Thursday, December 10, 2009


The only bad thing about this week's "Fall Finale" of Glee is the depressing fact that the show isn't returning until freakin' APRIL!! I'm so thankful they wrapped up a few loose ends before it signed off for four months, but there were some developments that I can't wait to see explored further next year. Mainly, the end of one tired story line and the beginning of another more captivating one. I've lamented the Will/Terri/Emma love triangle saga from the start primarily because I felt like the show was better than it. Add in Terri's fake pregnancy story (which the show mercifully put out if its misery last week), and you get the weakest scenes. But, out with the old and in with the new because Will took two major steps this week that should make Terri's faux baby bump and that silly love triangle part of the show's past.

We all know how Emma feels about Will, but I think that Will's feelings for her have been pretty clear from the beginning as well. Terri was always in the way, but her lyin' selfish ways finally caught up with her and she has been shown the door. This opened the door for Will and Emma, so I wasn't too surprised when Ken wound up not marrying Emma. That, by the way, was another story line I wasn't enjoying, so yay! it's over. What I wasn't expecting was for Will to kiss Emma! I figured the show would drag out their eventual relationship. I'm sure they still will, but it's nice to see such a huge step taken before this pending looong hiatus. In other "thank god it's over" news, I kinda love Rachel for letting the cat out of the bag on Puck and Quinn. I know she did it for her own selfish reasons, but I don't care. I wanted Finn to know the truth. As usual, I was impressed with Quinn. She's a lot stronger than she gives herself credit for. Looking forward to more from this story as well.

All of the relationship drama took a backseat to the glee kids (I know I led with the relationship drama, but it had the most "buzz worthy" moment there at the end). It was Sectionals time and despite losing Mr. Shue, the kids were fired up and ready to kick some serious butt. That was until the first group performed... "Proud Mary"... in wheelchairs!! Seemed Sue's playlist plan worked. The next group, the school for the deaf, performed "Don't Stop Believing" and the McKinley kids went into a panic. After an emergency meeting to re-group, they hit the stage and knocked 'em dead! I had little doubt that they would win Sectionals (although, I did enjoy the banter between the judges while they deliberated), but the moment when they told Mr. Shue was still pretty sweet. On to Regionals... next April!

Glee will return with new episode next April on Fox.  If you missed this week's episode, check it out at  The music of Glee is available on iTunes.

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