Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Don't Stop Believin'

I liked Glee when it first premiered.  I loved it when it returned after a way-too-long hiatus.  But after this week's finale, I (heart) it so much words cannot describe my warm and fuzzy feelings for this show.  Every scene was emotional, every Sue moment was HI-LARIOUS (and one was actually touching), every song was awesome and the surprises were perfect.  In fact, the entire episode was kinda perfect.  We even got an awesome Jesse solo (despite his evil, heart-breaking ways, I still adore his angelic voice).  But the most exciting thing about this week's season ender for me was that fan-freakin-tastic Journey medley that New Directions performed at regionals.  Oh. My. Steve Perry!!  It was the greatest thing since, well, the last time Glee did Journey (a little awesome number called "Don't Stop Believing" during the series premiere).  And then there was the night's biggest twist that led to a happy ending for several of our favorite characters.

I had been kinda wondering lately if Quinn would be able to give up her baby for adoption.  I wasn't sure if the show was going to have her keep the baby after all, but they did something much better.  They had Ms. Corcoran adopt Beth.  Quinn's labor scenes were INTENSE!  I loved the way the show cut between her giving labor and Vocal Adrenaline performing at regionals.  Great juxtaposition of Quinn in agony with Jesse giving another performance of his life and the parallels between the song and Quinn delivering were well-played.   In the end, Quinn got to go back to being a "normal" teenager, Ms. Corcoran got to start the life she missed with Rachel, and Beth got a loving home.  It was win-win-win.

New Directions kicked some serious butt at regionals.  That Journey medley was AMAZING!!!!  It was truly performed with lots of heart and I think we all know how I feel about the song choices.  Vocal Adrenaline was excellent.  Their performance was better, but they were simply going through the motions without actually feeling them.  And let's not even discuss Aural Intensity (seriously, with the name??!!).  So if the judges were actually judging based on talent, heart and performance, then New Directions and Vocal Adrenaline should have been the first and second place finishers (in either order).  But, the judges were on some sort of elitist power trip and decided that the motley crew that makes up our beloved glee kids was not good enough to place.  There was one judge who did the right thing, though, and it wasn't who you expected.  Sue "I Hate Glee Club" Sylvester cast her first place vote for New Directions.  The one judge that Will was worried about was the only judge who stood up for his kids and made the right vote.  It was almost like that moment in How The Grinch Stole Christmas where his heart grew three sizes larger.

Since glee club did not place at regionals, they were disbanded.  I almost couldn't take the sad faces and tribute song to Mr. Shue.  Then Will started packing up the choir room and it was just too much to bear.  Then, lo and behold, one Sue Sylvester comes in presumably to gloat and rub Will's face in it (and, more than likely, crack a joke about his hair).  She begins her gloating, but it's all an act.  She used her leverage over Principal Figgins to get the glee club another year.  Maybe Anchorman was right -- maybe Sue does see herself in those kids or maybe it has to do with her sister or maybe, just maybe, deep down inside she really is a good person.  Whatever the reason, I'm grateful and I can't wait to see what new insults she comes up with next season.  Of course, we'll all know the truth.

Glee reruns all summer-long Thursday nights on Fox, and new episodes return this fall.  If you missed this week's finale, check it out at  The music of Glee is available on iTunes.

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