Thursday, August 04, 2005

CBS (Finally!) Announces Premiere Dates

It's about time! All of the other networks announced their dates at the TCA Summer Press Tour last month. It's pretty basic middle of September stuff. There are a few exceptions, though. Criminal Minds gets the plumb position of premiering right after CSI's sixth season premiere on September 22nd before it moves to its usual Tuesday night slot the following week. Unfortunately, that means an extra week of waiting for the fourth season premiere of Without A Trace. The tiffany network is also giving Survivor a special date. It's premiering September 15th, a week before timeslot rival Joey. Not that it needs the extra push. Survivor easily beat Joey last season because, well let's face it, Joey just isn't Friends.

CBS is giving their supernatural thriller Threshold (I know every network has one thanks to last season's smash hit Lost) a special two hour premiere on September 16th. Sorry Ghost Whisperer fans, but you won't get to see Jennifer Love Hewitt talk to ghosts until September 23rd. And remember, talking to ghosts skews younger than talking to God (Me bitter about Joan of Arcadia's early demise? No, not me Mr. Moonves). The new Jerry Bruckheimer show (one of many) Close to Home has to wait until October 4th in order to make way for the season finales of Big Brother 6 and Rock Star INXS. Oh, and a big yay! for The Amazing Race's premiere on September 27th.

Here's a list of some notable CBS premieres:

CSI - September 22nd
Cold Case - September 25th
The Amazing Race - September 27th
Without A Trace - September 29th

For all the nitty gritty details of CBS's fall premieres, visit The Futon Critic. That's all for now. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for all the latest television news, plus Veronica Mars invades CBS (Yay!), Cold Case gets a new detective, and cast additions to two other Bruckheimer shows. How will they all be affected? We'll discuss tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I'm looking foward to hearing your take on some of these cast shake ups.


Instant Ignorance said...

I liked Veronica Mars the only time I watched it. It was kinda cool to see the girl everyone despised for being weird and slutty bend over backwards to do good for others. At least--that was my impression of the show that one time. Am I right?

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