Monday, August 27, 2007

Trouble Lies Ahead for 'The 4400'

Is it just me, or has The 4400 really upped its game these last few weeks?? I just sit back and marvel at its awesome-ness for an hour each week. Not-Tom, Bad Future (or is that No Future considering this week's revelation?), Isabelle The Almighty (pt. 2), and now Diana and Meghan hot on the dangerous trail of Not-Tom. I knew I was right to worry about Diana's safety. There's no way that Not-Tom doesn't know that she and Meghan know the truth about him. He killed an old man on life support just to prevent this ghost in the machine from destroying Emroth's software company (which just happens to be bank rolling Bad Future's end of the world plan), so I shiver at the thought of what he'll do to Diana given the chance. It's all a ploy to ensure that the 4400 and the promicin positives fail at their attempt to prevent the tragedy. According to what Tom told Isabelle, that tragedy sounds like it's the end of the world and Isabelle is charged with ensuring that it happens. But why? Why does Bad Future want the world to end? And why when I was just beginning to really like Isabelle do they go and turn her bad again (against her will, I should point out)? All I know is, if Bad Future is able to use Jordan Collier as their next host, interesting times are ahead.

Elsewhere, it was Maia's birthday and the writers had me all excited that Ben was going to make an appearance. I know, I know Diana told me not to get my hopes up because London is far away, but damn it, I can't help it! And unlike Maia, I'm not over "all that." It was nice to see Lindsay again, and her gift for Maia was pretty cool. BUT, I'm worried that this is leading somewhere not good. Remember how earlier this season I said that Jordan would love to get his hands on Maia? Well, I just hope he isn't in on Lindsay's gift. And speaking of gifts, we were totally robbed of seeing Maia's birthday dinner at the fancy restaurant with Diana. I was sooooo looking forward to that scene! So to recap, no Ben, no awesome birthday dinner scene, and yet somehow, this episode managed to rock my socks off anyway. All is forgiven (except the week off next Sunday for the US Open).

If you missed last night's episode, check out the 2-minute replay at the show's official site.

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