Monday, June 15, 2009

Family 'In Plain Sight'

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I was on vacation last week, thus, I watched both last week's episode of In Plain Sight and this week's yesterday. So, please forgive me if I run the two together or get them confused throughout this post. Moving on...

I like Mary. I like the new administrative assistant, Eleanor. But I LOVE the two of them together! They're hilarious. There was so much back and forth banter between these two and then you had Marshall overhearing the private conversation between Eleanor and Stan and Mary not believing him... it was just too awesome! The woman is a perfect "Ying" to Mary's "Yang" and I'm loving their scenes together. When we last discussed IPS, I was shocked to learn that Stan and Eleanor were putting in some overtime together outside the office (wink, wink). This week, we learned that it was just a one-night thing. Makes sense, I guess, given Eleanor's pain over losing her beloved husband in the line of duty. I think that Stan would like to take things further (yes, he is the poster child for "ill-advised" (TM Vera/Cold Case)), but Eleanor is still hurting and it seems that entering into anything more than what already happened is just too much for her right now. In fact, I'm pretty sure that she's conflicted about the night they spent together. I know one thing -- Eleanor better get her groove back because I can't take any more lack of enthusiasm for bantering with Mary!

The case this week was sorta blah. And the wife as the knife-wielder was anti-climatic. But no fear because things took an interesting turn back at Mary's house (unbeknownst to her, of course). Since daddy took off (thanks to a pesky bank robbery thing), he has been busy with a new wife (too bad he's still married to the old one) and a new family (too bad he abandoned the old one). His new daughter showed up on Mary's front stoop, but Jinx and Brandi decided that it would be best to keep Mary in the dark for now just in case her knowing would lead to FBI involvement and jail time for dear old dad. Somebody's still holding a torch! Problem is, Mary has met the half-sister, but she thought that she was her mom's cousin's friend's daughter. Oh boy. It's only a matter of time before she figures out the truth and I'm pretty sure Jinx is going to be wishing she were still in rehab when that happens!

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John said...

I agree with you that the case last night wasn't very interesting and the important stuff was the personal stories of Stan and Eleanor and the new sister and family (sort of) for Mary.

The latter holds great promise, but Jinx’s decision to not tell Mary is so obviously a disaster in the making that it hurt the story. Jinx’s excuse was very weak. Mary knows her father is alive (she has gotten letter from him since he split) and she hasn’t run and told the FBI. I expect Jinx’s reasoning to be bolstered by some other rationale such as not wanting to share the new family with Mary since she hadn’t shared her letters from her father. Regardless of what TPTB come up with for an excuse, I am not happy about such an obvious and foolish plot device to create conflict down the road.

I still don’t trust Eleanor. I think her feelings (confused though they are) for Stan are real, but I still suspect her of being a spy for the FBI.

John said...

Unrelated to last night's episode, but I forgot that Malina and McCormack were not only both in West Wing (which I did remember) but their characters were actually in couple in the show.