Monday, November 16, 2009

Lilly Crosses a Line

Was it just me or was this week's episode of Cold Case feeling a little Deja vu? Just a couple of weeks ago we watched Lilly and co. solve the murder of a young, promising Philly soul singer and this week, we saw them solve the murder of a young, promising rapper. Same story (complete with weak killer/resolution), different decade and music style. That was a disappoint for me this week. And that's a shame because I liked Donalyn and her compelling story. In fact, I was fully engaged until they revealed the killer was... wait for it... the FOSTER MOM!!! Yeah, I'm still scratching my head too. Would it have been too much to ask to have made the foster father the killer? He was a child predator, a cheater, and an all-around creep! Plus, he had his eye on Donalyn and she rapped about it. Motive - silver platter! The "surprise me" tactic only works when the killer makes sense. Anyway...

Remember when I said I liked the way the show was exploring the darker side of Lil? Well, my friends, I think we just went a little too dark!

This goes back to my belief that Lil is simply a shadow of her former self. I get Saccardo giving her the gun ("Happy Anniversary!") and I thought her reaction was appropriate. Her follow-up with him later in the episode was spot-on. I was happy to see her do the right thing and everything felt like the Lil we know. But then, the closing scenes showed her hiding the gun in her fireplace. I understand that Lil is angry and feels like the justice system failed her. And it isn't like looking over your shoulder the rest of your life is super fun, but seriously, Lil taking matters into her own hands isn't like her. She became a cop so she could see that those who hurt others pay -- LEGALLY! Perhaps, it won't come to that and we'll never know for sure whether or not Lil is capable of killing someone outside the confines of the law. Either way, just the fact that she's contemplating it is sketch for Lil.

Wow, Kat's absence was short! I'm not complaining; I'm just shocked! Stillman must have been working some serious magic when the cameras weren't on because I had heard nary a mention of Kat while she was exiled from homicide. Strange.

As a final note, I find it difficult to gauge my feelings on these episodes this season, and really, the show in general. It's not the series it set out to be, and much like Lilly, it is a mere shadow of its former self. So, my dilemma lies with how to evaluate the episodes. They're not bad, but they're not the show I used to know and love. So, this one gets another good (as in, the episode was "good," but I still don't like the direction of the series) and moves CC to 7-0 on the season.  Screencap courtesy of RichE at Kathryn Morris UK.


Anonymous said...

I have to also agree, but I think Lilly hasn't fully gotten over what had happened to her back in May. She's clearly scared of Moe inside, yet I think Saccardo understands her but his idea of giving her a gun wasn't.

I really hope the writers don't go down that route and have Lilly shoot Moe, that would ruin the show completely.

She would lose everthing she had worked so hard for

Anonymous said...

Same here. If Lily goes down that route.. I will never forgive the writers. She's stronger than this.
As to the foster mom being the doer, it didn't shock me as much. You could tell how badly she wanted a family and to have that snatched away was too much for her. The dad would have been too easy, he was obvious as a perv from the start.

Anonymous said...

I think what Lilly is wrong, she's knows it inside but it's like she's trying to push it away. Eddie is leading her down paths that will haunt her. He needs to let her go on with her life witout him in it.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Eddie's about to let Lilly go anytime soon. It's clear that he loves her.

Lilly doesn't have to take Eddie's suggestion the girl can think for herself, what if Lilly had already made plans to take out Moe way before she reunited with Eddie??