Monday, June 30, 2008

Mary Hides a Love Triangle 'In Plain Sight'

As a U.S. Marshall for the Federal Witness Protection Program there are a few things that Mary should not have to do say, for instance, help a man cheat on his wife with his mistress! Mary was completely justified in her objections to the arrangement and I LOVED her phone call to her boss after the mistress showed up at the art gallery opening, caused a big scene, and subsequently, forced WITSEC to relocate everybody. As Mary said, who would have seen that coming?? And while I get Marshall's point about the moral obligation, I still say that she had no choice but to do what she was told no matter how much she hated it. Short of quitting, there was little she could have done, therefore, Marci was a little out of line with her misplaced anger (especially when we found out that she had cheated on her husband! Pot meet kettle). It all worked out in the end -- thanks to Marshall's self-help sessions with aforementioned mistress and Mary's keen investigative skills.

For those who were wondering if we were going to see Cristian de la Fuente again, this episode certainly answered that question. Nice touch having him injure his ACL because that should knock him out for the rest of the MLB season, and thus, keep him in Albuquerque with Mary where they can hopefully work through some issues. Speaking of that, I have to say that I'm impressed with the reasonable amount of character growth on that front with Mary. A few weeks ago she was parading around like what she has with Raph means nothing and then he pops THE question, scares the hell out of her, and takes off for Florida giving her some time to think about things. And then he comes home injured and her wayward sister (who actually had a decent story line this week and had something concrete to do for once) really gets her to stop and consider what losing Raph would mean to her. There is some self realization there and I think it's promising for the future of the character. Which, thanks to several impressive episodes, I hope is long-lived.

Finally, to borrow a bit from TVGuide's Rochell Thomas... Is it just me or does Mary look a lot like Maria Bello at times?

In Plain Sight airs Sunday nights on USA Network. If you missed this week's episode ("Who Shot Jay Arnstein?"), check it out for free at

Friday, June 27, 2008

PJ Versus the Pitcher

There are many highs and lows in life and, as PJ learned this week, they seem to come in pairs. For instance, finding out that you get to write a book with an ace MLB pitcher: high. Having the publisher tell you that aforementioned ace pitcher has flaked on the book: low. Finding out that you're the 34th writer that the publisher has chosen to try to get ace pitcher to write said book: even lower! Poor PJ. Here she was thinking that this book was going to be a huge career booster when it all fell apart. Of course, the deal was unraveling from the get-go when she basically had to twist this guy's arm just to get him to sit down and work on the thing. She tried the pep talk, but like everything else, it worked for a few seconds before the guy moved onto antiques, Project Runway or fruit.

Meanwhile, the boys were busy designing shirts for their own little Project Runway competition. Watching them with the sewing machine (and calling different times to use it) was hilarious! Of course, not as hilarious as the end result. Mike's open-back design was too funny. Bobby's was the best (obviously), but he clearly cheated. And while Brendan's was a little low-tech, I would have given him the win as well. The boy needed a pick-me-up after losing his job to an iPod and seeing his ex pregnant and happily married... to a British dude. Don't look for any of them on the real Project Runway anytime soon, though.

You can catch up on episodes of My Boys at New episodes air Thursday nights at 9:30 pm (EST) on TBS.

Some Serious 'Deadliest' Moments

Discovery Channel's 'Deadliest Catch'By LillyKat
PTR Senior Staff Writer

OK, so we're a little late on our Deadliest Catch round-up this week, but you know what they say: better late than never.

And really, this week came down to two things. Firstly, the fleet was tossed around like beach balls thanks to yet another Arctic hurricane / squall / freakin' set of huge storms that ripped out bolts, broke steel and basically tore up the decks and equipment of nearly every ship save for the Time Bandit, who just so happened to have been off-loading their first 35,000 lbs. load of the season at St. Paul (also known as a place where hell froze over).

We know winter in the Bering Sea is not light reading, but nearly every ship was crushed. The Northwestern took some sort of 90 degree roll, and in the aftermath, looked as though an earthquake had hit the boat. The North American skipper called it D-Day as he surveyed his trashed deck boards. But it was the Early Dawn's captain who said it best:
"The Bering Sea likes to smash boats, eat crew members. It has no qualms about knocking the living hell out of us."

The weather complicated the second notable development this week: Captain Phil's punctured lung drama-rama.

As a result of said Arctic hurricane, the Cornelia Marie took one of those 90 degree rolls, which threw Phil out of bed, across his room and smack dab into the sharp corner of his dresser. Being the tough guy that he is, he thought he could just Ace bandage himself back together and keep on fishin'.

