack Nicholson in his usual customary front row spot? It just isn’t the Oscars without Jack somewhere in the building. I. Love. Jack. And he was even in the vicinity of the other beloved "Jack" (that would be Captain Jack Sparrow ... the always ingenius Johnny Depp).

B-T-L: The Honorary Oscar this year went to 98-year-old production designer Robert Boyle. With the writers strike illuminating the whole above-the-line / below-the-line divide in Hollywood, it was nice to see the Academy (whether on purpose or not) acknowledge what is considered a below-the-line crew person instead of the usual above-the-line director, actor, producer, etc.

Preggers Gone Wild: Is it just me, or is every actress in Hollywood pregnant? Is there a pregnancy virus going around that the rest of us don't know about? Kudos to host John Stewart’s “And the Baby Goes to …” skit, which put Jessica Alba, Cate Blanchett and Nicole Kidman in the running for who will give birth first (Blanchett looks to be the winner of that contest).

First Time Dibs: How cool was it to have Diablo Cody – a former stripper and blogger – win for writing Juno (her first screenplay ever)? This is the side of Hollywood that I still love: dreams can some true to those who are still willing to have - and follow - them. There actually were a lot of “firsts” in this year's ceremony, and I love firsts. People are so genuinely shocked, and you just can’t help but cheer for the fact they won.

Finally, a Suitable Billy Crystal Replacement: I liked Ellen. I liked Whoopi. I didn’t like Dave … but I have to say (and not being a Daily Show addict) Jon Stewart is pretty entertaining. I don't envy the task of having to make a room full of some of the most difficult people in the world laugh and poke fun at themselves. Stewart is a pretty good master at this. As was Crystal.

Fashion Report: Sorry, folks. This viewer doesn't care who is wearing what or why. You'll have to check out those other blogs for a rundown on dresses, shoes, jewelry and the like. I will say that several actresses (Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Garner, Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett) had some sort of sloppy hair pulled back off the face/neck thing going. Were they just having a really bad Lilly Rush hair day, or was that in this year? Hmmmm ....

You can get a rundown on all the winners and proceedings over at and

Saturday, February 23, 2008

'Lost' In the Old Switcheroo

Things aren't looking too good for Claire. And poor Charlie sacrificed himself in order to ensure her and Aaron's safety after Desmond told him he saw them get off the island. So, either Desmond was wrong/lied, something happens to Claire after she leaves the island, or she spontaneously decides that she no longer wants to keep her son. One thing we do know -- Kate ends up with Aaron and she refers to him as "her son." I knew something was fishy about her flashforward this week, but I thought she was lying about her son. I thought he didn't exist. I was even more suspicious when she told Sawyer that she wasn't pregnant. I can't figure out if that was a lie or not. It's always so hard to tell on this show. And does Aaron count as one of the Oceanic 6? He wasn't born yet, but he was technically on the plane.

Meanwhile, Miles seems to have gotten himself into quite the explosive situation. He bribed Kate (by withholding the information that he knew about her - something imperative for someone with a criminal record trying to get back to the real world) into letting him see Ben. Then, he used a little blackmail extortion to ensure Ben that he wouldn't let the people he works for know his location, thus preventing Ben from facing whatever music is waiting for him back in the real world. On a side note, how frustrating was that scene? Kate insists on staying for the discussion, so I'm thinking, "OK. We're going to get some solid answers here." But no! It's another cloak and dagger routine. Why do I keep falling for this? Frustrations aside (because, honestly, they're nothing new and sorta the price you pay for following this show I guess), this was a pretty stellar hour.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

PTR Writer Weighs in on Blogging

Pass the Remote staff writer LillyKat weighs in on the importance of responsible blogging in the premiere issue of Blogger Reps Newsletter. The new e-newsletter, a trade paper for those in the blogging community, invited our own LillyKat to write her op/ed piece "Why We Write: The (Blog) Sequel." In the article, she discusses the duty of a blogger. "Not surprisingly, blogs have become a powerful vehicle of communication and expression. As such, I think we bloggers need to remember that we have a responsibility to contribute to that community, not to detract from it," she writes. But she also expresses her own reasons for blogging:

That’s what appeals to me about blogging: getting creative; finding something to write about that interests me, but which also interests others. Whether its my journalism degree kicking in to find a “story,” or just the natural writer in me, the challenge is never ending.
Blogger Reps Newletter is a publication of Blogger Reps - the Blogger Relations division of Sociable Agency, a PR/Marketing firm dedicated to assisting companies promote their products through social media in a manner that is both respectful and organic. For more, visit the company's official site.

LillyKat's Full Article...

WHY We Write: The (Blog) Sequel
By Lilly Kat

It’s been an awkward couple of months in my area of the blogging world.

We at Pass the Remote been dealing with a big white elephant: the ongoing strike of the Writer’s Guild of America, who, as of this writing, just settled with the AMPTP. This has made things challenging for us given that we’re a television blog. Although we’re not quite desperate enough to write about American Gladiators or Who Stole My Wallet (OK, so that one is not a real show, but anything goes with the networks these days), we are getting creative.

That’s what appeals to me about blogging: getting creative; finding something to write about that interests me, but which also interests others. Whether its my journalism degree kicking in to find a “story,” or just the natural writer in me, the challenge is never ending.

Yet, there seems to be this confusion (or is it mockery?) about blogs nowadays given that everyone and their brother can claim to be a blogger.

“Once hailed as the pioneers of citizen journalism, Internet bloggers are, according to a new survey, mostly self-indulgent diarists interested in one topic above all others: themselves.” (AFP/File/Fred Dufour)

Ouch. Now, I don’t think all bloggers fall into this category, but some do. Enter what I like to call responsible blogging. That is, just because one can blog doesn’t mean one should blog.

