Wednesday, June 02, 2010

'Glee' Has the Funk

Somebody has egg on their face today and it isn't Rachel!  I totally, 100%, completely believed that Jesse St. James was a good guy.  Maybe his sweet voice made me want to believe so badly that I finally did -- I don't know, but I was very wrong about him and I'm so, so bummed.  In fact, I'm so bummed, I'm in a funk.  Maybe I should try the Quinn panacea for getting out of a funk.  Or maybe, I should just listen to Jesse sing "Hello" and "Total Eclipse of the Heart" over and over until it erases the bad taste of this week's events.  I get it -- everyone deals with having to say goodbye in their own way.  More than likely, Jesse's horrible behavior was his way of distancing himself from Rachel and focusing on beating her and New Directions at regionals next week, but seriously dude, FIND A BETTER WAY!  Preferably one that doesn't break my Rachel's heart.  Fortunately, there was one lasting moment at the end that almost made everything O.K.

I'm not sure whether it was the "Oh sh*t" looks on Vocal Adrenaline's faces or the hilarious dialog after the glee kids effectively got in their heads, but that last scene almost made up for Jesse's bad behavior.  This was especially brilliant:

JESSE: They did a funk number.  We've never been able to pull off a funk number.
OTHER VOCAL ADRENALINE MEMBER: That's because we're soulless automatons.
JESSE: I'm so depressed!
Apparently, the best way to get out of a funk is to put your biggest competitor into one.  Can't wait until regionals next week when these two go head-to-head (and from the looks of the promo, our favorite glee kids tackle another Journey song -- we all know how awesome this worked last time!!).

If we may, I'd like to re-visit the Jesse thing.  He admitted to Ms. Corcoran that he has feelings for Rachel and he told Rachel this week he did love her.  So, why act like such a jerk to her now that his assignment is over?  Is it really just a tactic to get over his feelings for her and move on to focusing on beating her at regionals?  Fine, so break up with her, but don't break and egg on her forehead after wooing her to the parking lot.  One thing is for sure, Finn better go ahead and make his move now.

Will tried to get himself out of his funk by putting his nemesis into one... and it worked.  Sue Sylvester fell for his act hook, line and sinker.  When he pulled the old switcheroo, she was left in a serious funk.  One so deep it kept her inside her home in her bed and completely devoid of any motivation to get out there and win another trophy.  This was not the Sue we're used to seeing each week.  Will had to get her out of it before the Cheerios stopped showering all together and did something much worse than wearing their shirts backwards (haha, Brittany) and turning their hair into rat's nests.  As usual, Sue wound up getting the better of Will when she had her ridiculously large nationals trophy delivered to his living room and then later behind bullet proof glass in the choir room.  She's already drawing up the plans for the renovation of the choir room once glee club loses regionals and gets disbanded.  Talk about pressure going into next week's competition!

Glee airs Tuesday nights on Fox.  If you missed this week's episode, check it out at  The music of Glee is available on iTunes.

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