Thursday, August 04, 2005


Welcome to the inaugural post in my brand new, first time blog! I thought I'd go ahead and do an overview of what this blog is going to cover. I'm an avid television watcher, so I just wanted a place where I could dish about all of my favorite shows. Here's a line-up of my current favs, and thus, what I'll be covering in this blog:

Cold Case
Desperate Housewives
The Amazing Race
Law & Order: SVU
Over There
CSI (Original Flavor)
Without A Trace


Veronica Mars (as soon as I catch up with the DVDs)

I might add shows to the list as the new season begins, but these are the three new ones I'm planning on covering this fall. Hopefully, there are many of you who enjoy the same shows. If you do, leave me a comment. As this blog progresses, let me know what you want to hear more about, as well as what you don't. I'll try to update you with breaking television news that pertains to the above shows as well as others. Thanks for reading, and remember there's only 46 more days to the official start of the new TV season!


The Shadow said...

Congrats on getting your blog online. The Shadow will look forward to its progress.

Instant Ignorance said...

So will Instant Ignorance... :) Keep her updated and perhaps she won't be so ignorant anymore.

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Nathalie Uy said...

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