The Internet revolutionized how we communicate; how we get our information; how we contribute to a community. Not surprisingly, blogs have become a powerful vehicle of communication and expression. As such, I think we bloggers need to remember that we have a responsibility to contribute to that community, not to detract from it.

Good bloggers are good writers: keep the audience interested, informed, and inspired. After all, isn’t that what good writers do?

And, we also have LillyKat to thank for the brand-new AWESOME PTR logo at the top of the page!

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'Psych' You Out in the End

Can you see me now? How about now? Now?

No, it isn't the latest ad for another does-it-all cell phone - it's the most recent antic from our favorite cable duo Shawn and Gus. For those keeping score, Shawn won when he finally beat the security camera and prevented Gus from seeing him. All of this did have a point as the pair investigated the bizarre disappearance of an ancient mummy at a local museum. Last week's season finale was part Wizard of Oz (Gus running out of the museum was reminiscent of the lion), part Austin Powers (the 11-point turn), a big part Scooby Doo (I can't believe how well that analogy ended up working for me), and a lot of HILARIOUS! I actually had to pause my DVR while I laughed hysterically during some of the scenes.

I laugh at funny things all the time -- jokes, my pets, the American Idol auditions, Scrubs DVDs, etc. -- but I'm pretty sure I haven't laughed as hard as I did at Gus's 11-point turn in a very long time. I'm not sure what was funnier: the ridiculous trouble he went through to get that little car turned around or Shawn's commentary ("Dude, he's not even going to be in California by the time we get out of here!" and "Dude, you got it. You clearly had it after the second..." and the very simple, yet very funny "Really????!!"). Couple that with Gus's constant disappearing act at any sight of the mummy ("Great. Now we got a mummy on the loose and the son-of-a-bitch knows how to drive a stick!") and you get one side-splitting hour. With the mummy on the loose, creepy night scenes, and Gus getting terrified and taking off, I half expected Shawn to let out a "Zoinks!" Shaggy-style.

Of course, no season finale is complete without a good cliffhanger. This one ended with Shawn answering the door and with a surprised look on his face, uttering the word "Mom." It seems the elusive Mrs. S. is back in town. We'll have to see how she stirs the pot when Psych returns this summer. My Fridays aren't going to be as funny until then thanks to an even more comical season than usual.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Sound of the Silence

Silence is deafening, right? Well, it's certainly a major pain in the a$$ when you're a psychic trying to help an investigator locate a missing deaf girl. Laptops, notepads, hand/arm motions, failed attempts at sign language and of course, my personal favorite, the ol' speak louder and slower technique were all anybody could use to communicate with Allison. It was terrifying watching the kidnappers snatch the young girl because you knew that she had no warning. She didn't hear the window break like her cat, so she didn't discover that she was in danger until it was too late. And then there was Allison's struggle to come to terms with her sudden deafness and how it affected her ability to work the case. The silence effect worked really well as we could actually feel the frustration that Allision was feeling whenever something would happen. There was commotion, but we couldn't hear it, thus, we didn't know what was happening. Luckily for Allison (and every other person in peril who needs her help in the future), her deafness was short lived.

I appreciate the effort to include my Det. Scanlon in this one, but come on -- the man had like one measly scene. When, I ask you, is this show going to bring the old format back? I appreciate a break from the norm every now and then just as much as the next viewer, but this break is dragging on too long now. I want my old Medium back. Where's DA Devalos? I see he makes a cameo in next week's outing (which, BTW, sounds awfully familiar. Did NBC air something out of order because I swear they advertised that "Medium for hire" episode right after the season premiere. Hmmm...). Let's hope things return to normal soon. At least they kept the DuBois family stuff in tact. Without that, we'd have no deal.

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‘Chronicles’ Flashes Forward

By LillyKat
PTR Staff Writer

It’s official: I am now Summer Glau’s Number #1 Fan.

(Okay, no … I can’t really claim that; I don’t want to overstep her longtime fans and/or unfairly cut in line).

But suffice it to say: She. Just. Rocks.

Honestly. It’s getting harder for me to believe this gal was not originally part of the Terminator film series.



Ne’er mind she was only 3-years-old in 1984 (first film); and 10-years-old in 1991 (second film). Ne’er mind that she’s playing another inert character (alas, I have not watched Firefly, so please don’t hurt me, but my friends tell me she was kinda robotic over there, too). Ne’er mind she actually was on PTR Fave’s Cold Case in the first season ep, “Love Conquers Al.”

She is too good on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

And the show is slowly revealing that it’s just as much about her Cameron terminator as it is about ol’ Sarah and John. We know Cam’s been sent back to protect. We know she’s learning at a much faster, not-be-such-a-dork-all-the-time rate than Arnold. We know she has more than earned her Tin Miss nickname. We know she and recently revealed Uncle Derek had some sort of run in the past … er, future.

But please do not tell me Cam is going to turn on us?!?!?!

Okay, alas, I digress. And speculate. My bad.

But this week’s ep left us with some seriously unanswered questions about what may or may not be cooking with Cameron. Like, she managed to incinerate that nasty T888 from last week - home cooked, BBQ style, complete with pit built out of bricks in the garage. We know this is required otherwise they’ll … er, it’ll manage to reassemble itself and come back to life.

Yet she kept the processing chip.

No, no, no, no, no!

We also learn the whole “re-programming” of bad terminators into good can backfire. Suddenly, they go bad. For no reason. And no one knows why.

No, no, no, no, no!

