Tuesday, November 01, 2005

These TV Pairings were Meant 2B! Plus, What's New on TV Tonight? Find Out in Primetime Pass!

Sweeps month starts Thursday, and we all know what that means in terms of your favorite shows bringing out the big guns (i.e. guest stars, stunts, crazy plots, etc). But, it can also mean the beginning or end of some beautiful relationships. So, with the spirit of sweeps in mind, here's a list of some of my favorite TV pairings and some that I can only hope will someday come true.

Amy/Ephram (Everwood) - The writers have been toying with us ever since this show began. Now in its fourth season, Everwood continues to play with the idea of bringing these two together once and for all. Sure, they spent most of last season together, but you knew the relationship was doomed from the moment we learned the season before that Madison was pregnant. Amy and Ephram have been through a lot together between Colin's multiple surgeries and eventual death to Madison's pregnancy, and they have always maintained a close friendship. Even now while they are trying to keep their distance, they still end up coming back to each other. Now might not be the right time for a reconciliation, but I still hold out hope that these two will end up together in the end.

Veronica/Logan (Veronica Mars) - These two just seem so much more suited for each other than she and Duncan. Plus, let's face it, Duncan is boring. He and Veronica don't have the fire and chemistry that she has with Logan. But, I don't think they should be swapping spit right now. Logan is in a dark place, and he's not dealing with everything very well. He's no good to himself or Veronica. She needs to wait him out. Besides, if these two got together now, there wouldn't be all the fabulous tension and storylines that the second season is bringing us so far.

Allison/Joe (Medium) - These two have the most realistic relationship on television. Everything with them is a bit of give and take. Joe feels neglected because Allison is so devoted to her work (like she has a choice), but deep down he has a lot if understanding and forgiveness. Allison feels guilty because she isn't there more for her family. She falls behind in household duties, and Joe is right there to step in, not because he wants to, but because he cares about her. Sure, they fight, but they always know that in the end they have each other.

Olivia/Elliot (Law & Order: SVU) - Before everyone freaks out, I'm not suggesting in a romantic way. These two work very well together when the writers actually allow them to share an episode. I love the way Olivia isn't afraid to call Elliot on his temper, but she's also the first one to lend a shoulder and an ear when he needs one. They make great working partners.

Veronica/Keith (Veronica Mars) - By far the coolest father/daughter pair on television! When these two combine their clever talents and quick wit no mystery goes unsolved. They also play off of each other nicely when they're just being a normal father and daughter. I love the way Veronica thinks she can outsmart him, and he always brings her back down to reality, especially in this season's "Green Eyed Monster" when he told her he knew about her spending the night at her boyfriend's hotel room. "You're not that clever, Veronica." Great line, and great relationship!

Harold/Rose (Everwood) - These two are so supportive of each other, and yet, so willing to put the other back in line as soon as he or she steps out. They've raised two children together, dealt with the demise of Harold's practice, gone through Amy's depression and now they are facing Rose's cancer. They both got the best news ever last week when Rose found out that she was cancer free. Harold's range of emotions throughout the entire ordeal was both touching and realistic, and Rose's can-do attitude in the face of such an ugly enemy was courageous and admirable. That's just part of what makes these two so great, they compliment each other so nicely.

Well, there's my list. Who would you include on yours? Who did I leave out? Be sure to leave me a comment with your thoughts.

About Last Night... ABC won the first hour of the night with Wife Swap (football on the West Coast), followed by repeats of The King of Queens and How I Met Your Mother on CBS and a repeat of Medium on NBC. At 9, Monday Night Football led the hour on ABC, followed by repeats of Two and a Half Men and Out of Practice on CBS and a new episode of Fox's Prison Break. The final hour of the night went to football on ABC, followed by a repeat of CSI Miami on CBS and a Medium repeat on NBC. For more on last night's ratings, visit Zap2it.

~Primetime Pass~
@8 p.m. - Brennan and Booth track a cannibal after finding human remains inside a black bear on the return of Fox's Bones. A 6 year old boy reports that his Navy liaison father has been kidnapped on CBS's NCIS.

@9 p.m. - A Yielded team and an exciting foot race to the mat highlight tonight's The Amazing Race on CBS. Fox welcomes back hit medical drama House with a frustrating case of a man willing to die in order to further his social cause.

@10 p.m. - Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden guest stars on NBC's Law & Order: SVU. The detectives investigate a school shooting that turns out to be racially motivated. Shore sues the U.S. government over a soldier who was wrongfully killed in Iraq while the rest of the firm deals with a Halloween pageant at a local school on ABC's Boston Legal.


*NBC plans to bring back reality show Fear Factor next month. The show will take over the Tuesday 8 p.m. slot after The Biggest Loser has its finale at the end of November. The 6th season of Fear Factor will have a few changes including a new team designing stunts, a multi-episode arc involving reality stars and a Home Invasion segment where host Joe Rogan travels to people's homes and challenges them to do stunts with a $5000 prize at stake. The show will return December 6th.

*ABC is giving hit Grey's Anatomy the prime spot after the Super Bowl this season. The alphabet network is airing the football ratings behemoth this season and will air a new episode of the medical drama as soon as the game ends. Past shows that have aired after the Super Bowl have garnered huge audiences for their respective networks. The Super Bowl and its post show episode of Grey's Anatomy air February 5th on ABC.

*And finally, Fox's Arrested Development is on a brief production hiatus while the show's star Jason Bateman undergoes throat surgery. The show will continue to run new episodes during the month of November and Bateman is expected to be fine.

That's all for today. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for The Amazing Race and Law & Order: SVU. Plus all the latest television news!


suekola44 said...

I totally agree with you about Alison and Joe. They are the most real married couple on tv.Another great couple I enjoy is Denny Crane and Alan shore on Boston Legal. They are the bomb!! Especially when Denny woke up on the fishing trip to find Alan in his twin bed with him!!!!

Prejudiced ignorance said...

Awww, I'm so glad Rose is cancer free. I'm just getting the reruns of last season's finale and I felt so bad for Harold.

Shipping? Well, not much of a shipper here. Partnerships I enjoy: Olivia/Elliott (SVU, the little I've seen of them, they really work well together). Real actual shipping with mushy stuff and everything: Lorelai/Luke (gilmore girls)

Ships that should NEVER happen:
Lilly/Scotty (Cold case), Samantha/anybody (WaT--too late for that though). In fact, ships should stay out of procedurals altogether. But that's too much to hope for. Teens love a good romance, and if you don't give it to them, you lose the < 19 audience. :(