Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Stan By Your Man

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OK, this is really getting creepy! First, Cold Case plays In Plain Sight and now this week, IPS returns the favor! Seriously, are these two shows itching that badly for a crossover?! I can just imagine it now -- Lil and Mary can sit around and discuss their alcoholic mothers, daddy issues, and good-for-nothing sisters who are huge chips off their mothers' blocks. In between all of the "Me too!" and "If you think that's bad, wait until you hear what mine did," they could tag team with Lil solving old WITSEC murders and/or getting witnesses to spill what they saw while Mary lines them up with their new identities. Television crossover gold! In all seriousness, I found myself drawing comparisons between this week's episode of In Plain Sight and CC throughout the hour -- the flashbacks, the 80s, younger Stan, the 20-year old double murder, etc. The only thing that was missing (beside Lil and co.) was the totally rad 80s soundtrack. And now I know why CC relies on its music.

This week’s outing delved into Stan’s sordid past. He definitely crossed the line. No question. In fact, I'm pretty sure he went so far over it he couldn't even see the line anymore. Like Mary, I was surprised that straight-laced Stan allowed himself to get so carried away. Of course, nobody's perfect and we all have our own skeletons in our closets, so who am I to judge? The night's most shocking moment came at the end when we found out that Stan and Eleanor are, apparently, involved outside the office. It seems his penchant for "ill-advised" (TM Vera/Cold Case) relationships has followed him into the present. WWMS: What will Mary say?

I'm thinking that Brandi enjoys being unhappy. She has certainly gone out of her way to sabotage this relationship with the very rich, very kind, VERY patient Peter. I get it -- she thinks that if Peter gets to know the real her, he'll see that there's nothing there for him and he'll dump her. Meanwhile, she will have gotten too attached and the subsequent, inevitable break up will be too painful. So, get the dumping over with before things get to that point. The problem is, Peter isn't like the men Brandi has dated and he's certainly nothing like the men she grew up watching her mother date. Brandi's in unchartered waters, but she better learn to navigate them quickly before VERY patient Peter runs out of second chances.

In Plain Sight airs Sunday nights on USA Network. If you missed this week's episode, check it out for free at Hulu.com

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John said...

Didn’t Mary also have an affair with one of her protectees – I think a former cop?

As I earlier surmised (my comment on the prior episode), Peter likes Brandi, but also views her as a project. That could be a problem. Brandi may not meet Peter’s expectations for growth and she may resent his trying to improve her.

Despite Eleanor and Stan being a couple, I still suspect Eleanor of being undercover (no pun intended) to spy on Mary for the FBI.

I was surprised by the Eleanor/Stan revel. Even Stan’s throwing away the number of the woman he loved 20+ years ago didn’t tip me off, since I assumed he realized even if what they had then was real (which is unlikely) it was 20 years ago and everything has changed.