Sunday, July 18, 2010

Birthday Wishes

PTR Fave Kristen Bell celebrates a birthday today!

Happy Birthday Kristen!!

Your Friends at PTR

For her 30th birthday this year, Kristen is asking everyone to donate to MyCharity:Water.  All donations will fund clean water projects in developing nations.  Kristen writes, "45,000 people will die this week alone from contaminated water illnesses. Y’ALL, LETS GET OFF OUR HINEYS AND FIX THIS. Please help me get to my goal of 100K and let’s have a clean water toast." To make a donation for Kristen's 30th birthday, visit  And be sure to check out Kristen on the big screen this fall in her new comedy You Again.


Anonymous said...

Congratulation and Happy Birthday to you....

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Victoryperfect said...

What an exciting experience!/Hilarious! Delightful! True!/wonderful stuff! thank you!
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Anonymous said...

Celebration and party May God Bless her.

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