Wednesday, January 28, 2009

'Fringe's' No-Brainer

You now hold all of the government's most valuable secrets inside your head in the form of an Intersect. Whoops! Wrong show. If you thought the opening of this week's episode of Fringe looked more like Chuck than The X-Files, you're not alone. That was until the hand came through the computer screen and melted the kid's brain. At that point, we were definitely back to The X-Files and very, very far from Chuck. This was a pretty intense episode of Fringe. I'm not ashamed to admit that I was literally sweating during that scene with Olivia's niece. At one point, I was convinced that the computer virus thing was going to kill her. I kept thinking, "They wouldn't kill a child, right? I mean she's Olivia's niece for crying out loud! They wouldn't, right? RIGHT??!!!" Things got intense again at the end when Liv went after the killer in the warehouse. I heard the gunshot, but figured someone shot the computer. So, I was as shocked as Peter when he got back there and found the killer on the floor -- a victim of his own gun.

I like this show. I like its quasi-X-Files feel and close-ended mysteries-of-the-week, but I'm wondering when it's going to explore more of "The Pattern." We haven't seen much of it in a while, and that has struck me as odd considering the entire first half of the season centered around it. I'm afraid I'm going to forget the few details that we've learned! I'm also not lovin' this bizarre political crusade against Olivia. I'm not sure why the suit has it out for her, but he is watching her every move and gunning for her job. I wish someone would take his so the story and the show can move on. This story line is dragging the series down.

Fringe airs Tuesday nights on Fox. If you missed last night's episode, watch it for free at Photo courtesy Fox.


John said...

I agree that the anti-Olivia plot is bad. The show already has as much or more on its plate as it can handle.

They need to make some progress on the pattern and what is goingon with Peter's story before they bring up more complexity.

TVFan said...

Definitely enough on their plate already.

The Bald Monkey said...

The guy with the Olivia hatred was a friend of Broyles's that Olivia prosecuted for sexual assault when she was still in the Marines. They alluded to the case when the show first started when Broyles asked Olivia to work with him.

So jerk dude gets out of jail, gets a job with homeland security, and now has every intention of taking out his anger on Olivia's career.

Hope that helps as a little refresher on this dude.