Monday, March 15, 2010

Wrestling with the Truth

I am so not a fan of wrestling, but there was something endearing and engaging about this week's wrestling-themed episode of Cold Case.  Of course, setting the episode in the 80s didn't hurt!  At its core, though, this story was about a father and son and trying to mend their fractured relationship before it morphed into the father's relationship with his own father.  So, how does a down-on-his-luck dock worker turn things around and begin to have a meaningful relationship with his young son?  Well, it wasn't through his day job (although, it did lead to a really cool opening song: Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer").  That left his new night job and as it turns out, it did indeed bring him closer to his son, but it also led to some unfortunate events, and ultimately, it cost him his life.

The episode didn't mince words when it came to the world of wrestling -- everything is fake.  Every move Mick made was carefully orchestrated by the promoter including who won the match and how.  Mick was onboard at first, but started to question things when Lance wanted him to take a barbwire-covered club to his face in front of his son.  Eventually, Lance moved on to having fellow wrestler Sil knock Mick off the scaffolding in front of Tim.  Deciding that the fall (and Tim's decision to mimic the move at home and ending up in a coma) was the final straw, Mick quit.  Unfortunately for him, Lance was having none of that, so he shot him down on the docks.  Lance made for a solid killer as the ruthless promoter willing to do anything to get and maintain a TV deal (including murder), so no issues there this week.  And Mick was sympathetic, so overall, a good case.

Elsewhere, Vera was MIA (either sleeping off a monster hangover or in the middle of a drunken stupor, perhaps?) and Scotty was off the grid.  And can we discuss the Scotty-goes-bad story line for a minute because here's the thing -- I'm having mixed feelings about it.  On the one hand, this is the man who assaulted and raped his mother.  His MOTHER, for crying out loud!  Who wouldn't want to nail the b*stard and rearrange his face a little?  On the other, if all cops took matters into their own hands, then our rights as citizens would constantly be trampled on.  So, the daughter in me is egging him on, but the American in me is shaking my head at him.  Of course, this is not the first time that Scotty has "forgotten" the laws and violated his badge to beat the crap out of someone who hurt someone close to him.  We saw him beat up a possible child predator on the playground where Kat takes Veronica.  So since it's a pattern, I think the American in me is going to win out on this one.

Furthermore, he has Lil covering for him because he covered for her.  The only problem is: Lilly didn't murder Moe.  Therefore, him "having her back" had no inherent risk in it because she was innocent.  Scotty, on the other hand, is not innocent, so her "having his back" has a HUGE risk in it for her.  If Scotty goes down, there's a good chance that he's taking Lilly with him and that could spell the end of both of their careers.  I was concerned about this when they made their little pact over beers on the rooftop of his building, and now that we're seeing it come to fruition, I'm even more concerned.  There's a lot of covering up going on and that can only spell trouble for everyone involved.

Another good showing for CC, so the show moves to 16-0 on the season.  Screen cap courtesy of RichE at Kathryn Morris UK.  And to see more caps from this episode, visit his all-inclusive Kathryn Morris site HERE



Anonymous said...

This was just a filler episode for me,didn't really hold my interest.
Besides the " I'm going to kill you because your leaving me behind". motive is back.

After Lilly told Scotty that if he needs anything, after that scene she appeared to look guilty.

I don't think Lilly is going to have his back, she would never want to lose her career, which is something she loves so much..

Scotty isn't going to be getting away with this, I have feeling that he isn't.

John said...

Vera isn't the only who has been MIA.

Glad to have you back.

RichE said...

Don't forget that the main person covering for Scotty in this episode was the other policeman that's been on the case of the attacker. He gave Scotty's mother's ID card to Lilly. That way Scotty cannot so easily be connected with the crime(s) and it removes his mother from it too.

Kathryn Morris UK

ps. "pact" not "pack".

TVFan said...

Whoops! Thanks for catching that typo, RichE. :0)

Sorry for going MIA like Vera, ;0) I was out of town back-to-back-to-back and dealing with home repair issues (thanks to some water in the walls courtesy of the 3+ feet of snow we received during the (hopefully) last storm of the season). In any event, I should be updating more regularly now.

John said...

Don't mention leaks from the winter storms.

I still have to deal with the damage.

You have my sympathy.

TVFan said...

And you have mine. What a mess!