Not so much.

Slowly but surely, it gets worse. Way worse - to the point where Phil's coughing up blood, the crew is freaked, and he's thinking the haunting dream he's always had of dying on the Bering Sea is actually going to come true.

Now, I love Captain Phil, and the Cornelia Marie is my favorite ship (though the Hillstrand brothers on the Time Bandit run a very close second). But I just wanted to throw Phil overboard given he just would not call it a day and get himself to a freakin' hospital - even when everyone was telling him to do so, including his crew and the other captains.

Thankfully, Phil does come to his senses. But interestingly, what he thought was the cause of the problem (cracked rib, punctured lung from being thrown out of bed) may in fact not be ... hmmm ... stay tuned for next week.

New episodes of Deadliest Catch air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Discovery Channel (with multiple replays throughout the week). You can also tune into all new episodes of After the Catch at 10 p.m. to hear the captains' insights on the season's highs and lows. Visit the official Deadliest Catch Web site for the latest on the captains and crews of the Northwestern, Cornelia Marie, Time Bandit, Wizard, Early Dawn and North American.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Countdown Begins

What a long, strange TV season it has been! And while we're all still whirling from the shortened season, the hastily wrapped up story arcs, and strokes of brilliance mixed in, we've been catching our collective breath and mourning the temporary loss of some of our favorite shows while they take a summer hiatus. But, this means that PTR's popular Best Episodes of the Season summer-long countdown is just beginning. This year, I've decided to let Senior Staff Writer LillyKat in on the fun and we've come up with another great list. Before we get to that, though, we have to go over the rules for the countdown. We ended up with 36 incredible episodes that demonstrate the diversity and quality of the current television state. This year, the shows and their episodes are from both NETWORK and CABLE television. All episodes aired between June 2007 and June 2008. Each episode that made the final list moved us in some way; either by making us laugh out loud, cry our eyes out or just left us with that "wow" feeling that stays with you for a few days. So basically, it's completely subjective! Since this is a summer-long countdown to the number 1 episode, we will reveal a few each week all summer. So, be sure to tune in every Thursday to find out which episodes are on the countdown! Today, we're going to take a look at numbers 36-34.

36: "Kiss and Don't Tell" - Men in Trees
A kiss is just a kiss, right? Marin wants to think so after a drugged up Cash (he was on pain killers post kidney transplant) planted one on her while she was taking care of him. Cash doesn't seem to remember it (or at least he's not mentioning it), so Marin decides not to tell Jack. And while she's grappling with that secret, Buzz is nurturing one of his own. He has been bitten by the gambling bug once again. But, it gets worse. He has gambled away Mai's savings along with his own. This sets up one of the season's funniest story lines -- Mai moves in with Celia. Talk about oil and water! And then there's Patrick's trip to NYC where he brings a little sunshine to Jane's stiflingly stuffy office. The combination of conflict, humor, and emotion showcased why this now-canceled show managed to charm so many in its short run. Written by Chris Dingess and directed by Sandy Smolan.

35: "Chuck vs. the Truth" - Chuck
This hilarious spy dramedy was a welcome addition to the schedule last fall and this mid-season outing captured everything that the show does right. There was action, intrigue, suspense, a dash of romance and a little incident involving truth serum. You really can't beat that! In between saving his sister from death by poisoning and the world from a litany of bad guys, Chuck managed to develop a little crush on sandwich girl Lou (guest star Rachel Bilson). This threw his cover relationship with Sarah in jeopardy and almost cost him a chance with Lou. As they say, the truth will set you free and learning that Sarah doesn't see a real future for her and Chuck (as she "admitted" under truth serum), allowed him to "break up with her" and pursue Lou. So why was Sarah looking so sad at the end? Written by Allison Adler and directed by Robert Duncan McNeill

34: "Ruby" - The Closer
I am the first to admit I love The Closer for its humor, quick wit and rapid-fire dialog. But the genius of the show is that it can flip the switch and go dark on us, too – giving us grizzly, sad and uncomfortable right after silly, happy and goofy. “Ruby” was one such powerful flip-switch episode. An 8-year-old girl missing (ending up dead) at the hands of a paroled sex offender; Sergeant Gabriel getting personal and professional dangerously mixed up once again; Brenda lowering herself down to the level of a child molester to get a confession. It’s no wonder TNT billed the fourth episode of The Closer's third season as one of the most shocking yet. It was difficult to watch. You were gripped and squirming at the same time. Humor was nowhere to be found nor would it have been appropriate. The dialog was so well written, so powerful, effective, creepy and goosepimply that it was uncomfortable to hear. Perhaps Brenda’s going to the ladies room after her final interview session with the convicted child molester, sick to her stomach, said it all: not a light episode by any means, but gripping nonetheless. Written by James Duff, Steven Kane and Mike Berchem. Directed by Michael M. Robin. -LillyKat, PTR Senior Staff Writer

