Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Casey Makes a Choice

So, remember when I was talking about other people's heads imploding over recent developments on Chuck?  Well, add my name to the list of imploding heads!  Casey CANNOT leave Chuck and Sarah!!  Noooooooo!!  This better be a plot ploy and not some sort of permanent condition.  And just to add insult to injury, Sarah is seriously considering taking a reassignment to D.C.!!  I'm not really sure how things got from Chuck and Sarah in relationships with other people to Chuck and Sarah possibly on different assignments in different cities and Casey back to being a civilian all in the course of one episode, but somehow we got here and I don't like.  I don't like it one bit.  Let's try to retrace our steps and figure out how we got on this very wrong path.  It all started with an innocent "spy" mission involving Morgan, Casey and an old friend.

Morgan was feeling a little empowered by his best bud's spy revelation, so he decided to do a little surveillance on Casey.  It was all innocent fun, but Morgan didn't realize that he was capturing Casey making a deal with the Ring and starting down the road to full-fledged treason.  He stole a pill that could potentially cause soldiers to not feel any emotions (including fear) on the battlefield while he and Chuck were testing CIA security.  At the time, it seemed that he was stealing it for an old friend, but as it turned out, that old friend was now an operative for the Ring.  Chuck and Sarah tried to break into the CIA to rescue Casey and clear his name, but Casey refused the help.  Suddenly, the man who had sacrificed everything for his country was now helping a group that seems to be an enemy of it.

Casey had little choice in the matter, though, because the Ring was going to kill the only woman he had ever loved (and had to leave in order to help his country).  This led to another revelation about the tough-as-nails agent: he has a daughter!!  OK, so his name isn't really John Casey, he was once madly in love with a woman he had to lie to in order to continue serving his country and he has a daughter!  Who'd have thunk it?!  In the end, Casey teamed with Chuck and Sarah and prevented the pill from getting into the hands of the Ring while also saving his former love, but it cost him his career.  I can't even imagine Casey as a civilian, so the next episode should be interesting.

Meanwhile, Sarah had requested a transfer out of Burbank a few months back (presumably to get away from Chuck and her feelings for him).  Beckman told her that she would consider it if they discussed it on a flight to D.C., and Sarah took the flight.  So, we were left watching Sarah in a cab telling the cab driver that she was thinking about moving there.  The only reason I can imagine that Sarah wants to go to D.C. is because she still has feelings for Chuck and she can't act on those feelings because of who Chuck is becoming and the fact that he sacrificed a relationship with her for a chance to become a real spy.  Things are getting complicated, but as long as nobody leaves for civilian life or D.C., I'll be alright.

Chuck airs Monday nights on NBC.  If you missed this week's episode, you can watch it for free at Hulu.com.  

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