This ep was chock full of fabulous stuff. It was treated in a present day/flash forward format, where we got to see further detail of the post-Judgment Day future. Leader-of-mankind John (never actually “seen” but referenced constantly) has figured out the way to send a selected group of individuals back across time to begin the fight against Skynet (duh, we knew this). But what we did not really know was how the whole thing became a reality in the future. It is portrayed as sort of rumor, almost disblief, by the tattered and weary resistance fighters - especially the Reese boys. Yet, we finally get the inside look at the top secret facility John’s concocted to conduct the transport.

And where Cameron is his protector yet again, having recently been reprogrammed.

Not surprisingly, Derek is part of that selected group sent back – especially after he finds out about his brother Kyle (that would be John’s dad, remember?). Problem is, he’s having one too many of those flash forward moments in present day, where he thinks he’s being held captive by machines. In actuality, he's on the kitchen table in John and Sarah's abode, trying not to have his lungs bleed out.

And that would be in no small part thanks to Charley.

Dearly beloved Charley.

You know how I wax poetic about ol’ Fritzy on The Closer - how fabulous he is, how he needs to be cloned and sent over to Lilly Rush on Cold Case.

Yeah, well … Fritz now has competition.

Sarah: “I didn’t wanna leave you.”
Charley: “Gun to your head?”
Sarah: “More like gun in my head … it’s complicated”
Charley: “Then uncomplicated it for me.”


I so wish Charley would stick around.

He’s handy for Sarah and John to have – his paramedic-ness helped save Uncle Derek without the need of a hospital. John truly trusts him, sees him as the closest thing to a father he’ll ever know. Sarah does care for him, but is so tied to her fate she can’t admit she does. Yet, he's the one to give Sarah the heads-up the FBI is still on her case 8 years later. And did I mention he's pretty quick to get the whole Skynet/robots/metal-endoskeleton thing?

Seems like a good guy to keep around.

Cam freaking him out not withstanding. Alas, it would appear he’s done with Sarah and Co. for now. Bummer. But, hey … can we send him to Cold Case?

The fight to save the world continues …

New episodes of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles air Mondays at 9 p.m. on FOX. You can also watch full episodes online. Just visit the Official Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Web site to catch up (or re-watch!)

Monday, February 18, 2008

'Dexter' Delivers a Prime Cut

By LillyKat
PTR Staff Writer

“Tonight’s the night … and it’s going to happen again and again.”

And boy is it.

At least for the next 12 weeks or so.

Dexter made its debut on CBS Sunday night, and if it weren’t for a few hardly even noticeable edits (detectable, I think, only to those of us who have watched it on Showtime), one would think the show should have always been part of the CBS lineup.

It is a perfect fit.

And the fact it is currently following PTR fave Cold Case makes it even more of a bonus.

It’s also a first.

The first original premium cable series to be added to a regular ol’ network’s slate of programming and broadcast an entire season in its entirety.

The first series whereby our hero is a serial killer that is irresistibly likable – moral, conscientious, an all around good guy except for that particular disposition.

I cannot bring myself to call Dex’s state of mind an illness (or sickness). He’s more like a Dark Avenger – working for the Miami Metro Police Department’s forensic division as a blood splatter specialist whilst channeling his desires into cleaning up what the hardworking detectives of the department don’t always (and can’t always) get to do. And given the show is set in Miami, the epitome of the oft-used real estate phrase “light, bright and airy,” the show is an ingenious contradiction of darkness vs. light.

Good vs. Evil.

A blurring of the line on both sides.

Since we don’t live in an ideal world, whereby the police always get the bad guys and/or the folks out there who do some seriously horrible (read: unthinkable) things, having Dexter around is like a bonus – and he doesn’t even have to change into a special uniform in a phone booth, or worry about having his cape dry cleaned on occasion.

No, just selected tools of the trade (nice knife set, by the way), and an incredibly meticulous and conscientious approach to selecting his victims. But as isolated as Dex seems to think he is given his constant inner-struggle to … well, keep himself a neat and tidy monster, he’s actually not an island unto himself – no matter how much he tries to be one.

He’s got more going on in his life at the moment than Lilly Rush.

And it isn't just his victims.

Foster father Harry (the always good James Remar) – portrayed in aptly timed flashbacks, we come to know Harry as a top-drawer cop for Miami from back in the day and of whom recognized Dex’s condition from an early age, taught him how to control the inevitable.

Sister Deb (portrayed brilliantly by Jennifer Carpenter) – the struggling Vice cop desperate to get off the streets and into homicide, desperate to find some semblance of self-confidence to take herself to that next level in her career. She and Dex are as tight as any brother and sister could be. Does she know who he really is? No. And that is what makes it all the more interesting

Girlfriend Rita (Julie Benz) – as emotionally unsure as Dex whilst being just as sweet and charming. Having been abused, beaten, violated and all-things horrid by her crack addict ex-husband, you find yourself asking, can she and Dex be any more of a perfectly awkward asexual pair? It’s. Just. Genius.

Sergeant Doakes (Erik King) – the only one in the entire Miami Metro Police Department who thinks there is something just a little “off” about ol’ Dex … hmmm, coincidence? Just wait until Season 2.

Lieutenant Laguerta (Lauren Velez) – as Lil' and Co. might say, she’s a “political case,” earning her appointment to be in charge more so for her ability to appear in front of the cameras than her abilities as a homicide cop. Let’s just say Cold Case's Lieutenant Stillman could run circles around this girl.

Detective Angel Batista (David Zayas) – just the solid good cop trying to make his home life and work life mesh ... gee, where have we heard that one before?

Masuka (C.S. Lee) – purely comic relief. Weirder than Dex – at least on the surface. He's like a cross between a Star Trek geek and a Saw fanatic

This diverse cast of characters gives the show what I call its own split personality.

On the one hand, it’s about Dex. He’s secret life. He’s challenge to exist amongst those who know nothing of him. To keep to the code. Not get caught. Cover his tracks. Blend in.

