Monday, January 26, 2009

'Psych' is on Fire

What do you get when you cross an arsonist and a murderer?  For most of us, you just get an arsonist.  But for Shawn and Gus, you get an "ar-ssassin" or a "furderer."  And that was just one of many hilarious moments from this week's episode of Psych.  We learned in the opening flashback that Shawn had wanted to be a fire fighter when he was a kid, so working a case with the fire department that required him to spend a lot of time at the fire house was a pretty nice slice of heaven for him.  He even got to don the attire, slide down the poll, and rush to the scene of a real fire (and another case of arson).  Unfortunately, he didn't get the full training so rushing into the first floor of a burning building with Gus in toe wasn't exactly the duo's smartest move.  Although, it did lead to one of their funniest.  Shawn was walking through the first floor when he realized he couldn't find Gus.  So, where was his faithful sidekick?  Crawling along the floor and telling Shawn that the key is to stay low.  And he's right of course.  We've all heard the whole "Stop, drop and roll" instruction, but unfortunately, it doesn't provide much help when the ceiling above you collapses and brings skeletal remains with it!  Cut to Shawn and Gus sitting on a gurney holding oxygen masks to their faces.  

In the end, Shawn discovered that the ar-ssassin/furderer was setting the fires to cover up bodies that he hid in the walls of the buildings back in 1998.  Why?  Because these buildings were scheduled for retro-fitting to bring them come up to code for earthquake safety.  The retro-fitting would expose the bodies and the killer would be discovered.  What he didn't count on, however, was having his fires reveal the bodies stuffed into the walls 10 years earlier.  So in the end, the former fireman/current fire prevention specialist (yes, I too enjoyed the irony) wound up divulging his own dirty deeds and landing himself a cushy cell in the local jail.

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