Thursday, December 03, 2009

Once Upon a Mattress Ad

This week's episode was sorta destined to fall short after last week's awesome outing, and yet, it had moments that made me very happy.  It's no secret that I enjoy the episodes that center around the glee kids and steer away from the Will/Terri/Emma triangle, so things were on shaky ground from the get-go.  But then, something great happened!  Will discovered the truth about Terri's fake pregnancy!  I was so frickin' excited.  That story line played itself out weeks ago and I was so over it.  I'm so glad he knows that she's a faker.  I have to say, though, that moment was bittersweet.  It was vindicating and heart-wrenching to see Will discover the truth and to then watch that truth play out on his face.  I can't even imagine the disappointment and anger he had to have been feeling in that scene.  And yes, Emma had a point (and I kinda hated that she did), but the fact is that faking a pregnancy isn't Terri's only fault and it isn't the only thing that makes her a bad match for Will.  She's incredibly selfish.  I hope Will takes the time to really evaluate his relationship with her before he goes running back to her prematurely.

Remember how I was saying last week that I (heart) Quinn more and more with each passing episode?  Well, this week filled me with Quinn-love.  Talk about gumption!

Nobody has the gall to stand up to Sue.  Will tries, but he often falls short mainly because he doesn't play by her rules.  He plays fair and Sue doesn't.  In order to defeat Sue, you have to play just as dirty.  Quinn knows this better than anyone.  Her threat to out Sue and the Cheerios for all of the "swag" they have received throughout the years (thus, disqualifying them from competition) was brilliant!  And, she got to enact a little revenge on the woman who has treated her like a piece of trash since she found out about the pregnancy.  Go Quinn!

I know the mattress ad got the Glee Club in hot water, but I kinda loved it!  This was one of those episodes that needed a little less talking and a lot more singing, so that "Jump!" number for the ad was pure indulgence.  Plus, I so wanted to be in that commercial!  All those times when I was kid and my mom yelled at me not to jump on the bed came flooding back.  So fun!  Rachel can definitely get on your nerves (of course, she starts to sing and all is forgiven), but she sure knows how to achieve goals.  Nothing gets in her way!  Sad, though, that payment for the ad (mattresses) means that Mr. Shue can't got to Sectionals with them.  And from the look of things for next week's fall finale, it's going to get crazy.  Bring back Mr. Shue!

Glee airs Wednesday nights on Fox.  If you missed this week's episode, check it out at  The music of Glee is available on iTunes.        


Anonymous said...

Just to tell you, you forgot to post the last weeks CC episode recap of " Chinatown">

TVFan said...

I know. I've had a death in the family and haven't been around much. I won't be posting anything on that ep of CC. I'll resume CC coverage with the next new episode.

RichE said...

My condolences.


TVFan said...

Thank you. :0)