Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Feet

As much as I LOVE Shawn and Gus working together on Psych, I have to admit, this week's switch-up was HI-LARIOUS!  Those four where so concerned with beating each other that they practically blew the entire case.  At one point, they actually did blow the entire case!  While Jules was focusing on catching a murderer, Shawn was distracted with beating Gus.  And then, all four of them were consumed with the prospect of being the first team to solve the case.  What they failed to realize is that it's the four of them working together as a team that solves the cases each week.  So for the sake of the fine residents of Santa Barbara, I'm glad this little partner swap experiment ran its course by the end of the hour.  In the meantime, it served for so many funny moments.  And now, here's a look at some of those funny moments in this week's edition of "The Funny, The Funnier and OK, For Real, My Side Just Split" after the jump.

Both teams show up at the suspect's house.  In their competitive game of one-up-man-ship,  Shawn and Jules arrived at the suspect's home as the same time as Gus and Lassie.  But, Lassie and Gus gained the edge because they got there a second later and used their tardiness to their advantage.  They pulled their cruiser closer to the house and blocked in Shawn and Jules.  They then proceeded to argue over the parking situation while the suspect drove his SUV through a wall and took off without either team on his tale.  Thanks to their hilarious competition, the suspect got away and the four of them got quite the reprimand from Henry.  The rest of us got quite the laugh!  

Lassie tap dances.  It started out as an assignment to appease his therapist, but by the end of the hour, Lassie was a tap dancing fool!  After Gus taught him some basic steps, Lassie realized that dancing allowed him to clear his mind.  Clearing his mind led to him discovering details of the case that he had missed the first time.  So, Gus closed the blinds and got Lassie tapping when he needed a new direction to give him the advantage over Shawn.  It worked, so Lassie started tapping on his own in front of everyone else in order to see the case more clearly.  But the funniest moment came at the end when an extremely talented Gus finished his dancing duet.  The curtain opened and Lassie was front and center doing his tapping thing with the rest of the tappers at his level: kids!!  And better yet, all that tapping had him declaring that he knew the identity of the East Side Strangler!

Gus decides when "it's on."  After Shawn found out that Gus was working with Lassie behind his back, he made the mistake of saying that Gus isn't able to solve a case without him.  Gus took it as a challenge and declared that it was "on."  Shawn didn't want to play along, but soon the two of them were engaged in a competition.  Gus then declared "it off" because only he can decide when something is "on."  He got into the car with Lassie and attempted to buckle his seatbelt.  He pulled and pulled, but the stupid thing kept locking up.  Finally, he took a slower approach and the seatbelt finally stretched out of its holder and into the buckle.  Then, without skipping a beat, Gus officially declared, "Now, it's ON!"  Hahahaha!  It seems someone finally beat Shawn at his own game.

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John said...

This was a good episode.

The the new teams was a great idea and allowed for humor and gave some of the supporting actors more scren time.

And Henry wasn't too front and center. I don't want the show to devolve into will Henry allow Shawn to have a case or to meddle into Shawn's "investigative" technique.