Wednesday, March 03, 2010

'Chuck' Gets into Character

I know heads are still imploding over Chuck's current love situations, but I'm more concerned about Chuck's metamorphosis into a full-fledged spy.  I guess you could say that Sarah and I have that in common.  Although in her case, she's being reminded of her own journey from average everyday girl to super spy and the realization that she's a shadow of her former self is bumming her out.  I'm more concerned about Chuck becoming a shadow of his former self and that's bumming me out!  But thankfully, I wasn't alone this week because Chuck is also beginning to worry about what's happening to him, thus setting up the real conflict of this season.  All of this talk about transitions led to a whopper of a revelation about Sarah and that certainly caught Chuck off guard.

So, it turns out, Sarah isn't really Sarah. She's Sam. I'm going to have to disagree with Shaw, though. I think she makes a better Sarah than a Sam. Nevertheless, learning Sarah's real name was big. HUGE! Unfortunately, she decided to share it with Shaw instead of Chuck (even though he overheard when he was listening in while pretending to be a world class assassin). Her decision to tell something so personal to Shaw was a little odd for me, but maybe that's because I don't trust Shaw. Meanwhile, Chuck was playing someone else this week, and his flawless ability to transform into the character he was playing was both impressive and sad. It kinda felt like the last barrier between being Chuck and being a spy. Bittersweet. But it was not lost on Chuck who began to feel like he too was becoming someone else, and thankfully, he doesn't like it. Unfortunately, there isn't much he can do about it. I feel an ultimate decision looming.

You know, if they were going to break up Chuck and Hannah could they at least waited until Sarah and Shaw got whatever's going on between them out of their systems?! Now, we're stuck with no Chuck/Hannah and too much Sarah/Shaw. I miss Hannah already! I loved her and I loved them together. Durn spy world! And now she hates him too! Ugh! Maybe it's just me, but I just don't trust Shaw, so I'm concerned about Sarah getting involved with him. I'm not worried about her and Chuck because I've seen enough of these will they/won't they shows to know that we're going to be strung along for a while, and every other relationship these two get involved in is merely a small part of a means to an end. Let's just hope this Sarah/Shaw distraction is a very very very very small part!

Chuck is back Monday nights on NBC.  If you missed this week's episode, you can watch it for free at

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