Wednesday, June 17, 2009

(My) 'Grace' Has Arrived

Season 3 of 'Saving Grace' Airs on TNTBy LillyKat
PTR Senior Staff Writer

You could say I've waited three seasons for this.

Hoped for it.

Wished for it.

The evolution of Grace Hanadarko: maturing, growing up, acting her age, seeming worthy - and accepting - of the fact she's got an angel looking over her shoulder.

We might have finally arrived.

Er, I hope we have.

The third season premiere of Saving Grace continued the very promising premise that ended season two: Grace has gotten to the point where a) it's not all about her; and, b) she's ready to work WITH Earl as opposed to against him.


Does that mean we've seen the last of her wild ways? Her smothering codependent nonsense of a relationship with Ham?

Probably not, though that IS my own personal wish.

Nonetheless, this premiere has left me with a lot of promise for the third season. And the continuing evolution in the relationship between Earl and Grace seems to suggest Grace did indeed turn a corner with the passing of Leon Cooley, and that she might finally embrace her own grace and accept her role alongside Earl to help him do whatever work he's got in store for her.

Like tending to lost souls.

As was the case in the episode, where Grace tried - consistently - to reach out to an abused young woman but of whom doesn't seem to want anything to do with her.

Or Earl.

We've definitely heard that one before.

So it makes the the irony that Grace is now tasked to help explain (or would that be justify?) Earl's existence to the young woman even more clever.

Oh, how the tables have turned.

In other news: Butch is getting married to ... a TV anchor? What? When did that happen?

And YET, I love how this is played against the fact that Grace and Ham seemed to be ... well, let's just say on two different wavelengths as it pertains to their relationship. Grace seems preoccupied with her new found angel helper role while Ham seems to think that now that he's divorced, Grace is going to now settle down and have his children.

Seriously, Ham?

As if to add to the confusion as to where they might stand with each other on a personal level, Grace told Ham about Earl. I didn't expect him to take it seriously. But, what I also didn't expect was it to cause friction between the two. As in, he already thought she was lying to him with regards to the pseudo-sleuth operation to get in touch with the abused girl; now, with the angel mention, he really is wondering what is up with her.

And Grace isn't apologetic.

So maybe we can hope for an end to the Ham/Grace maddness?

That's too much wishful thinking.

New episodes of Saving Grace air Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on TNT. You can watch full episodes of the show anytime over on the show’s official Web site. You can also visit to share your stories of how you embrace your inner-Grace.


John said...

I too am glad that Grace is embracing her new mission. (“Embrace your Grace!”, as the ads say.) I was a little worried about this with the opening Grace/Ham scene. I doubt we will ever see the last of their insanity. I don’t mind it as long as it is a small part of Grace’s character and not her defining attribute. It was hard to root for her in the first season with her over the top actions.

I am glad that Ham doesn’t believe Grace. If he did that would be unrealistic. People don’t have angels they personally interact with and no one is going to believe it without some evidence.

I have no idea why Ham would expect Grace to suddenly decide to marry him and have his kids. Even if she were that stable (and she is still too wild for that) he is not someone that is good husband/father material. They both need a lot more growth. (And of course, Grace now has her new mission which will consume much of her time.)

One neat reversal of the situation is that the new “client” of Earl’s resists him and Grace because she is devout, while Grace fought it because she was a doubter.

John said...

One other thing, wearing a uniform does Grace no favors.