Thursday, November 26, 2009

Filled with 'Glee'

I haven't written about the wonderful Glee here at PTR yet, but after this week's outstanding outing, I could remain silent no more.  I liked this show from the pilot, but I wasn't in love with it.  I enjoyed the episodes, but it wasn't like I was waiting for the next one with thrills of anticipation.  That changed when the show returned from its baseball-induced hiatus.  Something wonderful happened and this show went from fun and likable to absolutely-can't-miss-because-I-eagerly-await-each-episode.  The focus shifted slightly from the Will/Emma saga and "Terri fakes her pregnancy"(the show's only weak links, IMO) to the amazing kids in McKinley High's glee club.  It sounds like common sense, but this show's strength is its glee club and the stories directly surrounding the kids in it.  These kids have the remarkable ability to make you laugh out loud one moment and move you to tears the next.  But this week's outing had the most moving moment yet...

When Will became obsessed with "hairography" (the act of swinging one's long, flowing locks all over the place to make it appear as if you have actual singing and dancing talent) after seeing another school's alluring use of the skill, he decided that his glee club needed to master the trick as well.  This did not go over well with Rachel, and after seeing them perform with the skill, I think we can all agree that she was right.  That much I anticipated.  But what I didn't anticipate was how amazing/awesome/ inspiring/moving it would be to watch the club's other competitor, a local high school for the deaf, perform John Lennon's "Imagine."  And then the glee kids joined them.  They watched and learned to sign the words and their vocals beautifully blended with the lead singer's moving spoken lyrics.  Incredible!  And thankfully, lesson learned for Will.  LOVED the "dressed-down" performance of "True Colors" at the end.

One of this show's biggest surprises has been the beautiful character development of Quinn Fabrey.  I couldn't stand her when the show first started.  I began to feel sorry for her when everyone found out about her pregnancy and Sue Sylvester kicked her off the Cheerios, but now, I really like the character.  Sure, she needs to woman-up and tell Finn the truth, but I don't expect her to do a 180 overnight.  Watching her parents' reaction last week to her pregnancy was both moving and upsetting.  And this week's emotional journey through the hardest decision she has ever had to make was painted with ups and downs.  Should she keep her baby?  That's up to her.  Would the baby have a more stable home with the Shuesters?  Probably, but then again, Terri is nuts, so who knows!  Ultimately, Quinn has to decide what's best for her and her daughter.  I really thought for a minute that Puck was going to be there for her 100%.  But then again, Puck is Puck.  Finn is much more dependable, but he needs to know the truth and then he can decide if he wants to still be a part of Quinn's life.

I love Rachel, or more appropriately, I love her voice.  I could listen to her sing the phone book and be happy.  I'm even rooting for her and Finn.  So, I really felt embarrassed and sorry for her when she ho-ed it up for Finn.  But I also feel sorry for Kirk and understand why he did what he did.  Rachel's "because I'm a girl" comment really hurt, but Kirk was right -- neither of them really stands a chance with Finn as long as he is with Quinn.  I LOVED the ending scene with Rachel and Kirk watching as Quinn and Finn walked past them seeming in love as ever and Rachel and Kirk just looking at each other from across the crowd with the same sad, knowing look.

Glee airs Wednesday nights on Fox.  If you missed this week's episode, check it out at  The music of Glee is available on iTunes.

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