Feed his inner-monster.

On the other hand, the show is about the inner-nuances of life in Miami Metro homicide. The personalities. The problems. The politics. The people. The cases that make all of them work together.

As seen through the eyes of Dexter Morgan.

With the murder solve rate at about 20% in Miami, well … Dex is in the right place at the right time.

And so are we.

The first season of Dexter airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on CBS. Check out Showtime's official Dexter Web site for the inside scoop on the series.

'Cold' Old Fashioned Hate

I've spent the better part the last month and a half trying to figure out why this week's episode of Cold Case was titled "Spiders." We weren't two minutes into it last night when Truitt introduces himself to Tamyra as Spider. "Hmm... where is the 's' coming from that's making it plural," I thought. But then, Spider explained his nickname: Flies and mosquitoes would inherit the Earth if it weren't for spiders. Combine that with the reveal that Tamyra was about to testify against her abusive, alcoholic father (an unrecognizable Jeffrey Combs - Dr. Burkhoff from The 4400) in order to gain emancipation, and I figured the flies and mosquitoes meant pieces of crap like Tamyra's father. Fast forward 55 minutes, and suddenly flies, mosquitoes and spiders all take on a darkly and disturbingly different meaning. Sure, Truitt was the spider, but the mosquitoes and flies are anyone who doesn't fit into the perfect Aryan mold. Reading the warning in front of the episode about the subject matter and actually seeing it play out on screen are two totally different things. Those disturbing images of the young Neo-Nazis congregating and vocalizing their hatred for everyone not white and not a part of the movement; the beating of the poor innocent Honduran woman; splashes of red against gray-tinged flashbacks; and of course, the ending images of Elliot shaving his head and standing in front of the larger-than-life swastika competed with Elliot's ending monologue laced with hatred and lacking any semblance of remorse. Images that burned their disturbing presence into my mind, and I know, won't go away any time soon.

Knowing all of this now, that scene with Kat and Vera walking into the "community meeting" to the shock and horror of all those in attendance is made even more powerful and sickening. In fact, this entire episode sorta turned my stomach. It dealt with a sector of society that we all wish didn't exist because it's hard to fathom that level of hate. But this episode shoved it in our faces and made us think. And guess what? It wasn't pretty. It was an upsetting, uncomfortable hour of television that moved me from start to finish. What a strong way to welcome back new episodes! Too bad we have to wait another month and a half to see the next one, but I am tremendously thankful that there are going to be more new episodes this season because I had resigned myself to the idea that this week's outing was our last until September. Thankfully, this isn't the case as new episodes are slated to begin March 30th. In the meantime, Cold Case moves to 13-0 on the season.

And just because I can't let this post end without a mention about Kat's story line, I will say that I had secretly been dying to know about Veronica's father. It seems Kat has a darker past than I realized. Yay to the CC writers for fleshing out this character some more. You all know that I secretly, OK screw it, I openly love her addition to the show and I'm pretty sure I could listen to Tracie Thoms singing "Seasons of Love" over and over again until it wore out my iPod.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Sayid Gets 'Lost' in the Future

Sayid the hitman? Say it ain't so! If this week's flash-forward is telling the truth, it seems that Sayid makes it off the island and then spends his time knocking off the people responsible for his escape. AND to make matters worse, he's working for Ben. Yes, Ben. As in the manipulative I-murdered-an-entire-community-of-innocent-people Ben! Whatever goes down on that island that leads to the Oceanic 6, must be horrific. We know that Hurley purposely gets himself checked into a mental facility, Jack gets addicted to pills and tries everything he can think of to get back to the island and Sayid does Ben's bidding! I'm starting to think that Locke is the only sane one, and he claims to be taking orders from Walt.

That familiar odor you're smelling every time Kate comes on screen is not her island-induced lack of hygiene (which, for some reason, does not seem to plague Claire. Have you ever noticed how fresh and so clean (clean) she looks compared to the other females?? It boggles the mind). Anyway, back to the stench -- it's not eau de island, but rather, jealousy. It's killing her that Jack and Juliet have a "thing" going on. If looks could kill, Jack would have dropped dead right then and there when Kate saw him talking to Juliet. Knowing Kate's past, I'm not so sure I'd want to cross her. No worries for now, though, because she's otherwise preoccupied with Sawyer. I think we all know where that's going (and even if we didn't, the preview was sure to spell it out in plain English).

I'm not sure what to make of Daniel's experiments. Clearly, the island is suffering from a serious delay, but why? Since answers don't come easy on this show, I'm not holding my breath for a quick resolution to that question. But that's OK because those flash-forwards are giving me the illusion of getting some solid answers (yes, I'm aware that they're simply raising more questions, but I'm choosing to look on the bright side).

Screencaps courtesy

Thursday, February 14, 2008

'Cold Case' Down Under

PTR fave Kathryn Morris was in Sydney, Australia this week to promote her hit crime drama Cold Case. Here are a couple of photos of her arriving at Bondi Icebergs at Bondi Beach (2/12/08) from Splash News:
Inside, she caught up with two of the stars of NBC's Chuck - Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski (PHOTO: The Daily Telegraph)
As part of her tour, she stopped by 2Day's popular Kyle and Jackie O radio show where she did a HILARIOUS interview. In the short piece, she discussed what it was like to work on her Cold Case set with the boys of Oceans 11 shooting hoops right outside her trailer, the reason she wants to hit the Ugg factory while she's in Australia, and what has her so excited about the end of the 3-month long writers strike.

She also paid a visit to Nova 969's Merrick, Rosso and Kate Ritchie show (radio interview) where she had the opportunity to drive one of the DJ's cars on the other side of the road (a considerable feat since, as we learn in this interview, she took her drivers test twice when she was 16).

