Thursday, July 01, 2010

It's Complicated

This week, In Plain Sight wrapped up its third season, and now that it's over, I can officially proclaim it uneven.  There were great moments and then there was the terrible decision to have Mary and Marshall work separate cases for more than one episode this season.  If nothing else, I hope the show gets constructive feedback on that decision and abandons it next season.  But I digress.  This week, we have an interesting finale to discuss.  There was a shoot-out, a priest on the run, Marshall getting this close to pouring out his heart and Mary leaving us all shocked at the end.

Throughout the episode, there was a little side story about WITSEC employees needing to use their vacation because it will no longer carry over at the end of the year.  Mary was annoyed.  Even though she doesn't vacation, she likes to be able to roll over her accumulated time.  Everyone tried to convince her to take a nice vacation, but she refused.  Her mother even stopped by to show her a box of untaken vacations in hopes that it would inspire Mary to go somewhere nice so she doesn't look back on her own box of untaken vacations.  By the end of the episode, it looked like she wasn't going anywhere.  Then, she seemed to have a slight change of heart.  She began to think that she might need to blow off some steam, but I wasn't expecting the next scene.  We see Mary in a sun dress on the patio of a nice hotel room.  She's talking to the room service kid and I thought, "Wow, she actually went on vacation!  Good for her!"  And then it happened: the room service kid left and a towel-clad Agent Faber appeared from the bathroom!!  Not only did she go on vacation, but she went with Faber!  I know I said a few weeks back that it was "Mary's move," but this was not what I had in mind.

Meanwhile, Marshall took Mary's comment about blowing off steam as a good time to pour out his heart... sort of.  He told her that even though she doesn't like "messy," it might be exactly what she needs.  She just might need someone who gets her and calls her on her crap.  Someone who makes her think.  Someone like Marshall, perhaps?  Stan interrupted them before he continued, but the implication was clear.  This somehow caused her take the vacation with Faber (maybe she didn't get the Marshall link or maybe she did.... hmm...).  And I just don't know how Marshall is going to take the news.  He did have a very good piece of advice -- instead of looking for anyone, Mary should try looking for someone.  I'm still not sure that that someone is Marshall, but I don't want to see him bummed either.  I guess we'll have to wait until next season to find out how this plays out between them.

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John said...

I liked the story with mary's witness, it wasn't the usual tale.

I didn't like Marshall being largely absent.

I would have been shocked by the end, butthey promoed Weber being in the episode heavily and I figured he would be the one at the end.

TVFan said...

When Webber showed up in the beginning, I thought his appearance was a bit short. I totally forgot about it, though. The episode took off and I went with it. I can't figure out why they didn't give us much of Marshall.

Jen said...

I was surprised by the end... I was kind of expecting Marshall to come out of the bathroom, actually.
This season was definitely weird. It just seemed like the story lines (Brandy, the mom, Marshall, etc) weren't as well connected as before. Hopefully this last episode was setting the stage for more Marshall-Mary interaction (whether personal or professional) next season?
On a related note: I seem to love every show on USA, but that Covert Affairs show looks incredibly lame. What is going on?

TVFan said...

The early reviews on it are good, so I'm going to check it out. Maybe the network is trying to branch out?

John said...

Covert Affairs seems to be a lighter version of Alias.

TVFan said...

I'm getting Alias vibes from the previews as well.