So, there's a look at the first set of episodes on the countdown. What do you think? Do you agree? Disagree? Leave us a comment with your thoughts. And be sure to tune in next Thursday for #33-31 on the list.

'Case's' Morris Draws a Spade

'Cold Case' Star Kathryn Morris Attends Kate Spade Dinner, June 2008By LillyKat
PTR Senior Staff Writer

We always like to see our PTR Faves out n' about.

Especially when they've been on hiatus for a while. What can we say, we miss them.

Sporting what has become the newly infamous Lilly Rush ponytail, Cold Case's (and resident PTR Fave) Kathryn Morris was out n' about this week attending a dinner for designer Kate Spade.

Photos: S. Keenan / WireImage

'Cold Case' Star Kathryn Morris Attends Kate Spade Dinner

'Cold Case' Star Kathryn Morris Attends Kate Spade Dinner

'Cold Case' Star Kathryn Morris Attends Kate Spade Dinner

'Cold Case' Star Kathryn Morris Attends Kate Spade Dinner

'Cold Case' Star Kathryn Morris Attends Kate Spade Dinner

'Cold Case' Star Kathryn Morris Attends Kate Spade Dinner

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ready, Set, TNT: PTR Visits the Folks Who Know Drama

By LillyKat
PTR Senior Staff Writer

We here at PTR love TNT.

We really do.

We're not just saying that because we were cordially invited to attend a special press day set visit at Raleigh Studios in Los Angeles (okay, we were, which helps in feeling the love).

TNT LogoNo, we love TNT simply for their slate of programs - several of which are PTR Faves (whether that be with original programming or syndicated shows). Top to bottom, TNT has what people really like to watch, and they have single-handedly set the bar for all the other basic cable networks. If it weren't for The Closer, are we really sure we'd have Saving Grace, FX's Damages and now USA's In Plain Sight - three other shows lead by three other top drawer actresses who wouldn't normally wind up on the small screen? Me thinks not. Or, me thinks ode must be given to Kyra Sedgwick and Co. for showing us all that: a) not everyone who watches television is 20-years-old; b) people like seeing strong, fierce, fabulous women front and center; c) you can put quality writers alongside quality producers alongside quality actors without succumbing to a procedural formula trap; and, d) a cable show can go toe-to-toe with any network show on air at the moment and wipe the floor with said network's standards and practices.

Network television should wake up. The best shows are on cable right now, and at the forefront of that excellent slate of programming is TNT.

Now, our set visit experience encompassed visiting three shows: the new Steven Bochco legal drama Raising the Bar, starring Mark-Paul Gosslear, Gloria Reuben and Jane Kaczmakerk set to premiere in September; Holly Hunter and Co. over at Saving Grace; and BJ and Co. - er, I mean, Kyra Sedgwick and Co. - over at The Closer.

I'm going to break my report into separate parts (read: give you a little this week, a little next week) so as to give each show its adequate due, but here are some highlights:

Cast of new TNT series 'Raising the Bar'Raising the Bar: How often do you get to have one of the greatest television producers sit down next to you for a chat? Steven Bochco did just that, and can I just say ... awesome? This cast is a great group of young, talented actors alongside seasoned veterans like Reuben and Kaczmarek. Enthusiastic and fun, they're quite passionate about the show that will follow the lives of young lawyers who work on opposite sides, the Public Defender's Office and the District Attorney's office, as well as those who sit in judgment over their cases. Stay tuned.

Saving Grace: OK, we know how I wrote off Grace at the end of the first season - so much so I didn't even watch the four additional "bonus" episodes in December because I was fed up. I had not found anything redeeming about Grace, couldn't figure out why anyone should care one way or the other as to whether she gets saved, ya-da, ya-da. Well, I may have to eat my words. After listening to the entire cast talk about their devotion, passion and outright love of being able to do this show, I may have to give it a second chance. And sorry folks, this set asked we not take photos. So alas, you'll just have to take my word that sitting in Grace's apartment talking to Grace (Holly Hunter) and Ham (Kenneth Johnson), sitting in the bar talking to Earl (Leon Rippy) and Rhetta (Laura San Giacomo), sitting in the conference room talking to Butch (Bailey Chase) and Captain Kate (Lorraine Toussaint), and sitting in the squad room talking to Leon (Bokeem Woodbine) and Bobby (Gregory Norman Cruz) really is as cool as it sounds.