You can listen to the hysterical 3-part interview (and see more pictures) at Nova 969's site.

PTR Staff Writer LillyKat also found this article, which reports that she was able to finally secure those Uggs via a local shoe store (PHOTO: James Elsby):

Next up for Kathryn -- a return to the set of her hit CBS drama. The last pre-strike completed episode airs this Sunday (check out LillyKat's preview) and new (post-strike) episodes are slated to begin March 30th.

UPDATE: CBS just renewed Cold Case for a sixth season. It was one of 11 lucky shows to get an early pick-up for next season. [SOURCE]

PTR Fave Doubleheader Sunday: CBS Premieres 'Dexter' After New 'Case'

By LillyKat
PTR Staff Writer

There is a TV God(dess).

Lil' and Dex on the same channel.

On the same night.

Back to back.

The critically acclaimed Showtime original series, Dexter, will makes its network television debut on CBS this coming Sunday, February 17th at 10 p.m. following a brand new episode of Cold Case at 9 p.m.

While Lil' and Co. look back at the 1998 murder of a 17-year-old girl who ran off with a Neo-Nazi ex-con shortly before her slaying, Dex and Co. will introduce you to the wonderful world of Miami Metro homicide, and the serial killer who works silently amongst them.

And against them.

As I try to curb my enthusiasm for a moment (okay, sorry ... I can't), this is an excellent chance for non-premium cable subscribers to be treated to the show from the beginning. And, take it from someone who got hooked on Dexter from its inception: the first season was a killer.

Ba dum bum.

For those not in the know, Michael C. Hall plays the amazingly charming, ingeniously clever and incredibly moral Dexter Morgan - a forensic investigator specializing in blood spatter for the Miami Metro Police Department and who also just so happens to be a serial killer.

Is it too early for me to ask for a crossover episode featuring Dex and Lil'?

Alas, I digress.

But we here at PTR have been given the special opportunity to showcase some exclusive clips in anticipation of the Dexter premiere. Curious folk (like myself) have wondered how a premium cable program will get nip, tucked and edited for its network airings. From what I can tell (and having seen the original cuts - sorry, couldn't resist), the brilliant essence of the show remains in tact.

Disclaimer: although I don't think these clips are too disturbing (but I confess I am a horror movie fan), I will give light warning to say that perhaps sensitive viewers may want to take an extra breath or two as there is some blood, some dead bodies, and a pristinely sliced corpse. And as an additional heads-up, the show will air with a Viewer Discretion Advised warning.

But hey, don't they all nowadays?


Dexter Exclusive Clip: "Viva Miami"

Dexter Exclusive Clip: "A Very Neat Monster"

Dexter Exclusive Clip: "Happy Place"

Dexter Exclusive Clip: "No Blood Here"

Dexter Exclusive Clip: "Homicide in Daylight/'Dahmerland'"


Check out Showtime's official Dexter Web site for the inside scoop on the series, and be sure to tune in this coming Sunday for the Lil' and Dex show!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Model 'Psych'

While watching this week's episode of Psych, one song kept playing in my head like an imaginary soundtrack. It started out as a faint distraction and quickly swelled when Shawn and Gus hit the town with the parade of real models. "I'm too sexy for this shirt. Too sexy for this shirt, so sexy it hurts" played like a broken record during most of the episode for me. Then, it shifted to "I'm a model and you know what I mean..." when the models headed out for a night of partying. How funny was Gus in this episode??!! The way he obsessed over that one model and the way he got so caught up in the model life was Just. Too. Funny!! But, the episode's funniest moment came when Shawn, after being told there was no way he was a model, tried to say that his hands were Allstate's famous "You're in good hands" logo ("Perhaps, you recognize this from the insurance commercials"). And then there was Gus and Shawn's Black and Tan routine (Shawn: "My name is Black, his name is Tan. I can't believe you just made that assumption. You should be ashamed of yourself and your family").

It would have been funny enough to leave things with the model story line, but they went the extra mile and added a funny and somewhat emotional story involving Shawn's dad and a love interest. We finally learned more about Shawn's elusive mom in the process. It seems she ran out on the family. After all of these years, Henry is testing the waters with a seemingly mousy librarian type. This led to one of the best lines of the night:

Henry: "She's just... what would you call it? Non-descript?"
Shawn: "Non-descript?? I've never heard a woman described like that unless she was a robbery suspect."

Funny stuff. Of course, Henry was in for a big surprise when he took this "non-descript" woman to dinner. Let's just say there was A LOT to describe about her after that date! And how funny was Shawn about not wanting to hear about it? It even cost him some model cred when his dad stopped him on the street in front of the real models ("Some of the models are creeped out that you hang with your dad all the time"). Then again, the loss of cred may have come from that ridiculous hat/scarf combo he was wearing. Yup, this episode had me laughing from head to toe. Interesting note -- series star James Roday co-wrote this outing with showrunner Steve Franks.

Catch the season finale of Psych this Friday night on USA. Photos courtesy

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Excellent news tonight from the WGA. The 3-month old strike is officially over. More from

The Strike Is Over: Welcome Back, TV!
At times during the past three months, we never thought we'd say it, but ... the WGA strike is officially over. According to the WGA websites, members voted by 92.5 percent to lift the strike order that was enacted November 5.

Following WGA leadership's approval of a tentative deal on Sunday, the guild members on Tuesday voted to lift the strike order, which has been in effect (and playing serious havoc with our TV viewing) for three months. Members on both coasts voted in person or by proxy, and the "polls" closed just an hour, at 6 pm/PT. Yes, the vote to end the strike was expected, given the positive feedback after meetings on the deal over the weekend, but still, it feels so good. The writers will be revving up their typing fingers and plot points to get back to work on Wednesday.

