Monday, November 02, 2009

'Cold' Sabotage

I've been complaining about Cold Case's lack of a strong doer this season (although, the problem can be traced back several seasons).  This week, I thought the show did a better job of picking someone who seemed like a plausible killer.  It's not that Iris was the most convincing murderer, but the show made a pretty strong case for her and provided a decent motive.  I'm not sure that I can see her sabotaging Vivian's plane knowing it would kill her (especially since it wouldn't look good for the WASPs to lose another pilot -- and their best one at that).  One thing that I found to be quite excellent about this outing, though, was its subject matter.  I'm embarrassed to say that I was unaware of the WASPs prior to this episode.  I knew that women helped out in wartime in many different ways, but I didn't know about the women who flew non-combat flights for the Army Air Force.  Interesting subject matter and a nice slice of history that paved the way for the many women in the military today (pilots and otherwise).

Other developments were a bit mixed, though.

Lilly versus Moe is quickly becoming a game of chicken.  I can't see Moe blinking first, and let's face it, he has nothing to lose.  His career is gone.  Hers is not.  If she keeps following him, threatening him (and we know she won't stop with his good credit) and bringing new meaning to the term "side arm," then he's simply going to do everything he can to take her down.  I know the guy tried to kill her and then got off on a technicality, but seriously, it's not worth it, Lil.  There has to be a better way to mess with this guy that doesn't mess with her career.  If we ever see Saccardo again in person, maybe he'll have some suggestions.  He doesn't strike me as the "always on the up and up" type.

The Scotty and his mom story is getting more mysterious by the episode.  It certainly seems that she's dealing with some sort of health issue, but why not just tell her family?  Going through an illness or injury is incredibly difficult even with family by your side (I know, I have a loved one battling an illness as I write this), so why make things worse by going through it alone?  Because she doesn't want her son and husband to worry?  They deserve to know and I hope she reconsiders.  In the meantime, couldn't Scotty simply look at what discipline of medicine the doctor practices?  Those building directories normally include the practice speciality alongside the doctor's name.  Jus' sayin'.

[/nitpick]I've been to Wilmington, Delaware.  It has a lot of things, but what it doesn't have is MOUNTAINS!!  The second this episode started and the locator told us it was Wilmington and I saw those mountains in the background, it took me right out of the story.  I know the show is no longer taking trips to Philly to shoot scenes on location due to budget cuts, but a little attention to detail of terrain isn't asking too much, right?[/nitpick]

Overall, another good episode of Cold Case moving the show to 5-0 on the season.


Anonymous said...

I'm actually getting sick of this Lilly and Moe sideline, enough Lilly already. She doesn't know when to back and down quit.

The meeting the car, with Lilly holding her gun, I just have this bad feeling that she's going to kill him, and doesn't care about anything else besides that.

I did Like how she sent Scotty out of the room, so that she could get the doer to confess.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you guys. Lily has gotten warnings from Stillman that she could hurt others with her hunt and she still doesn't care. If she did end up killing him, she would force her co-workers to testify about what they know... I don't like that from Lily.

Anonymous said...

Lilly does care,but yet wants her to have some justice. She didn't recieve it and is fully entitled to it.

Scotty seemed a bit rough at the last interrogaiton, even Lilly seemed a bit too irratated by his presence there.

Finally it's nice to see Nick Vera back, I missed him!!

Anonymous said...

Scotty's roughness was part of the trick they used to get Iris to open up to Lily. Nothing more than an act, one that Iris bought hook, line and sinker.