Jon Tenney of 'The Closer'The Closer: Rounding out our day with lunch on set at this PTR Fave ranks up there with Best. Experience. Ever. Not to mention a full room-by-room set tour takes the cake against the other two visits (no offense, folks). But I have just two words: Jon Tenney. As if we didn't love Special Agent Fritz Howard enough here at PTR (and Lord knows we do given we want to clone him and send him over to Lilly Rush on Cold Case), the actor who portrays him is just ... well, genuinely awesome. He took some extra time to chat with me about Fritz - appreciating so much that we love the very real, organic, tangible and ever-so believable relationship his alter-ego shares with Brenda. The two of them work hard to create this dynamic for us, and it was somewhat of an honor (can I even say that?) to seemingly let him know there is a serious devoted following to the handy work. With any luck, we here at PTR might be hearing a bit more from Jon (along those exclusive interview lines). Stay tuned.

And now for a comical blow-by-blow (may be slightly spoiler-ish, but only in a minor way):

5:00 a.m.: Alarm goes off. Wow, I don't normally get up this early.

6:30 a.m.: Leave for LA from my locale in the OC (and yes, it can take 3 freakin' hours to drive 50-something miles on a weekday morning even during summer, when school is out; welcome to the LA/So Cal traffic life).

8:17 a.m.: Make it to LA in plenty of time and spend the next 45 minutes hitting the Ralph's on 3rd and La Brea to get some breakfast.

9:07 a.m.: Arrive at Raleigh Studios. Meet my Turner Network publicist (who is wonderfully nice and genuinely cool). This studio is one of the oldest around, and thus, is pretty small. Sort of squished onto Melrose and Van Ness. Like, blink and you'll miss it. Paramount Studios, on the other hand, sits just down the road like some sort of palace.

TNT Set Visit Press Day9:15 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.: Mill about. Snap a few photos. Board the bus. Get a look at the other press folks. I'm kinda new, so I'm sort of by myself. But the other folks seem to know each other from previous meetings, so there's lots of chatter.

9:45 a.m.: Buh-bye, Raleigh. We veer through the streets in and around the studio back to the Hollywood Freeway 101 North to head over to Raising the Bar. We get some snacks, a press kit, view the trailer for Raising the Bar and start tuning into the season premiere of Saving Grace. The TNT folks take good care of us.

9:52 a.m.: Point of Interest (for me, anyways) ... drive by Barham Boulevard exit on the 101 North. Warner Brothers studios sits just over the hill, which is where the Cold Case folks film. Hello Lilly and Co.

10:09 a.m.: Arrive at Riverfront Stages, which is one of those nook and cranny filming locations for which LA is famous. Not all shows, especially when starting out, get the luxury of filming at a Warner Brothers or Paramount. Even Cold Case had to schlep it to Raleigh in Manhattan Beach their first season. This is when PTR Fave Kathryn Morris (commuting from Silver Lake) got by on maybe 4 hours of sleep each night. At least she was traveling in off traffic hours. You know ... zero dark hundred in the morning when there is actually no traffic in LA.

10:15 a.m.: Off the bus to awaiting iced coffees. Sweet. Even though I don't drink coffee, nice gesture. Ushered into a big ol' room with a ton of food for our rotating/round table interviews.

Executive Producer Steven Bochco of TNT's 'Raising the Bar'10:15 a.m. - 11:20 a.m.: Round table interviews with Raising the Bar cast. All lead actors make their way from table to table. We're so ensconced, we can't eat the mound of bagels, pastries and fruit piled before us. We're introduced to head of ABC publicity (who sits at our table). We prepare out digital voice recorders hoping the loud sound carry/echo won't screw up our recordings. We start with Jane Kaczmarek and Jonathan Scarfe. Jane is always funny. She has a quirkiness about her, but her answers are straightforward and genuine. When Steven Bochco sits down next me, I know I'm in a good seat. I didn't tackle him to tell him how much I loved NYPD Blue, but thought about it (okay, not really). Gloria Reuben has one of the softest voices I've ever heard. We remember her from her ER days, then leaving the show to go sing back-up for Tina Turner. The woman has serious talent.

