Friday, December 16, 2005

Everybody Loves 'Chris!' Plus Plenty of Holiday Cheer on Your TV this Weekend

Anyone who thinks that sitcoms aren't funny isn't watching Everybody Hates Chris. This show blends narrator Chris Rock's traditional stand up material and the everyday experiences of family into a hysterical mixture. The show doesn't shy away from topics such as racism. The only downside to the show is its crowded timeslot on Thursday nights. With Alias on hiatus until the spring and Survivor off for a little while as well, it's a great time to familiarize yourself with Chris. And as an added bonus, UPN is airing reruns all next week! You can catch Everybody Hates Chris Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week starting at 8/7 p.m. on UPN. This show, inspired by Chris Rock's life is definitely worth tuning in for next week, especially since we're smack-dab in the middle or rerun season.

Last night's Christmas-themed episode brought plenty of laughs, but it also had an underlying message that brought plenty of heart. In the episode, all Chris wanted for Christmas was a walkman. He made it pretty clear to his mother by leaving the ad for it everywhere - on the bottom of the iron, in the refrigerator and even rolled up on his mother's curler. There was no doubt about it, Chris wanted a walkman, and it looked like he was going to get one until the water heater broke. Getting a new one was expensive, so Julius and Rochelle couldn't afford anymore Christmas gifts. Unfortunately for Chris, his present was the only thing they hadn't purchased yet, leaving him without a walkman. The funny part about this storyline was the way his mother made it up to him. Chris got the largest piece of meat at dinner, the television whenever he wanted it, his siblings were forced to do the chores instead of him, and so on. Through his narration, Chris told us that this ended up being better than a Christmas present, and in the end he got some serious praise from his parents for the way he handled the whole situation, and we were all reminded of the true meaning of Christmas. That was the extent of the heart part of the episode, so onto the funny. At school Chris's teacher assumed that his family was poor because they're black. She was hosting a can food drive and she made sure to mention to Chris that he didn't have to bring anything. Of course, his mother insisted that he bring in lots of cans, but none of those store brands because she didn't want people thinking they were poor. Each time Chris brought cans to school, he was sent home with a box of food, angering Rochelle even more. At the very end of the episode, the family was sitting around the television on Christmas morning watching the local news when they saw Chris's teacher on the news about to deliver a basket full of food to a "poor family." Next thing you know, there's a knock on Chris's door, and Rochelle, still unaware that the story she's watching unfold is happening outside her door, gets up to answer it after saying that it would be embarrassing to be on the news and have everyone know that you're poor. It was just one of many hysterical moments on this first-rate comedy.

About Last Night... CBS claimed the first hour of the night with comedies Two and a Half Men (r) and How I Met Your Mother (r) on a special night, followed by ABC's movie The Santa Clause and NBC's double-feature of Joey. At 9, CSI (r) won the hour for CBS, followed by NBC's The Apprentice and ABC's movie. The final hour of the night went to CBS's Without A Trace (r), followed by the final hour of NBC's The Apprentice and ABC's movie. For more on last night's ratings, visit Zap2it.

~Primetime Pass~
@8 p.m. - Bernie decides that he and Wanda need some alone time on Fox's The Bernie Mac Show.

@9 p.m. - Annabeth prosecutes a 14 year old boy charged with murder after he hits an opponent with a bat at a youth baseball game on CBS's Close to Home.

@10 p.m. - "Bill Nye the Science Guy" guest stars on CBS's Numb3rs as Don investigates a series of fires linked to a radical environmental group.

@8 p.m. - Lilly and Scotty open the 2001 case of a beloved deli owner killed by one of his employees on CBS's Cold Case (you know the drill, this show might start late due to NFL coverage on CBS).

Jingle All the Way - Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in this 1997 movie about a father who goes to great lengths to find the illusive hot toy of the season. 8 p.m. ABC Family

Rugrats Chanukah Special - Grandpa Boris and his old rival Schlomo perform in a play about the holiday's meaning. 2 p.m. Saturday Nickelodeon

Frosty the Snowman/ Frosty Returns - This animated version of the beloved Christmas carol follows Frosty as he tries to escape the evil Professor Hinkle. 8/8:30 p.m. Saturday CBS

Robbie the Reindeer - Two back-to-back episodes of this animated comedy holiday special about Rudolph's son. The first finds Robbie competing in the Reindeer Races in order to earn a place on Santa's sleigh. In the second episode, Robbie gets help from a group of Vikings as he battles archenemy Blitzen over a reindeer theme park. 9/9:30 p.m. Saturday CBS

The Simpsons - Three stories highlight this special holiday episode. In the first, Homer gives his version of the birth of Christ after the minister's car breaks down and he can't make it to church in time. In the second, Grandpa reminisces about his days as a WWII fighter pilot and the time he accidentally mistook Santa for the enemy and shot him out of the sky. The third and final story is set to the famous Nutcracker ballet as the people of Springfield prepare for Christmas. 8 p.m. Sunday Fox

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
- Chevy Chase stars in this 1989 holiday comedy. The Griswalds' plans for a huge Christmas go awry with hysterical results. 9 p.m. Sunday NBC

The Christmas Blessing - This follow-up to The Christmas Shoes stars Neil Patrick Harris. In this movie, Nathan from The Christmas Shoess is all grown up and is now a medical resident, but he begins to rethink his career choice when he loses a patient and moves back in with his father. 9 p.m. Sunday CBS


*And finally today, the WB will air the entire first season of Beauty and the Geek next month before the new season begins. The reality show that pairs beautiful women with geeky men in a competition will air a marathon beginning January 2nd at 8 p.m. with subsequent airings each night at the same time. The fifth and sixth episodes (the last two of the season) will air back-to-back on Friday, January 6th at 8 p.m. and 9 p.m, respectively. The new season starts January 12th on the WB.

That's all for today. Be sure to tune in Monday for holiday hijinks with The Simpsons (Sunday's Cold Case episode is being delayed in my area until the middle of the night, so I'll bring you coverage of that on Tuesday) ! Plus, all the latest television news!


suekola44 said...

I'm so psyched for NL's Christmas Vacation!! And Chris was a hoot thursday night!! I'll be watching it all this week.

bitter ignorance said...

DAmmit! I missed it last friday (airs on fridays around here). It's such a refreshing show, that one. After all the dramas and cop shows I love to watch, a fine, light yet endearing comedy is like a breath of fresh air.