And thanks to TVGuide's Mike Ausiello, here's a look at what you can expect from some PTR faves now that production is set to resume:
Four pre-strike episodes left. Unclear whether additional episodes will be produced for this season

No new episodes until fall.

The Closer
Expected to kick off its fourth season this summer.

Cold Case
Expected to shoot 4 to 9 new episodes to air in March/April/May.

Friday Night Lights
No new episodes expected for this season. Future TBD.

No new episodes expected until fall.

Law & Order: SVU
Expected to shoot an indeterminate number of episodes to air in spring

Six pre-strike episodes remain. Five additional episodes could air this season.

Six pre-strike episodes remain. Expected to shoot additional episodes for this season.

Men in Trees
Eleven pre-strike episodes remain, the first of which airs Feb. 27. No additional episodes expected this season.

Four pre-strike episodes remain. Four additional episodes will likely be shot; unclear whether they'll air on NBC or go straight to DVD.

For a more complete list, visit Ausiello's blog at

All in the Family on 'Chronicles'

By LillyKat
PTR Staff Writer

Sarah: “Field trip.”
John: “I call shotgun.”
Cameron: “I call 9 millimeter.”
Got that?

Oh, and don’t forget the chess board.

And toolbox.

With pliers, please.

There is never a dull moment on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

We have the good guys. We have the bad guys. The good guys are seemingly outnumbered, fighting the uphill battle of all uphill battles whilst trying to blend into a world that doesn’t know there is a battle going on at the moment.

And yet, it isn’t always about the man v. machine dilemma.

Sometimes, it’s just about the regular human stuff.

Like grief.



Past catching up with the present.

The conscientiousness we talked about last week.

And so, we remember Andy Goode – the Supergeek in charge of building the too-good-for-its-ownself-going-to-become-Skynet chess computer (TURK) that Sarah destroyed the other week (read: burned down Andy’s apartment)? Well, once a geek always a geek, Andy rebuilds the whole thing from scratch and enters it in a computer v. computer chess contest where the grand prize is … wait for it … a military contract.

Time to really terminate Andy.

Whilst it would seem Cameron’s got dibs, we get our first true glimpse at a resistance fighter sent back from the future by Adult John Connor (good to know Terminators aren’t the only ones already here prepping for battle). Resistance fighter Derek (played nicely by Beverly Hills 90210 alum Brian Austin Green) crosses paths with Sarah over Supergeek Andy, and each is fully aware of the other’s identity.

And boy, that is an understatement.

Turns out Derek is a Reese boy. You know, as in Kyle Reese’s brother – the father of John Connor and the guy with whom Sarah’s one-night stand essentially changed our world?


Can I just say the T:SCC producers are up there (at least on my list) with the Damages folks in terms of how ingeniously they incorporate such precious detail into their storylines whilst not giving away the whole store at once.

Anyways, turns out Derek is pretty hard-nosed. As in, anti-machine – which includes Cameron. But Cameron bails him out anyways, kicking some serious arse against the T888 terminator out to get Derek. (This week’s high-powered sequence was a nice homage to the infamous helicopter/SWAT truck chase from the film. Although there was no helicopter, there was plenty of Sarah driving all out whilst Cameron and the T888 duke it out in the back of the truck.)

Classic Cameron: she finally gets the T888 pinned down and calls for the toolbox to surgically remove the “brain” chip. Jigsaw (of Saw legend) should take notes.

Unfortunately, even with Cameron’s protection, Derek does get fatally wounded. With his hatred of all-things machine running pretty high, he has no interest in being treated by Cameron.

Except he’s John’s uncle.


Something not familiar to the Connors other than between mother and son.

He must be saved.

Sarah demands it.

Re-enter Charley Dixon - Sarah’s former fiancé from 10 years ago, the sweet, handsome paramedic that she up and ditched so she could begin the fight to save the world (shameless side note: if things don't work out with Sarah, Charley and the whole save the world from machines thing, can we send him over to Cold Case? There’s a homicide detective over there in serious need of having her heart revived). Anyways, we recall John had an intentional run in with Charley the other week after they got settled in present day given Charley had become a father-like figure to John in the short time he had been with Sarah.

Awww, so sweet.

And handy.

Of course, he’s under suspicion by Special Agent Ellison for the possibility of harboring our trio of fugitives. But it turns out Charley may only just be beginning to get back into the picture.

And that is a good thing.

This is what I think the show is doing so well: it is not just 50 minutes of explosions, gun fights, helicopter chases “with all matters of remorseless pieces of metal” (Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest) destroying the bazookas out of one another.

It’s the truly human elements you can wrap your heart and mind around.

The fight to save the world continues ...

New episodes of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles air Mondays at 9 p.m. on FOX. You can also watch full episodes online. Just visit the Official Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Web site to catch up (or re-watch!)

Monday, February 11, 2008

'Friday Night' Shock

Wow! Didn't see that one coming! Jason Street is going to be a father??!! Much like the characters involved, I have mixed feelings about this story line. On the one hand, I hate it. Jason's 19 years old, working a job he doesn't like, and struggling to come to terms with his shattered future. He can't even motivate himself to continue with his plans for higher education let alone take on the rigors of parenthood. On the other, the writers sorta "worked it out in the end" (TM Randy Jackson). Of course, the whole "this could be my only chance at being a father" twist may have had a heavy hand in working it out for me. According to any medical textbook, Jason is supposed to be sterile, but against all odds, he wound up getting a girl pregnant after a one-night stand. I'm not sure how this story will pan out, so for now, I'm sticking with my mixed feelings stance on it. And since this was the last pre-strike completed episode and ratings have been less than stellar (and the telling news that the season 2 - current season - DVD set will hit store shelves in April with the 15 episodes, meaning no new episodes should the strike end), we may never know.

