Thursday, July 29, 2010

(Not So) Close Encounters

Was I the only one humming The X-Files theme song during the opening scenes of this week's episode of Psych?  I was literally humming it out loud while the lawyer and his associate were outside the house shielding their eyes from the bright light of the "UFO" hovering over them.  Maybe it's just me, but I thought this was one of the coolest, funniest episodes of the series!  Everything about it was so incredibly well-done and the interaction between Shawn and Gus was even more hilarious than usual.  Throw in an intriguing alien story and a surprise ending for Shawn and Gus's high school friend Dennis, and you get one heckuva hour!  And now, here's a look at some of the best moments in this week's edition of "The Funny, The Funnier and OK, For Real, My Side Just Split" after the jump.

Shawn and Gus fight the urge to invoke aliens. Or rather, Shawn fought the urge while Gus went all in on the alien abduction theory even after the presumed abductee showed up claiming he had been at home with his cell turned off.  Gus really, really, REALLY wanted this case to be an alien abduction, but Shawn fought the propensity to involve their childhood obsession.  It was a bit of a role reversal with Shawn playing the voice of reason to Gus's out there theories, but that just made it more fun.  Add a little Freddie Prinze, Jr. as a geek-turned-jock hiding a secret (and hidden lair) from his drop-dead gorgeous jock-obsessed wife, and things turned from funny to funnier.

Shawn and Gus raid Dennis's secret lair. What in the world, other than their inner geek-selves, possessed these two to wear the Battlestar Galactica helmut and Star Trek sunglasses out in public while they were spying on the associate lawyer (sidebar: how funny was it that someone asked for Gus's autograph?  Can't say I blame her, though)??  Nope, no one was going to notice them like that!  After the lawyer spotted them, freaked out, and ran, the two quickly discovered that their borrowed geek wear was not made for running.  Shawn broke the helmut and Gus couldn't see a thing!  But hey, at least they looked Geektastic in the process!

Shawn looks like K.D. Lang.  As if it wasn't funny enough that the show cut from Shawn and Gus discussing telling Roy that he did witness an abduction and to keep it on the QT to the story leading the evening news with a picture of "Shawn Spencer and Gurton Buster," but then, they went for the money part.  In the photo, Shawn looked a little "off."  He noticed it immediately and declared that he looked liked K.D. Lang.  If I had had liquid in my mouth, it would have been all over my couch and coffee table.  I absolutely lost it!  It was that freakin' funny.  This led to Shawn later asking his dad if his picture on the news made him think about Shawn singing "Constant Craving" and then jokes about Lilith Fair.  It was classic Psych and so funny that it's actually still funny today.  Good stuff.

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John said...

This was another great episode.

Shawn and Gus are often at their best when their childhood obsessions or fears play a major role.

Here is a link to a site the show set up:

By the way, isn’t it k.d. lang - no caps?

I have some comments on Henry’s new role, which I don’t care for, for various reasons. I will only mention two now.

First, with Henry deciding when and if to hire Shawn and then dealing with them after they are hired, they have eliminated the role of the Chief in the show. I liked her and I don’t see what is left for her to do. That was the extent of her role before.

Secondly, with Henry basically in a supervisory capacity to Shawn, and a hostile one at that, we no longer have the scenes of Shawn asking Henry for help or Henry volunteering it. I liked those scenes also. They showed Henry and Shawn building an adult relationship. Now it is back to antagonism all the time.

jen said...

I loved this episode and was so excited to see Freddie Prinze Jr. involved (yeah, I know he was probably in the commercials but I forgot). I also liked the role reversal. And wearing ridiculous clothing/accessories is SO Sean and Gus-esque!

I agree with John though, I am not a fan of this new Henry thing. It's weird. I did like his comment about Sean looking like Billy Jean King in the newspaper photo, though. (Seriously, WHAT is going on with that photo? I have "Constant Craving" stuck in my head now.)

jen said...

Sorry, I mean Shawn, not Sean. You'd think I could spell it correctly, especially since that is also my uncle's name.