Wednesday, March 31, 2010

'Chuck' Turns Around

What a difference a week makes!  Last week about this time, I was not a happy Chuck fan, but as I said, I had faith that things would turn around by the end of the season.  I just didn't expect it to happen so quickly!  After Monday's episode, it looks like the show is moving toward getting back to its old self.  Shaw has gone off the deep end (maybe we can finally get rid of him), Chuck is back to trying to woo Sarah and Casey is involved with the team (unofficially, of course, since he's still a private citizen).  And then there is Chuck's continuing inner struggle over whether to spy or not to spy (that is THE question), which is heating up by the minute!  But my favorite moment this week was the one that can, potentially, single-handedly turn this thing around -- FAST.

As we learned last week, all chances of Sarah and Chuck being together flew out the window when Sarah "saw" Chuck kill the mole during his "Red Test."  But the rest of us all knew that he didn't actually kill the agent: Casey did.  The problem was, Chuck couldn't tell Sarah this because he made a promise to Casey and if this information got out, Casey would be in some serious hot water.  So, Sarah stopped answering Chuck's calls and Chuck headed to D.C. to get his first assignment as a full-fledged spy.  Things started to look up, though, when the general told him that he could assemble his own team.  Back to Burbank and one last chance to convince Sarah that she should be with him (both in and out of the spy world).  When Chuck found out that Sarah thought he killed the mole and that was the cause for her decision to cut him out of her life, he was left with no choice but to ask her to trust him.  She couldn't, but Chuck didn't give up.  This led to the night's best moment: Casey found Sarah as she was packing to leave and he told her that he had killed the mole, not Chuck.  Talk about your game-changers!!

While we're on the topic of game-changers, Shaw's time with the Ring was educational to say the least.  They had video evidence that it was not one of them who killed his wife.  It was a member of the CIA, and not just any member of the CIA, SARAH!!!!  This led to Shaw going off the deep end and kidnapping Sarah to "settle an old score."  Yowza!  Meanwhile, Chuck was at the train station waiting to see if Sarah would show.  I was worried they were going to leave things like that, but he got a call letting him know that Sarah and Shaw were missing.  Looks like the race is on next week to save Sarah.

How funny was that scene with Casey, Chuck, Morgan and Devon in "the van??!!"  Good times!  Chuck airs Monday nights on NBC.  If you missed this week's episode, you can watch it for free at

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