Thursday, September 29, 2005

'Lost' Delves Even Deeper into the Hatch! And, the Others are Coming!

Man, this show just keeps getting better and better. The time frame on the island didn't advance any further this week, instead we got a look at what happened in other places at the same time everything went down in the premiere. We learned about the guys on the raft, we found out how Locke got down the hatch, we learned where Kate was hiding, and we delved a little deeper into the character of Desmond. First, let's start with Michael and Sawyer who were stranded out at sea, hanging on to the small remnants of the raft. Walt was officially no where to be found, and Jin was missing and then found. After drifting on the pieces of the raft and escaping a hungry shark, Michael and Sawyer made it back to the island where they encountered a frantic Jin. Apparently, "the others" had him too, and they were fast on his tail. Just who are these "others?" And what do they want with Walt and then Jin? It looks like our Lost boys are in some big trouble now because "the others" don't seem like the friendly types.

While dealing with Michael and Sawyer floating out at sea, we also learned more about Michael's past. He allowed Walt's mother to take him to Europe, and the decision still weighs on him. Michael didn't have the resources that his former girlfriend had, so the fight over parental rights was an uneven one. Michael did what he thought was best for Walt, even though it meant the hardest thing for him. Did anyone else notice that Michael gave Walt a polar bear stuffed animal when he said goodbye to him? And somehow there are polar bears on the island. Nothing is ever a coincidence on this show, so it seems that Walt's abilities might have started when he was very young. Interesting bit of information.

The rest of the episode focused on what happened down the hatch leading up to Jack's realization that Desmond lived down there in the premiere. When Locke first encountered Desmond, Desmond kept asking him if he was "him." Locke played along, but it was quickly apparent that he was not "him" because he couldn't answer Desmond's riddle. I couldn't understand what Desmond was saying, so I kept replaying it on Tivo, but I still didn't get it. Then I replayed it again with the closed captioning on, and he asked him, "what did one snowman say to the other snowman?" Locke didn't know, and Desmond quickly turned angry. This was not the easy-going marathon-running Desmond that Jack ran into while running those stadiums. Dude has obviously been through an ordeal. I thought "him" was going to be Jack, but Desmond did not seem to recognize him when he saw him on the surveillance video. So, it seems that Desmond believes there is some sort of illness plaguing the island. This must be why he quarantined it. Didn't the French woman think the same thing? Is Desmond somehow attached to her? Were they on the same ship that wrecked on the island? And what is this mysterious illness? Do "the others" have it, and that's why they need Walt? The plot just continues to thicken, and I love it! Kate's great escape was interesting. Where did Desmond get all of that food in his pantry? All of it had some sort of label with a seal on it. I noticed the same seal on Desmond and in other places of the hatch. I wonder if it's some sort of government project. I'm seriously loving this season so far! I can't wait to delve even deeper.

NOTE: As much as I wish to be discussing Veronica Mars right now, I am unable to because I am recording the episodes and saving them until I get the season 1 DVDs (less than two weeks to go!). Once I'm caught up, I'll discuss this fabulous show as well. I know I promised some Invasion discussion, but I missed that show last night, so I'll have to try to catch it next week.

About Last Night... ABC claimed the 8 o'clock hour with a repeat of last week's premiere of Lost, followed by CBS's comedy block of Still Standing and Yes, Dear. Fox landed in third with So You Think You Can Dance. NBC's The Apprentice: Martha Stewart continued to slip, finding itself in fourth. Lost easily took the 9 pm hour, followed by CBS's Criminal Minds, and NBC's E-Ring. But, the big story of the night is Veronica Mars' impressive showing on UPN. It landed in fifth for the timeslot, but posted some of its best numbers and it was up quite a bit over last year's numbers. The final hour of the night went to NBC's Law & Order, followed by CSI: NY on CBS, and ABC's Invasion dropped to third (from first last week). For more information on last night's ratings, click on over to Zap2it.

Premiering Tonight!!! It's the anticipated answer to last year's smashing cliffhanger tonight on Alias on ABC. Did Sydney and Vaughn both survive? After Alias, ABC premieres new show Night Stalker. Over on CBS, it's the fourth season premiere and cliffhanger resolution on Without A Trace. NBC kicks off Will & Grace with a special live premiere. The WB rolls out the new seasons of Smallville and Everwood.


*Fox's Prison Break is getting a full season order. The network decided to pick up the series for a full 22 episodes. The show is doing well in its timeslot despite its weak lead-in, and it is averaging 9 million viewers a week. Fox also picked up American Dad for nine more episodes . The order extends the show well into the 2006-2007 season. Prison Break airs Monday nights on Fox, and the animated show American Dad airs on Sundays.

*The cover art for the upcoming release of the Gilmore Girls' 5th season is now available. The 22-episode season discs will include commentaries, featurettes, montages, and a special on the 100th episode. The 5th season will be released on December 13th. To view the cover art, click on over to tvshowsondvd.

*And finally, the new show Commander In Chief received a nice vote of confidence the other night. The premiere attracted more than 16 million viewers, good enough to win the timeslot for ABC. Fox's House took the coveted 18-49 year old group.

That's all for today. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for a jam-packed edition filled with Alias, CSI, and Everwood (and some are calling this upcoming season the best yet!)! Plus, all the latest television news. Be sure to leave your thoughts on last night's programs.


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Instant ignorance said...

TVfan, WHAT entry had you received up there??? Oh, I have such a hard time not commenting on "Lost". Everytime I watch it I feel hopelessly hooked, so I try NOT to watch it, 'cause I know I don't have the time to follow through. Plus it's SO late over here, even later than Cold Case, so I'd HAVE to d/l. And my poor computer can't take it. It's a really great show, isn't it?

TVFan said...

The comment was fine, it was the link they provided that was not. It was for a male enhancement something or other. I deleted it since it didn't seem very appropriate. Lost is indeed a fabulous show. It does suck you in, though, and missing an episode is like missing an entire season of a different show! LOL!

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