Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Fire Up the TiVo! Plus Peeling Back the Yellow Tape on CSI's New Season

Do you ever feel like the network gods are out to get you? I mean, why else would they schedule Everwood up against CSI? Or why would they cram Lost, E-Ring, and Veronica Mars all together on the same night and same time!? It boggles the mind. Anyway, here's a look at some of next season's most atrocious scheduling conflicts and how to watch everything you need.

Let's start with Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. NBC has its staple Law & Order: SVU, a must see for us crime show junkies. Meanwhile over at CBS, the new Bruckheimer crime caper Close to Home launches. I've heard great things about this show, and we all know that Bruckheimer and crime go together like, well, David E. Kelley and law. Speaking of David E. Kelley and law, ABC moved Boston Legal to this exact time slot after it was shoved out of its Sunday slot by the more popular Grey's Anatomy. I've never seen Legal, so that narrows it down to the other two. So, I'll be firing up my TiVo and watching the other.

The next conflict arrives on Wednesday nights. Lost moves to its new 9 p.m. time slot as does Veronica Mars (from Tuesday nights). Two of television's best shows forced to go head to head. This just isn't fair. Then, you toss in the fact that another new Bruckheimer drama (E-Ring) airs at the same time on NBC, and it's just a huge scheduling mess. Never fear though, TiVo is here. I've heard a lot of people express concern about Veronica going up against powerhouse Lost, but each show seems to have its own loyal following. Plus, it seems that UPN (thankfully) believes in the show. I hope that continues. There are the crossover viewers, such as myself, who watch both, but I think they will still watch both thanks to our good friend TiVo.

Thursday nights are just one huge mess. You have Alias, Survivor, CSI, Without A Trace, The O.C., Everybody Hates Chris, and Everwood all airing on the same night! That much good television on one night should be illegal. Spread the wealth, people! I'm not too happy about Everwood moving to Thursdays. Although, I appreciate WB's confidence in the show. Looks like I'll be watching Everwood live and recording CSI.

All these conflicts beg the question, why would the networks take such huge risks and pile all of their best shows up against other networks' best shows? Because they want a good shot at getting a good audience in time slots that they are currently lacking one. Take Thursday for instance, Thursday is the highest grossing night in ad revenue because it's the night all the movie studios pay the big bucks to advertise their new weekend releases. It's also a good night for companies to advertise their weekend specials and sales. All of this adds up to prime advertising time. Plus, the most watched show in primetime, CSI, packs a heavy punch with 30 million viewers, if another network can get just a few of them, then they have made some progress.

Speaking of CSI, I've got some new season scoop as promised. Stop reading now if you don't want to be spoiled. You have been warned. In an article posted on csifiles.com, CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler confirms that the two shifts headed by Gil Grissom and Catherine Willows will reunite next season. There's no word yet on just when the reunion will occur. Also, actress Louise Lombard is joining the cast. She played recurring CSI Sofia Curtis last season, but she'll be a regular this season. Thanks to Tati at Look Again for the heads up on this scoop. Also according to csifiles.com, Lady Heather (Melinda Clarke) will be making another appearance. For lots of spoilers on CSI's second episode of the new season, visit csifiles.com.


*The Amazing Race announced the new cast for their family edition. Each of the ten teams is made up of four family members, and half of the teams have at least one member under the age of eighteen. You can check out each of the families at cbs.com. According to USA Today, the teams will stick closer to home this time around and log fewer miles. There are less elimination rounds, but producer Bertram van Munster promises that the challenges are just as tough. The 8th season kicks off with a special two-hour premiere on September 27th.

*ABC Family renewed summer hit Wildfire for a second season. Production begins this fall on the 13 episode season. The show follows 18 year old Kris Furillo (Genevieve Cortese) who gets a second chance after taking a job at a horse farm. No air date yet on the second season.

*Ben Affleck is set to write and executive produce the pilot Resistance for ABC. According to zap2it, the show deals with "a near-future United States that has splintered into separate nations following devastating terrorist attacks." The ABC deal puts him at the same network as wife Jennifer Garner.

*Kristen Johnson of 3rd Rock From the Sun fame signed on for a recurring stint on ER. She'll play a nurse manager brought in to take control of the hectic department. Her first appearance is scheduled for October according to zap2it.

*And finally, a story that pains me to no end. Kathie Lee Gifford is returning to TV. I know, I thought there was some sort of law against it as well, but alas, there is not. She's joining the syndicated entertainment news program The Insider as a special correspondent. You can catch Gifford in action when The Insider starts its new season this September.

That's all for today. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the latest scoop on Without A Trace and Cold Case. Plus, all the latest television news!


Ranty said...

OMG! I tell ya, sometimes I'm glad I'm not in the US, and that I don't watch that many shows. Otherwise I'd go crazy! It'd be nice to have TiVo though. My own unfulfilled dream. Gonna go through my cable guide and see what shows I get and when...

Tati said...

Hey, TV Fan!
I can relate to the conflicting shows problem. Back in the 2003-2004 season, I had CSI and Without a Trace in the same timeslot - 9 pm on Weds (the shows air on different cable channels here). Can you believe that?? Gladly both shows went to different days on the 2004-2005. Thursdays are the busiest day ever for TV shows on our cable channels too. Anyway, I have the feeling that you watch even more shows than I do! LOL. Your blog is great, I'm loving it.

Lynn said...

I hope you're right about "Veronica Mars" having a chance against "Lost." I also have TiVo so it's not a problem for me, but last season VM was my number one season pass and Lost was my number two, and now they are in the same timeslot. And I know a lot of other people also consider them their two favorite shows, because they do tend to appeal to similar fans, I would think. I really hope enough people keep watching VM to keep it alive a couple more seasons. It's a travesty a show that good doesn't have higher ratings.

Anonymous said...

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