Thursday, September 09, 2010

Live and Let Spy

I'm sure everyone is still buzzing about THAT moment from Psych's summer finale this week.  BUT, I was left a little underwhelmed by it and I'm not exactly sure why.  We've been watching the romantic tension between Shawn and Jules build over the course of the seasons.  We've been rooting for Shawn to finally get the girl.  We've rooted for Juliet to get her moment.  But now that the two shared a momentous kiss just as she was about to jet off to the Amalfi coast with Declan, I'm not all that satisfied.  To be clear, I wouldn't be anymore satisfied if Jules had ditched the Amalfi (and Declan) for Santa Barbara and Shawn (after all, it is a "beach community").  Maybe it was the sorta cliche way in which Jules finally learned the truth or the kinda overused finale tactic of having Jules heading off with another man but thinking that she might be making a mistake just as the episode (and the season) came to a close.  I don't know, but the story line has a big question mark hanging over it for me and I don't think I'll make a final decision on it until we see more in November.  In the meantime, let's focus on the funny from this otherwise excellent finale in this week's edition of "The Funny, The Funnier and OK, For Real, My Side Just Split" after the jump.

Lassie feels important.  We all know that Lassie has a high opinion of himself and considers himself to be leaps and bounds above all other detectives, but this week, he got some validation from an unlikely source: the Feds!  First, they told Shawn and Gus to wait in the helicopter because they were tired of looking at their faces (much to Lassie's pure joy), and then they made Lassie point on the investigation.  He was like a kid in a candy shop and Shawn and Gus were dumbfounded.  Shawn even pointed out that Tom had two watches and Lassie couldn't compete with that.  But the icing on the cake was the explanation the feds gave for making Lassie point on the case: experience tells them that the guy without a life puts the most into the investigation.  Hahaha!

Shawn and Gus read the news... in the dark.  Trying to be inconspicuous and act like real spies aren't exactly things that Shawn and Gus are very good at (after all, earlier in the episode, the two caused such a stir on the pier that it got back to Lassie in a matter of minutes).  So, Shawn drew on every spy movie tactic ever put on the big screen and wore a trench coat, sat on a bench alone in the middle of an empty park and read a newspaper (in the dark of night) in order to look exactly like nothing like a spy waiting for a meet-up.  Nadia spotted him right away (imagine that) and proceeded to call him on his silliness.  And then we learned that he had Gus doing the exact same thing on an adjacent bench!  Nothing to see here, keep it moving.  Later, Gus reminded Shawn, "I told you the newspaper wouldn't work!"  Thankfully, Shawn took his advice from the movies because this scene was hilarious!

Gus in the helicopter.  OK, so there wasn't a true side-splitting moment in this one, but Gus freaking out in the helicopter came close enough to warrant the prize.  After determining that searching for Nadia's former spy in the Los Padres National Forest was far too great of a task on foot, Shawn got an idea (that 99.6% of the time would not have worked, but since about a week ago, he knows a guy who can help).  They needed a helicopter and Declan just happened to have one (along with a personal chef who makes creme brulee to order).  After convincing Declan to let them use the chopper, they take to the air to see if they can spot the former spy's super-secret hideout.  Declan was at the controls, but it soon came to light that he got his pilot's license only three days prior.  Gus got nervous.  Then, Nadia mentioned that they need to hurry and find the place before an F14 shoots them down.  Gus's freaked out "What??!!  We're gonna get shot down??!!" reply cracked me up!  Finally, Declan confessed that landings are "dicey at best" for him.  Even Shawn gets concerned, but it's Gus's worried look that left me laughing.

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John said...

I have enjoyed the season (with a few caveats) and the liked the finale.

However, I agree that the handling of the Shawn/Jules thing has been mishandled this season.

They ignore it most of the season, then last week it resurfaces but they have Shawn acting like a second grader. This week they take the easy out for Shawn. He doesn't have to actually talk like an adult to Jules, he does it with Shawn (which is not uncommon) and Jules overhears it.

I don't think S/J is the center of the show, but they have to handle it better.

Looking forward to the show and your reviews returning in November.

TVFan said...

Yeah, it just seemed to come out of nowhere these last two episodes. The timing just felt off. Plus, I don't want the show to turn into Shawn & Jules because the other elements are so much better. said...

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