Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In Not So 'Plain Sight'

I wasn't sure where the "witness of the week" story line was going with the "missing child" and the ex-wife on the run, but I gladly went along for the ride. I certainly didn't foresee it leading to the desert and then the side of a Chicago highway. There was something very tragic about Ed and his quest to find his imaginary son, Miles. I so wanted Miles to be real even though the evidence suggested otherwise. And then the entire thing was made even more tragic by the discovery that the real Miles and his mother were dead -- victims of a human smuggling ring that Ed tried to save. Their faces haunted him so badly that he invented Miles as a coping mechanism. As much as I LOVE the funny lines and scenes on this show, there's something special about Mary's poignant moments near the end with her witnesses. They show her more vulnerable side and how much she cares for those she's charged with protecting. Her final scene with Ed on the porch with the telescope brought some nice closure and gave Mary something to think about ("It's amazing what you can see when you just open you eyes").

On another front, I can't say I'm disappointed that Marshall and the shrink didn't work out. Although, I did enjoy the irony of a shrink unable to see the self deprecating pattern that she found herself in and then back in at the end. She just wasn't Marshall's type. Not that I know exactly what his type is, but I feel pretty sure that she isn't it. Maybe it's just Marshall's awkwardness, but I've always thought that he had a little thing for Mary. Completely one-sided, of course.

I'm feeling a little dense after watching the Brandi story line. Don't get me wrong, I liked it -- A LOT. She needs to walk a mile in someone else's shoes so she can find out that the world does not revolve round her. But, I'm confused as to the story's purpose in the greater arc of Brandi: Mary's troubled little sis. I guess this is one of those "story lines in progress," and as such, we won't fully understand its ripples until future episodes. I have to say, I was impressed with her for putting herself aside and stopping to not only see if the man was OK, but to then pursue it until she knew he was going survive. Perhaps the gravity of the situation didn't hit her until she learned that the man had a clot and she saved his life and he's going to be fine. Whatever it was, Brandi seemed overcome at the end in a way that we haven't seen from her. I've been impressed with her progression this season and this was just the latest example.

In Plain Sight airs Sunday nights on USA Network. If you missed this week's episode, check it out for free at Hulu.com


John said...

This was a very good episode.

One part I liked that you didn’t mention was Stan referring to Eleanor as “Hun” and the resulting scene. I guess they are still together.

“…victims of a human smuggling ring that Ed tried to save.” I think much of Ed’s guilt comes from the fact he didn’t try to save them. He heard noise coming form the container and did nothing but opening a container was against the rules. I think this also explains her anger at Mary and Marshal when they talked about following procedure.

One of the things that allows Mary to be as hard as she sometimes is and still be sympathetic is that she really does care about her charges, even those who aren’t very nice. (I am not putting Ed into the not nice group; I am just making a general comment.)

Brandi’s story was very good for a couple things. First of course was Brandi’s going way out of her way to help a total stranger. She put herself through a lot of hassles for someone else who wasn’t a friend or family. She wouldn’t have done that a year ago. Last week she was willing to take a very bad plea bargain to keep Mary out of the case, which was just but also showed growth – if not too much smarts.

The other thing that struck me was she didn’t call Mary once. Every time she used her cellphone I expected it to be a call to Mary and every time Mary’s phone rang I expected it to be Brandi. Brandi stepped up and did this all on her own, which was another step forward. It is not that Mary could have really done anything more than Brandi did, but in the past Brandi would felt unable to function of her own in a crisis.

All three members of Mary’s family have shown growth since the series started. Mary is able to allow her self to need Rafe (sp?), her mother went to rehab and now Brandi is helping others.

I don’t know where Brandi’s story is heading. Does she get a career in a caring feel like nursing or social work? I am unspoiled, but looking forward to her story – something I wouldn’t have said a year ago.

Also, I have wondered if Marshal is interested in Mary. I wouldn’t mind seeing the shrink again.

TVFan said...

Great point about Brandi never calling Mary. I kept expecting her to call her as well. In fact, like you, I thought she was calling her every time she picked up her phone. I'm actually excited to see where this leads for Brandi too and I'm glad the show has allowed these characters to grow.

John said...

Either I never knew or had forgotten that the shrink and Marshal are married in real life.