Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Hunting for the Real Killer on 'Medium!' Plus, Find out What to Watch in Primetime Pass!

Am I the only one who doesn't figure out what's going on with Allison's visions on Medium until they reveal it, and then sits there shocked at how well this show makes sense out of everything that seems to make no sense at all? The deer really threw me off last night, and the answer made perfect sense. The man hunted his wife like a hunter hunts a deer. Not only in the literal sense, but also in the figurative sense as he set his sight on her long before they even met. He sees her, finds out that she's loaded with money and devises a plan to get past the whole "daddy's little girl" roadblock because he definitely fell into the "bad boy" category. He decides to start working at her father's company doing anything he can until he figures out how to run finances and gets promoted. A company formal arises and he doesn't have a date, so her father arranges for his daughter to accompany his new star employee. They hit it off, get married and twelve years later she's dead and he's sitting on a $42 million trust fund. His story was that the two had gone out on their boat for a romantic dinner and evening, she drank too much wine, he left her on deck around midnight while he went down to sleep and she must have fallen over board over night. The police searched the lake, but never found a body. He gets acquitted, but Allison discovers the truth through a helpful deer she keeps seeing everywhere. The deer leads her to the case file, which leads her to a map of a nature preserve and the location of the body. Turns out that her husband hunted her in the preserve and killed her, making sure to cut up her body parts and bury them in a garbage bag.

It was looking like DA Davalos was going to have a hard time seeking any vengeance for the murdered woman whose husband was now the proud owner of her $42 million fortune. When her father found out the truth, he decided to enact a little of his own justice for his daughter. He took his son-in-law out to the same preserve, gave him a three second lead and then hunted him just as he had done to his daughter. Poetic, I know. One of the lighter angles to the episode was Joe's jury duty. He was sure that the defense would not want him on the jury because of his wife's job in the DA's office. Just to be sure, he attempted to dress in a non-jury-like way, complete with Hawaiian shirt. His plan didn't work and neither did his close connection to the DA's office, as the defense decided he was a valuable asset to their case. One of the things that this show does best is to portray a very realistic picture of family life. This episode was no exception as it detailed the difficulty Joe and Allison had not discussing the case. Adding to the stress was her constant dreams about the man on trial and the murder of his wife. Joe knew something was amiss, but what, he didn't know. With no evidence to prove that the defendant had anything to do with his wife's death, Joe had to go along with the rest of the jury and vote not guilty and thus the man was acquitted. The previews at the end of this episode reminded us that the special 3-D episode is only two weeks away, and that made me very excited. I know it's nothing more than a sweeps stunt and as gimmicky as they come, but at least it's an original gimmick. Can't wait!

About Last Night... ABC won the first hour with Wife Swap (football on the West Coast), followed by CBS's comedy hour of King of Queens and How I Met Your Mother and NBC's Surface. At 9, ABC's Monday Night Football won the hour, followed by CBS comedies Two and a Half Men and Out of Practice and NBC's Las Vegas. The final hour of the night went to the second hour of football coverage on ABC, followed by CBS's CSI: Miami and NBC's Medium. For more on last night's ratings, visit Zap2it.

~Primetime Pass~
@8 p.m. - Jess returns with a surprise for Rory regarding a development in his life on WB's Gilmore Girls. Brennan and Booth investigate the death of a child who may have been sexually assaulted on Fox's Bones.

@9 p.m. - One racer has to be rescued by safety divers and another loses control of a car on a challenge on a special two-hour episode of The Amazing Race on CBS. Over on Fox, lies between a father and son interfere with House and his team's efforts to save a life on House. Earl attempts to atone for cheating at golf just to get free beer on NBC's My Name is Earl.

@10 p.m. - Alan Shore is haunted in court by a childhood fear of clowns and Denny Crane works to get off of a pro-bono case on ABC's Boston Legal. Over on NBC, the SVU detectives delve into the cold cases of five missing boys after one of their remains surfaces on Law & Order: SVU.


*CBS's Survivor isn't ending any time soon. The eye network picked up the show for two more editions. The two latest installments will air during the 2006-2007 season. The reality hit is only the sixth show in broadcast history to consistently rank in the Top 10 for all of its seasons so far. The two new editions will be the 13th and 14th, look for the 12th to air next year.

*Yesterday I told you about NBC's deal with DirecTV, and now comes word that CBS has struck a similar deal with cable provider Comcast to offer some of its shows via the Video On Demand service. In the beginning, the eye network will make available hit shows CSI, NCIS, Survivor and The Amazing Race for viewers to watch at their convenience. The episodes will be available on Comcast's Video On Demand service as early as midnight following their network broadcast. Each episode will set you back 99 cents. Look for the service to debut in January in the top 7 markets in the country and other markets where the CBS affiliate is corporate owned.

*And finally, ABC is offering weekly Lost podcasts during November sweeps. The downloads will feature interviews with cast members and producers. The first one hit ABC's web site today, and features producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse plus cast members Josh Holloway (Sawyer) and Daniel Dae Kim (Jin). Staring November 15th, they also will be available through iTunes for free downloading. Podcasts are streaming audio files.

That's all for today. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for The Amazing Race (two hours of family fun!)! Plus all the latest television news and a Veronica and Lost filled Primetime Pass preview!

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suekola44 said...

Medium always keeps me guessing to the end too. It is one of the most original shows on tv. I loved what the dad did !! It was well worth spending the rest of his life in prison!!!