TNT Set Visit Press Day - 'Raising the Bar'11:20 a.m. - 11:25 a.m.: Tour the main set, which is a courtroom. Seems huge and makes me feel like I should be saying, "Um, your honor, if it pleases the court ...." Snap some pics. The cast is nice enough to gather and pose for me. Like I said, a very cool bunch.

11:27 a.m.: Heading back to the bus when dufus here (that would be me) realizes she left her notebook on the set when she set it down to take the cast photo. Duh. I'm lucky to have such a good publicist run back and get it for me. Major thanks to her.

11:34: Back on the bus, heading over to Saving Grace. We're asked not to take photos at their set - a request from the Grace folks. To be fair, I can't believe we're even being allowed to take photos at all, so it's no bother to me and/or I'm not disappointed. We're also asked not to ask Holly Hunter personal questions. Since I'm not that kind of journalist, no problems here. I've never done the whole go-after-the-personal crap, but hey, call me old fashioned. I prefer to let an interview take its own course as opposed to poking and prodding people. You get much better stuff when you do not irritate the heck out of the people.

11:48 a.m.: Arrive at Delfino Studios in Sylmar, which seems like a hole in the wall in the middle of nowhere. JAG's set was like this.

11:50 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.: Mill about as we wait to go into the various set locales for our rotate-it-around interviews. Crew is busy - ladders, lights, cameras, security, extras seem to be moving in this carefully choreographed sequence. If you've never been on a set before, you have no idea how hard these guys and gals work to keep everything humming like a finely tuned engine. No show can exist with out the crew as its backbone. That said, the cast members begin to emerge and are sent to their respective "sets" to await "us." Holly Hunter walks right by me. Can I just say that Holly - love her as I do - is absolutely tiny? As in, she seems to be about three feet tall. I feel awkward that at 5'8", I feel more like 6'7" as I seemingly dwarf her.

12:00 p.m. - 1:15 p.m.: Round table interviews with Saving Grace cast whereby we rotate to four different sets to awaiting interviewees. We start in the bar with Leon Rippy and Laura San Giacomo. She is flippin' funny, especially when a fellow journalist tells her she is in the 40-and-over sexy group. "I'm in that group?!?! No way?!?!" Leon Rippy is a sweet guy. Quiet, unassuming. Kinda like Earl. His voice is to die for, but don't tell Bill Nighy I said that. We move on to Holly Hunter and Kenneth Johnson, who are sitting in Grace's apartment. As we introduce ourselves, I tell Kenny I appreciated his time as Joseph on Cold Case, and he's genuinely grateful - "Aw, thanks a lot! I appreciate that!" Holly's pretty lively - energy up the wazoo. You can tell she loves the character, but when I asked her where Grace ranks compared to all the characters she's played, she says she can't - and doesn't - really rank any of her characters. Each holds a special significance at that precise moment she portrays them. Even now, when she watches herself in something like The Piano or Broadcast News, she can instantly transport herself back into being Ada and Jane, respectively, and thus, one character portrayal never overrides another. Kenny talks about how this is the first time he's gotten to play alongside a leading lady for any extended period of time. He says he got to do a little bit on ... wait for it ... Cold Case. It's at this point I have to restrain myself from saying, "Don't get me started on the why-can't-Lilly-Rush-keep-a-decent-guy thing." Kidding, of course, but I thought it a compliment to the Joseph character that Kenny considers that portrayal the heftiest, leading lady co-star role he had up until his time on Grace. Argh, as if I needed any more reason to ask he be brought back to Kathryn Morris. Alas, he's with Holly these days. We move onto Bailey Chase (Butch) and Lorraine Toussaint (Captain Kate) in the conference room on the squad/station set. Lorraine is a kick. She's so thrilled to be on a show that has a strong, over-40 woman as its main character and thinks cable is way ahead of the networks in terms of knowing that people want to see this kind of thing. We all really aren't 20-years-old (amen to that). Bailey is equally as supportive and talks about the collaborative nature they enjoy with the writers and producers. As in, get to suggest plot idea, changes, wish lists. Gee, Cold Case should take notes. We end with Bookeem Woodbine (bad guy Leon) and Gregory Cruz (Bobby). Both are genuinely blessed to be on the show. It's changed them personally and professionally. You see why the cast makes me want to give Grace another chance?