It's no secret that Lyla still has feelings for Riggins, right? Well, except to Logan Chris. I've got to hand it to my girl Lyla, though; because she really is trying to convince herself that she is 100% over Riggins. She spent the weekend with Chris's family in their mountain cabin, she tried to make a move on her good Christian boyfriend, and continually blew off Tim when he tried to make small talk. Oh Lyla, Lyla, Lyla. You're not fooling anyone, probably not even yourself. This is not going to end well for Chris.

Meanwhile, things seem to be looking up for Smash. Sure, playing football at a small off-the- grid college is not what he envisioned for his future, but at least he's back in a position to play the game he loves and possibly go to the NFL someday. Can I just gush about this awesome story line for a moment? Being an SEC girl myself, I LOVE the authenticity of it and of course, all of the SEC references. There is only one inaccuracy that I spot -- Georgia's Coach Richt would give this kid another shot. Smash was barking up the wrong SEC school's tree when he approached the scout at Alabama. He should be a Bulldog with the rest of the best. LOVED the scene in his room with his mom. Smash has the best mom ever!! She'll make sure he lands on his feet. And Coach Taylor will make sure he lands on a collegiate football field. I guess it takes a village to raise a football player.

How funny was that Eric/Tami/high school boyfriend triangle story line??!! I'm not sure what cracked me up more -- seeing the jealous side of Eric or watching Kyle Chandler beat up real-life boss (and FNL showrunner) Peter Berg, who played the role so brilliantly.

Help save Friday Night Lights with the Lightbulb campaign. Send NBC bulbs so they can keep the Lights on!

Photos courtesy

Saturday, February 09, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Tentative Agreement Reached

The 3-month old Writers Strike may be coming to an end after a tentative agreement between the WGA and the AMPTP was reached late yesterday. Today, the WGA is meeting to discuss the deal and decide how to proceed. WGA (West) President Patric Verrone and WGA (East) President Michael Winship sent a letter to the membership outlining their take on the tentative deal. "It is an agreement that protects a future in which the Internet becomes the primary means of both content creation and delivery," they wrote. They also acknowledged the tremendous support from many different groups during the difficult 3-month ordeal. "We earned the backing of other unions and their members worldwide, the respect of elected leaders and politicians throughout the nation, and the overwhelming support of fans and the general public. Our thanks to all of them, and to the staffs at both Guilds who have worked so long and patiently to help us all."

You can read their full statement over at United Hollywood. An outline of the terms of the tentative agreement can be found HERE. And be sure to stay tuned as this story continues to develop this weekend and into next week. Fingers crossed, hopes high that everyone is back at work on our favorite shows as early as this coming week.

Friday, February 08, 2008

'Lost' in More Flashbacks

I know I said that I might rip my eyes out of I had to see another flashback on Lost, and while that still holds true, I actually made it through the entire hour of this week's episodes with my eyes fully intact. Maybe it was due to the fact that the flashbacks were more detrimental to the story (since they involved "the rescuers" -- and let me take this moment to point out that I use the term "rescuers" very loosely) or to the fact that I'm completely hooked on this "why are they here?" mystery that I'm sure the writers will somehow find a way to string along for way too long until I no longer care -- either way, the trip through the not-so-distant past was interesting.

What did annoy me about this outing, though, was the way we were all supposed to be soooo surprised that "the rescuers" are on the island to get Ben. We waited all hour for the shocking twist de jour, and all we got was this lousy tidbit that we had all suspected from the start. I want to know WHY they want Ben. Is it related to his mass genocide of the Dharma group? Or is there something more going on? And who is this "man" that Ben has on their ship? As usual more questions than answers, but at least there are some answers. Thank goodness for small favors.

Raise your hand if you're not at all surprised that Ben is still as conniving as ever. Everybody? That's what I thought. Locke is crazy to think that Ben's harmless except for his mouth (of course, Locke just might be crazy, after all, he's taking orders from a taller Walt!)! It is his most effective weapon, but it doesn't mean it's his only. Meanwhile, Juliet is probably wishing that she had been on Oceanic flight 815. There's no telling what happens now that "the rescuers" know that she's a "native." Next up, we find out the identity of another one of the Oceanic 6. I still think that one of them is Locke and it was his funeral that tore Jack up in last season's finale.

Screencaps courtesy

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Secret 'Psych'-ciety

There are few things in this world that get Lassie worked up as much as Shawn Spencer and his psychic routine. Now, couple that with Shawn getting the distinguished honor of being a legacy in a prestigious secret society (the same secret society that denied Lassie by making up a rule about not allowing law enforcement) and you get one jealous Lassie, which of course, leads to one funny story line. It was made funnier by the fact that Lassie then needed to enlist Shawn's help to solve the case and clear his pseudo-father-in-law's name. Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned how the Shawn/Lassie interaction was one of my favorite things on this show? Well, this is why. These two lovingly despise each other so well, I think I would actually be disappointed if I found out that they were BFFs in real life.

Competing for funniest story of the night was Henry ditching his son and their weekend together to work the secret society murder case and then lying about it. Of course the truth came out and when it did, Henry finally admitted (in A Few Good Men-style) that he didn't want to spend the weekend with Shawn because he's annoying. No harm, no foul though, because Shawn wasn't exactly dusting off the fishing poles either. Perhaps the most hilarious moment, though, was seeing that picture of Henry hanging on the wall of the secret society's headquarters. Now, that's funny!

