Thursday, August 05, 2010

When Cougars Attack

It was Shawn and Gus vs. Lassie and Jules this week on Psych.  There is only one word that can describe this match-up: HILARIOUS!!  Each team thought their suspect was the killer and each was eager to prove they were right.  Well, let's just be honest here: It was really Shawn and Lassie.  Gus and Jules were just along for the ride.  Shawn and Lassie were hell-bent on beating the other to the real killer.  Thankfully, this match-up didn't lead to the huge screw-ups of the Shawn/Jules vs. Gus/Lassie experiment from a few weeks back.  But that doesn't mean that this one was any less hilarious.  And now, here's a look at some of the best moments in this week's edition of "The Funny, The Funnier and OK, For Real, My Side Just Split" after the jump.

Gus feels dejected.  After Shawn ropes him into going on a double date with two cougars, Gus has a decidedly not-so-good time.  His date doesn't seem too interested.  She didn't talk to Gus and seemed annoyed whenever he tried to make conversation with her.  He even tried to get her to touch his head.  Nothing worked.  When the night was coming to a close, Gus attempted to get her to kiss him, but that too, failed.  He had no interest in going on the double date, but when his date wasn't attracted to him, his ego took a hit and he made it his mission to get her to like him.  Of course, his efforts were all futile, but even learning the truth wasn't enough to nurse his bruised ego.  He visited her in jail to find out why she hadn't tried to poison him (after all, even Shawn got "barely" poisoned complete with a hospital stay and IV catheter which caused him to scream like a little girl when his dad ripped it out).

Shawn and Gus's sophisticated dinner.  The entire scene was funny, but there was one part in particular that cracked me up.  After Gus kept continually striking out with his date, Shawn decided to help out his buddy.  He nonchalantly dropped his napkin. Then, he and Gus went to pick it up and Shawn took the "spontaneous" moment alone with Gus beside the table to tell him that his date likes gardening.  He suggested that he ask her something about flowers, but Gus said he didn't know anything about flowers.  Shawn pushed him to make conversation about the topic, so Gus blurted out, "So, exactly how old are you?"  Shawn smacked the table and they were all thankfully saved by a waiter delivering a bottle of wine.

Shawn meets his match: the perfect gentleman.  Once Shawn settled on a suspect, he paid him a visit.  But this suspect was quite the gentleman.  In fact, Clive Prescott taught classes on how to be a gentleman to attract a more sophisticated caliber of woman.  Shawn being Shawn had to challenge the guy.  And before we knew it, he was in a showdown at a bank over the affection of the aforementioned cougar.  It seemed, Shawn won the battle, but in the end, he definitely lost the war.  It was the little things that made this story line so funny: the thank you notes back and forth ("I said, 'Good day, sir'"), the showdown at dinner, and my favorite hysterical exchange of the night:

Clive Prescott: When was your last successful relationship?
Shawn: Define relationship.
Clive Prescott:  "The way in which two or more concepts, objects or people are connected" or "the state of being connected." Webster.
Shawn: I hardly think Emmanuel Lewis is an authority on relationships.
Clive Prescott: May I ask you a personal question?
Shawn: Sure.
Clive Prescott: Have you ever been tested for idiocy?


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John said...

I liked the episode. And I agree with your selections of humor.

But to reiterate my problem with the show, Henry is becoming a major problem. They need him off the job now. The show had been building a better Shawn/Henry relationship and that is all gone.

In the past even when Henry criticized Shawn it wasn't a painful because he wasn't Shawn's boss. Now it a combined performance review and parental scolding.

TVFan said...

I'm not a fan of having Henry work at the SBPD either. I like having him in the show more, but I wish they would come up with a way to have him involved outside of the SBPD. I figured his new job was going to be short-lived, but I guess not.

Jen said...

Gus's attempts to woo that lady (and the disgusted faces she made in return) were hilarious! I also liked when Shawn said "I've heard it both ways" (about the can/will thing) and Clive said something to the effect of "maybe on a farm."

One thing I thought was weird, though, was how everyone acted surprised when Clive said he was in love with whats-her-name. I mean, duh!

I also agree that the relationship/idiocy exchange was awesome... but I was thinking: didn't he and Abigail just break up?

Maybe I am being too logical for Psych. Still liked the episode, though.

TVFan said...

Abigail was the first person who popped into my head as well. Then, I was trying to figure out when they broke up. I don't think it was that long ago.

I totally wasn't surprised by Clive's revelation either. Duh! is right.