1:20 p.m.: We get a fruit cup and board the bus to head back to Raleigh and visit The Closer. Kenny Johnson boards our bus to check out the digs and thanks us for visiting. So does Gregory Cruz. A nice bunch of folks.

TNT Set Visit Press Day at Raleigh Studios1:38 p.m.: Back at Raleigh and The Closer awaits. It's lunch time, and it seems like everyone and their brother is out at the catering truck. We're ushered into a secluded little restaurant/private dining area. Kinda a veranda thing. There's chocolate goodie centerpieces on our tables. Yum. We get divided up, and like with Raising the Bar, we sit whilst the actors rotate to us.

1:45 - 2:15 p.m.: Round table interviews with the cast of The Closer. We start with Lieutenant Flynn (Tony Denison), Lieutenant Provenza (G.W. Bailey), Detective Daniels (Gina Ravera) and Buzz (Phillip Keene). Some funny stuff is slated for an episode titled "Dial M for Provenza." G.W. says Provenza sees his character being more vulnerable this year - even with all the old man jokes. Gina speaks to the mess that will be the fallout of the Daniels-dates-Gabriel thing that started up last season. In short, Brenda's worst fears are realized after these two co-workers bond. Buzz is heading out of the electronics room and will actually make it into the murder room. Go Buzz! We then get treated to executive producer James Duff (who, like Steven Bochco, sits right next to me; is it my day for rubbing shoulders with the showrunners?), as well as Commander Taylor (Robert Gossett), Lieutenant Tao (Michael Paul Chan), Chief Pope (J.K. Simmons) and Detective Sanchez (Raymond Cruz). Everybody speaks to the quality of writing on the show, and how the balance is maintained between the cases and the personal tidbits that get revealed via the overall dynamics of the show. I ask James Duff to elaborate on his comments that the theme of power and/or the perception of how much control we have over our lives will dominate this year. He does, which can be summed up by saying it's an illusion. Situations change us, and how they change us based on our perception of how much control we have over that situation is what will be explored. He then goes on to talk about the collaboration with the actors (hmmm, are we noticing a theme here? COLLABORATION WITH ACTORS makes for awesome show dynamics and/or fabulous television viewing). He says it's easy to write for this level of quality actors who are, essentially, all well-trained theatre actors). "We have a very tight, creative relationship. And we work until we find something better. I have such an appreciation for them. Every season, we work more closely." Gee, sort of like the total opposite of where some shows are at the moment (ahem, Cold Case ... am I bagging too much on them? Oh well, too bad. These guys are making them look old, stodgy and boring.) We then end with BJ (Kyra Sedgwick), Fritzy (Jon Tenney) and Sergeant Gabriel (Corey Reynolds). Great group, even if Kyra had to be airlifted out early (okay, excused politely). Since we were an all women group of journalists at the table, Kyra said we were automatically the best. Right on. Like Holly Hunter, Kyra oozes passion for Brenda and the show. She repeatedly mentions how much she's never gotten to play someon elike this before, and how she's grown from it. I ask Jon and Corey to talk about the chemistry overall with Kyra - which is when I get into the aforementioned appreciation re: the Brenda/Fritz relationship, how well its done, how real it is, etc. Jon says, "It's really wonderful to hear you say that." Corey elaborates further into how open and free Kyra is, and how they sort of serve/volley off one another in any given scene. They all react so well, and pick up nuances from each other that make their interaction that more tangible, that more electric and engaging.

Jon Tenney of 'The Closer'2:20 p.m: We finish and get some food (finally). The cast mills about for a bit, and we're allowed to ask additional questions. We're also told we'll have the set tour after lunch. I am hungry, but I bypass food for a bit to see if I can snag Jon Tenney for a photo (or two). He is ever so gracious. He talks a bit further about how much he appreciates hearing that we love the Brenda and Fritz dynamic. I tell him I loved him from his Tombstone days. This brings up some discussion as to the history buff in me, and I look to see if we can't perhaps do a one-on-one QA in the not-to-distant future. He's game.

2:27 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.: I finally sit down to eat something and visit with a couple of fellow colleagues. I tell them I'm new, but they don't buy it - in a nice way of course. I guess I do sound like I know what I'm doing. I meet a couple of other colleagues, exchange business cards.

3:19 p.m.: We head over to start touring The Closer set. And I do mean tour. Producer Andrew Sacks graciously takes us through everything, narrating tales of set construction as we go. It's very, very cool. I snap photos to document for our readers. What can I say, I like the behind-the-scenes stuff.