Psych airs Friday nights at 10 pm on USA Network. Photos courtesy

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Matt Gets the Cold Shower Treatment

I think I'm running out of superlatives to describe Friday Night Lights, so please excuse me if I sound a bit like a broken record during this first part. This show is AMAZING (have I tried the all caps version of "amazing" yet?)!!! And last week's hour may very well be the finest of any show this season and quite possibly the finest to ever grace a television screen. I'm having a hard time articulating just how amazing it was and I can't decide which moment constitutes my favorite. Let's see, there was Tami's desperate plea at the DMV after forgetting about her daughter's drivers test, Julie's heartbreaking discovery that her mom forgot about her because of the volleyball team, Coach Taylor throwing an out-of-control Matt Saracen (there's a phrase I thought I'd never use) into the shower, Matt's tearful admission that everybody leaves him, and Smash's breakdown after learning that his scholarship to TMU had been revoked. This show is a highlight reel filled with unforgettable moments, but this episode seemed to have an extra few thrown in to make it stand out even further from the pack.

Perhaps my favorite moment of the night, though, was a more poignant, subdued one right at the end. Watching Smash pump up his team before the big game and then stay behind as they took to the field was, in a word, HEARTWRENCHING! I'm just not sure which was more brilliant: Gaius Charles' flawless performance or the beautifully understated directing in that scene. The stagnant shot of the empty locker room, the joyous sounds in the distance of the beginning of the game, and a remorseful and broken Smash Williams left behind to wallow in what could be the beginning of the end of his future - it was all too powerful to capture with words. One final thought: Tyra + Landry + getting back together = Best. News. Ever!!!

Photos courtesy

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Save 'The 4400'

If we've learned anything from those devoted Jericho fans, it's never give up on saving your favorite shows. The latest canceled show getting a huge boost from its devoted fan base is PTR fave The 4400. USA Network decided late last year not to renew the series for a fifth season, essentially leaving fans in the lurch without any sort of conclusion to the serial drama's ongoing storylines. Well, the fans want to change that with a new push to encourage USA to reconsider their decision to cancel the show. If you want to bring The 4400 back, join in on the Sunflower Seeds Campaign. It even made The New York Times! Series star Jacqueline McKenzie (who informed PTR about the campaign through MySpace) is a strong supporter. She wrote to her MySpace friends, "It's really easy to do... so please head over there and send a bag of 'Dr Burkhoff's' favourite snack! That way we can all get back to 'Promise City' and get everyone back to good work!!!" Click on over to the campaign site to buy your bag of sunflower seeds to send to the heads at USA Network and help save The 4400!

Visit for more on the efforts to resurrect the series.

More Writers Adopted

Three more writers have been successfully adopted over at Adopt a Writer. They are:

Nina Bargiel (Lizzie McGuire)
Sam Kass (Seinfeld, Arli$$)
Eric Estrin (Miami Vice, Murder She Wrote)

Click on over to the Adopt a Writer site to find out what they're striking for (you won't believe Sam Kass's heartbreaking story) and what they're lives are like while they work to iron out a fair deal.

A Troubling Good Conscience on 'Chronicles'

By LillyKat
PTR Staff Writer

“If you’re gonna be a hero, you gotta learn how to drive a stick.”
Oh, if it only were that simple for John Connor.

The poor guy is supposed to be prepping to be the leader of all mankind, but he can’t quite figure out the whole shift-clutch-gas thingy.

I guess you can’t win them all.

But you can keep trying.

And so goes this week’s installment of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles whereby John’s conscience seems to be getting the better of him.

We recall bad terminator Cromartie (who hunted everyone down in the pilot episode) did manage come through with Sarah, John and good terminator Cameron when they blasted themselves forward into the present day. Since then, Cromartie’s gone through some serious link-n’-lock reconstruction, a super-plasma-blood potion rebirth, and now he’s getting himself a good nip/tuck to blend in with the rest of the human world.

Bad news for our trio.

Worse yet, Sarah, John and Cameron discover there are already other evil terminators on missions in present day prepping for life post-judgment day. Like, say, stockpiling a whole boatload of Coltan metal in a fallout shelter (that will, of course, survive the machine-take-over-mankind destruction and at which 500 or so metal endoskeletons will be able to be created; that is, terminators).

Nothing like planning ahead.

After finding this out, ever valiant John feels like taking on more than just Cromartie. Mom and Cameron ... well, not so much. Too dangerous. Too unpredictable. Need to re-evalute the whole kit and caboodle. It’s one thing to be dealing with only with one bad terminator; it’s another to now think they might have to deal with an army of them.

Problem is, John’s had about enough waiting, worrying, wondering, preparing, running and hiding. He wants to start doing something.

And he does, which gets him in a seriously nerve racking face-off with a powered down evil terminator.

Reboot anyone?

This is what I am really enjoying about the television series as compared to the film: we are getting a much deeper, more rich examination of the inner-workings of the characters – particularly John and Sarah.

We all know John Connor has been destined to be the leader of mankind after judgment day. We know he is wickedly smart, compassionate, determined, fully aware of his lot in life. But, what we didn’t necessarily get to explore in the film is his deeply emotional conscience, and his own sense of personal responsibility to just do the right thing – even if that puts him at risk.

Yes, we had Edward Furlong telling Arnold that he just couldn’t go around killing people. Yes, we had Edward Furlong making some fairly insightful "We’re not gonna make it, are we? Humans, I mean" comments. And the whole "no fate except what we make for ourselves" thing.

But the film didn't give us that in depth look at John’s guilt for seemingly not doing enough, or having to think about protecting himself first as opposed to helping others given any action he might take could put his own life at risk. The series is giving us a rich exploration of John’s inner-conflict. I love the fact that he seems to want to help too much – too much for his own good. He wants to make the world right … and he wants to make it right, right now. It presents a constant battle for Sarah as she tries to balance her concern, her fear, her worry and her full sense of what awaits them four years from now – the end of the world.

The fight to save mankind continues ...

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