Monday, December 14, 2009

As 'Cold' as Ice

About halfway through this week's episode, I suddenly realized who killed Tommy.  It's not that I'm some sort of crime-solving whiz, but I did discern a pattern this season: people kill people who get ahead in life and leave them in the dust.  We've seen it several times this season, so I began to realize that Dwight was the most likely suspect.  He had encouraged Tommy to try out for the team and then Tommy started doing well.  He played with heart and the coach took notice.  Suddenly, Tommy was in line to possibly get a scholarship and go off to college.  Meanwhile, Dwight was stuck in Philly with his date rape plan and a baby he didn't want on the way.  But, would the show surprise us and go a different route?

Actually... No.  Dwight was indeed the killer and he was pissed because Tommy started to act like he was better just because he suddenly had a future.  The two came to blows over Dwight using his date rape scheme on Molly and it culminated in Dwight taking a hockey stick to Tommy's head.  The story was interesting and I liked the tie-in to the famous "miracle on ice" (it was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the date in the opening scene).  Of course, I always appreciate a good 80s case.  I love Bob Seger, so having his music in the episode was a huge plus as well.  One teeny-tiny complaint, though: I didn't think the music matched the story the way the featured artist and the case normally go hand-in-hand.  But, I liked the featured artist enough to overcome this minor complaint.

And then there was the Scotty and his mother story, which I'm kinda hoping was the conclusion.  I felt like there was a lot of build-up with little payoff.  Not that I was wishing ill will toward Scotty's mom, but finding out that she was hiding that she was mugged in a parking lot is a bit anti-climatic.  But, it was completely unpredictable so I'm giving the show props for that!  Moving forward, it seems that Scotty is going to be on a mission to find the man responsible for hurting his mother.  And I think she knows more than she's willing to share.  I understand why she didn't tell her husband (not that I agree), but I still think she should have told her COP son about it.  She has a son on the inside who can facilitate things and make sure the guy is caught and she didn't do a thing to bring it to his attention.  She, of all people, should know the faster they catch this guy the less of a chance that he hurts someone else.

Overall, another solid hour for Lilly and co.  The usual "nothing spectacular, but not bad either" for this show lately.  The Vera story was great and I loved seeing him on the ice with Lil and Scotty looking on at the end. CC moves to 9-0 on the season.  And oh yeah, I went there with the title of this write-up!  Screen cap courtesy of RichE at Kathryn Morris UK.    


RichE said...

Generally a good episode, even if it was a fairly typical "person left behind" doer.

Not sure what to make of the Scotty's mother story. Mugging seems the obvious thing but I can't help feel it is more than that. Why does she feel so bad about it. It wasn't her fault. What did she do wrong? And why didn't Scotty make more of a deal of her saying that? Did she come from the jewellers? I wonder if there is a story behind her going there. Perhaps she's had to sell off some jewellery to cover a debt.

Nice to see more of Nick this week. It would be good to think that his playing icehockey will help with his health issues, but this was probably a momentary diversion for the sake of the episode.

Also it was good to see more, if very briefly, of Kat and ADA Bell. No Will and secret case or book though.

Lilly looked nice in her more casual clothes, as in the headline pic.

Kathryn Morris UK

TVFan said...

Nice theories with Scotty's mom. I hadn't thought about the implications of her guilt. Maybe there is something more (interesting) to this story.

lii2 said...

I think that Lilly's also starting to suspect something's going on with Scotty.

The storyline is pretty interesting, I hope it doesn't go to the point of Scotty punching the person out.. said...

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