3:38 p.m: That's a wrap! We're done for the day. We say our goodbyes, thank the TNT publicists for all their hard work in putting this thing together (and it is a lot of work; I've been there, done that). I make my way back to my car. The parking attendant guys think I work for TNT. Don't know how that happened. Told them I was here just for the day, but I guess I could try and go back and see if they'll let me on the lot. Not.

Below are the behind the scenes photos from the set of The Closer.

TNT Set Visit Press Day - 'The Closer'

TNT Set Visit Press Day - 'The Closer'

TNT Set Visit Press Day - 'The Closer'

TNT Set Visit Press Day - 'The Closer'

TNT Set Visit Press Day - 'The Closer'

TNT Set Visit Press Day - 'The Closer'

TNT Set Visit Press Day - 'The Closer'

TNT Set Visit Press Day - 'The Closer'

TNT Set Visit Press Day - 'The Closer'

TNT Set Visit Press Day - 'The Closer'

TNT Set Visit Press Day - 'The Closer'

TNT Set Visit Press Day - 'The Closer'

TNT Set Visit Press Day - 'The Closer'

TNT Set Visit Press Day - 'The Closer'

TNT Set Visit Press Day - 'The Closer'

TNT Set Visit Press Day - 'The Closer'

TNT Set Visit Press Day - 'The Closer'

Our great thanks to the good folks at TNT for inviting us along and taking quite good care of us. Look for my additional write-ups on the set visit happenings from Raising the Bar, Saving Grace and The Closer over the next week.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Lola was 'In Plain Sight' the Whole Time

Get out your broken records because I'm about to add another one to your collection. In Plain Sight just keeps getting better! I LOVED this week's nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat episode, and yet it was a complete contrast to last week's lighter bridesmaid outing (which, I also loved). They mixed it up a bit this week by having Mary and Marshall take a roadtrip to Arizona to pick up an inductee into WITSEC. He was in jail for contract killing, but promised to flip on his boss Lola in return for protection. Or so we thought. I had my doubts about the mysterious Lola, but I didn't expect things to turn out as they did. Dave Foley is just too unassuming, which, on top of his excellent acting skills, is why I presume they cast him in this role. He seems like the slightly strange, super-smart neighbor who lacks any street smarts or common sense and thus, could never be capable of pulling off such an elaborate scheme. Wrong-O! Turns out, he was Lola and he arranged for his transfer to WITSEC as a way of breaking out of prison. And did I mention that he purposely got himself caught and thrown in prison in order to carry out a hit for a client??!! Seriously, though, who would have thought??!! Great acting, casting and writing on this one.

Am I the only one who sensed a little weirdness between Mary and Marshall? I know he got shot and was in serious risk of losing his life, but something was amiss. Maybe I'm suffering from Bones Syndrome (whereby I see every law enforcement partnership as a potential love match), but Marshall looked like there was more to be said when he explained his rash decision to apply for another job and leave WITSEC. I was totally convinced that he was about to tell her that he had feelings for her (which, would have tied in nicely with last week's spur-of-the-moment/ I'm just doing my job make-out session) when he started in with that random exotic animal speech. Hmm... I know they're each other's only friend and all, but I'm just not convinced that friendship is where it ends. Wow, I really have been watching too much Bones lately!

In Plain Sight airs Sunday nights on USA Network. If you missed this week's episode ("Trojan Horst"), check it out for free at

'Bones' Crosses the Pond

When Bones kicks off its fourth season this fall, Booth and Brennan will be across the pond working on a case in London. And thanks to a few faithful fans, PTR is excited to bring you some photos of the cast and crew filming the opener on location.

Bones filming June 17th (Photos courtesy Mr. Jam):

Bones filming June 18th (Photos courtesy Emily Deschanel Web)

You can see more photos at Emily Deschanel Web. Bones kicks off its fourth season this August with a special 2-hour premiere on Fox.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Slump Continues

How did I know that this dinner party idea wasn't going to go as planned? PJ got roped into it and ended up continuing her slump when it was all said and done. Of course PJ being PJ, she lived up to her end of the bargain and invited two single friends. Well three if you count Steph, but she has sworn off men (and TV and internet shopping) -- not that that stopped her from making a play for PJ's potential love interest. And I do mean potential, as in he had a lot of potential until we found out that he bats for the other team. Leave it to Mike to bring a gay friend to PJ's dinner party. PJ reminds me of so many women -- smart, cute, fun and knows her stuff when it comes to sports. This should make her every guy's dream, right? And yet, she's stuck in a slump. I don't get it. Perhaps, it's her raging feelings for Bobby that are getting in the way.

