Friday, January 23, 2009

A Double Set of 'Bones'

Last night's Bones was a 2fer, which means we'll look at each hour individually for this week's breakdown. Our favorite crime fighting duo went from under the big top to on ice through the course of the double feature. For a closer look, here's this week's breakdown:

UNDER THE BIG TOP: Booth and Bones joining the circus and all of the hilarity that ensued pretty much wrote itself. And I'm not afraid to admit that I was on the edge of my seat during that knife routine! Booth was very impressive! Of course, the two of them pretending to be Russian was pretty hilarious as well.

ON ICE: Booth confronting a huge skeleton from his past (thanks to Sweets) roped me in right away. He had been struggling with his abusive father's problems with alcohol and whether or not the rage inside of his father lived inside of him as well. It was nice to see it come to a head here as he took some of it out on the ice and got a little inspiration from a hockey star. And of course, I loved the ice skating scene at the end with Booth and Bones. Too cute.

UNDER THE BIG TOP: The return of way-too-much-information intern. While I do find some of his anecdotes interesting, he takes too long to get to the point costing the team precious time when solving cases. And this one is completely superficial, but I wasn't a fan of Bones's circus wig.

ON ICE: Ice fishing in DC?? I live in the DC area and there is no way these two were ice fishing anywhere around here. I guess we were to assume that the lake where Booth's rival on the ice was found was somewhere other than the greater DC area. Still, it was a bit of a stretch for me. I also wasn't digging the FBI agent sent in to replace Booth (seeing as he was the prime suspect and all) nor was I liking the attraction between her and Booth.

UNDER THE BIG TOP: That ambulance-chaser stepfather whose constant need to sue led to the circus covering up the twins' accidental death and disposing of the remains on the Texas/Oklahoma border. And just for Booth, I'll throw the clowns into this category as well.

ON ICE: Pretty much all of the hockey scenes. There was more blood on that ice than a typical Bones murder scene! The one that stands out the most for me, though, has to be the face into the wall right in front of Bones and co. and the blood that ran down aforementioned wall during the rest of the scene. Yup, that one takes the cake.

If you missed last night's episodes ("Double Trouble in the Panhandle" & "Fire in the Ice"), check them out for free at

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RichE said...

Yay! Bones is back! 2 episodes back-to-back! And what a lovely pair they were. And the 2nd episode was OK too :-o

Double Trouble In The Panhandle (the circus one)

I did feel that going undercover at the circus was a bit contrived. They didn't really achieve anything by doing so, other than entertaining us of course.

This revolving door policy on the temp-squints is getting irritating. I don't mind Mr Nigel-Murray though, his incessant need to relate facts is something that be played off of by the rest of the crew.

I can't really think of a bad for this one.

Another show ends with a nice moment on the ice. Now we just need to get Temperance and Lilly (working) together ;-)

Fire In The Ice (the ice hockey one)

Just how poorly was the investigation supposed to be run. The team is allowed to be involved with a case that the Booth is a suspect in? Booth walks out of an interview? I realise there is a suspension of disbelief involved but there is only so far it can go.

I think we might see Agent Perotta back again soon. Sorry.

I could have done without Booth's father issues. It didn't really play out very well. Perhaps the long break since the 9th episode of the season (the one with Booth's brother) didn't help but it had no impact for me.

Your 'bad' for this one was the blood in the ice hockey scenes? Did the corpse in the ice and the finger in the eye socket not have an impact at all?

Despite my concentration on the negative above it's good to have you back Bones. Shame we have to wait another 2 weeks for the next one on the 5th Feb.