Monday, May 31, 2010

Gaga for 'Glee'

If Lady Gaga and Glee aren't a match made in Heaven, I don't know what is!  A show about the picked on social outcasts at a small town high school took on the music from the woman who champions the outcasts of society.  Her dedicated fans lovingly call themselves her "Little Monsters," and more often than not, could each fill a book with their high school experiences.  Much like the kids of Glee who have been called "freaks" more times than they care to remember.  This is especially true for Kurt who took more than his fair share of crap this week for his love of all things Gaga.  But, it was nice to see him back to expressing his true self and being happy with who he is instead of trying to be someone he thinks his father wants him to be (and MAJOR to kudos to his dad for defending him against Finn).  This week, however, it might have been Rachel who was having the most difficult time.

And I'm not referring to her very unfortunate costume decision, although, that was HILARIOUS and Kurt's "We have a jumper" might be the funniest line of the season. But I digress.  Rachel realized that Vocal Adrenaline's director Ms. Corcoran is her mother, and she worked up the nerve to walk up to her and tell her.  At first, things were going well (awkward, but well).  They both felt at home in the dramatic awkward-ness right down to their chosen sitting locations in the theater seats.  But things grew distant -- FAST!  Ms. Corcoran decided that she couldn't have her "baby back" and she couldn't just start a relationship with her teenage daughter as if they already had a bond simply because they were mother and daughter.  Needless to say, this was not the outcome Rachel had hoped for and it left her feeling a bit deflated (awesome new Gaga costume notwithstanding).  Things were left up in the air as far as where they go from here (Ms. Corcoran and Rachel both agreed that neither was going easy on the other at regionals), but they did do a killer duet to a slowed-down version of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face."

Kurt was dealing with his new roommate and Finn was dealing with being the new roommate.  He and his mom moved in with Kurt and his dad and this led to conflict between Kurt and Finn.  Sure, they sparred over decorating and privacy, but Finn was having a hard time accepting Kurt and trusting him as a roommate.  He wanted to just fit in, but Kurt wanted to continue to be himself.  This led to that awesome scene with Kurt's dad standing up for his son.  Good stuff.  Consequently, Finn learned the lesson and even made an effort to be more comfortable with his true self.  Meanwhile, Puck started to grow up a little and even came up with a serious name for his baby (over/under on him and Quinn keeping the baby?).  And, regionals are approaching quickly so our favorite glee clubbers better get their songs and dance numbers in order so they can kick some Vocal Adrenaline butt!

Glee airs Tuesday nights on Fox.  If you missed this week's episode, check it out at  The music of Glee is available on iTunes.  

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