If Bobby's harboring the same raging feelings for PJ, then he's certainly not pining away for her. Nope, he's busy painting the town with Andy's hot Swedish nanny. I can't really blame Bobby or Andy or Brendan or any other male character for falling all over themselves when it comes to Elsa. TV fans know that our very own Chuck fell for the same chick last fall when she showed up on NBC's Chuck as a double-crossing secret agent. Let's face it -- the girl knows how to play hot. Did I detect a few pangs of jealousy coming from PJ when Bobby walked into Crowley's with Elsa on his arm? Hmm... guess those "When in Rome" feelings have crossed the pond and a few East Coast states to make their way back to Chicago. Now, if PJ could only admit them to herself and Bobby that slump might just morph into a grand slam.

You can catch up on episodes of My Boys at New episodes air Thursday nights at 9:30 pm (EST) on TBS.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

3rd Annual Best of The Scrubies

It's summer, and that means no new Scrubs episodes on NBC ever again (we'll have to switch over to ABC along with our favorite Sacred Heart docs). But, I have good news for you faithful PTR readers -- today, we're going to revisit some of this season's best lines. And just as you did in years past, you'll be able to vote for your favorite line of the season. So settle in and prepare to laugh your booty off once again as PTR presents the Best of the Scrubies Awards! And the nominations for Best/Most Awesome/Funniest Line/Exchange of the Year are:

#1 "I would Turkelton, but I only play Pac-Man and that carjack game. There's nothing like scoring a Caddy and mowing down street hoes." Dr. Kelso to Turk regarding video games

#2 "I would give her a shot, Perry, but this is Scotch and I'm all Hasselhoff-ed out." Dr. Kelso to Dr. Cox

#3 "I've decided to start calling everyone 'Sports Fans.' Yeah, I know I'm not exactly the jockey type, but I watched Hoosiers last night and I like sports now." JD to the Sacred Heart staff

#4 "Suck on that Tony Shaloub!" JD (narration) after imagining himself winning a Who Caresies Award

#5 "The answer is a sincere, emphatic, 100% definitive, never-been-so-sure-of-anything-in-my-life, unequivocal YES." Dr. Cox to JD on whether he thinks he needs to grow up

#6 "Really??!! Did he also tell you to take your trunks off, Turk? Because the last thing a guy wants to see when he's in a splash pool is his best friend's junk heading towards him at 40 mph! Felt like I got pistol whipped." JD recounting a water slide encounter with Turk

#7 "Of course, I've only been a doctor for some twenty years and the person who wrote that Wikipedia entry also authored the Battlestar Galactica episode guide, so what the heck do I know?" Dr. Cox to a patient who declined chemo because he read on Wikipedia that a raw food diet cures bone cancer

#8 "Perry, how many times do I have to say it? We're tired of your speeches. If you don't stop, I'll have to hire an orchestra to play that awards show music they use to hustle long-winded Hollywood fruitcakes off the stage." Dr. Kelso to Dr. Cox after another one of his long (yet funny) speeches

#9 "Rate Dr. Reid's butt??!! Yes, 9.2!! Thank god this hospital's full of white guys." Eliot after seeing the writing on the bathroom wall

#10 "Wow, Turk's pretty quick without that testicle weighing him down. I wonder if Olympic athletes have ever thought of that?" JD (narration)

#11 "That's terrific because I'm so darn lost I just keep procrastinating. I check my email. I pick up a copy of Us Weekly to see which of my favorite celebs is bringing back the fedora. It's Johnny Depp, by the way." Dr. Cox to JD and Turk after they say they're going to help him diagnose his patient

#12 "Wow. That takes a lot of ball." JD to Turk (in reference to his recent testicle removal)

#13 "Much like one-hit-wonder Natalie Imbruglia, I'm torn." Dr. Cox to JD and Turk on child rearing

Now, it's your turn to decide which quote you think was the best of the season. Simply vote in the poll below, and I'll reveal the results next week! So, which Scrubs quote deserves the Best/Most Awesome/Funniest Line/Exchange of the Year Ultimate Scrubie? Click your choice below.

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And this is only the beginning of the "Best Of" season here at PTR. Starting next Thursday, the 3rd Annual Best Episodes of the Season Countdown will begin! Which episodes will make the list? Which will be number one? Be sure to tune in next Thursday for the kick off!