Friday, September 09, 2005

When We Last Left Off...'Alias' and 'Cold Case'

Well, it's the last day of recaps, but that means that we're even closer to the start of the new season! Just two more shows left to recap before their upcoming premieres. Today, we're going to look at shows that are quite different from each other (one is more personal and the other more procedural), but they both have butt-kicking female leads who know how to catch the bad guy every time! Here's a refresher on Alias and Cold Case.

When we last left off on Alias, we were all collectively catching our breath from one of the most shocking moments on television that most of us had ever seen! First they hit us with "my name's not Michael Vaughn," and then we had the car accident that caused me to jump so high my ceiling still needs to be replaced! And then there was that huge red ball of Rambaldi floating around. Jack, Irena (back from the assumed dead), Sydney, Nadia, and Vaughn headed to Sovogda to stop the Rambaldi red ball because it was turning people into zombies, including Nadia. It came down to a one-on-one fight between Syd and Nadia, but Syd didn't want to kill her sister. Sloane stepped in and shot his daughter in order to save Sydney and the rest of the world. Irena's sister Elena was going to release a toxin from the Rambaldi ball, and Sydney was working to disarm it when Nadia started battling her on the rooftop. Irena took off after they completed their mission, leaving Jack alone again. Vaughn proposed to Syd, and they decided to elope in Santa Barbara. In the car, Vaughn told Sydney that his real name isn't Michael Vaughn, it wasn't an accident that he was the first person she turned to, and he might have been a bad guy in the past. A few seconds later, the pair was broadsided by an oncoming car. Will Syd and Vaughn both survive? Will they end up together? Will Sydney find out the truth about Vaughn? Can Nadia fully recover and return to A.P.O.? Tune in September 29th on ABC to find out!

When we last left off on Cold Case, Lilly took on a dangerous serial killer and won, but she paid a high price. After letting serial killer George Marks slip through their fingers last fall, the cold case team was eager to get a lead on him before he killed again. But, it seemed that our favorite detectives weren't working fast enough, so George resurfaced on his own. He pretended to buy a house owned by his mother, which led Lilly and Co. to the nine buried skulls in the backyard - the skulls that he put there after each kill. George's constant eluding to "the woods," left Lilly puzzled, so she ventured off to his childhood home alone at night, even though Stillman told her to stay at headquarters. At the house, she found a painted forest on the walls of the attic hidden under paper. She knew she was in "the woods." George showed up and held her at gunpoint while he forced her to recount a terrible childhood memory. Lilly was ten years old when her mother made her go to the store late at night to buy her some alcohol. On the way to the store, a man badly beat her. So, we finally learned the contents of her 49 Report. George then gave Lilly her weapon back and the two stood, guns pointed, facing each other. George insisted that they were no different, and he cocked his gun. Lilly shot and killed him. It was the first time she had killed anyone, and she seemed to be in shock. Also, Scotty apologized to Lilly for lying about Christina. Lil's troublesome little sis left town after the NYPD picked up her scent. How will Lilly deal with the realization that she killed someone? Will she and Scotty be friends again? How will the new cast addition this season affect the rest of the team? Will we hear from Christina again? Tune in September 25th on CBS to find out!

Well, that wraps up the week of recaps. Be sure to tune into all of your favorite shows this season to find out all (or in most cases probably some) of the answers to the questions that you've wondered about all summer. And don't forget that next week is Emmy week here at Pass The Remote. We'll discuss all your favorites!


*Premiering Sunday!!! Fox continues its early roll-outs with the premieres of The Simpsons, The War at Home, Family Guy, and American Dad. The four comedies begin at 8 p.m. EDT Sunday on Fox.

*Want an early look at the new WB paranormal drama Supernatural? Then head on over to Yahoo! for an exclusive viewing of the hour long pilot in its entirety. The show follows two brothers in search of their father who turns up missing after investigating the mysterious death of his wife. To view the first episode, click on over to Yahoo! TV. The show makes its network premiere on September 13th on the WB.

*ABC will offer its entire primetime line-up in Spanish through a mix of closed-captioning and dubbing this Fall. The initiative starts Monday, September 19th with the beginning of the new season and will include all their broadcast specials as well. ABC is the first English-language broadcast network to provide all primetime entertainment programming in Spanish.

*If you're looking for good music, lots of stars, and the chance to donate to the victims and survivors of Hurricane Katrina, then tune in to any of the broadcast networks (or a host of cable ones as well) for Shelter From the Storm tonight starting at 8 p.m. EDT. For a full list of performers and special guests, visit The Futon Critic. You can also click on over to BET starting at 7:30 p.m. EDT tonight for S.O.S (Saving Ourselves) with hosts Queen Latifah and Steve Harvey. The two and a half hour telethon will feature Alicia Keys, Chris Rock, and Morgan Freeman among others. For a complete list of guest appearances, click over to zap2it. All proceeds raised from both specials will benefit those devastated by the hurricane.

*And finally, it looks like TNT's The Closer is a huge summer hit. The show ended its season as the top new show on ad-supported cable television (as opposed to premiums like HBO and Showtime). Monday night's season finale raked in more than 6 million viewers, the most since the premiere. Look for The Closer to return in 2006.

That's all for today. Be sure to tune in next week for Emmy week. All the nominations, all the stars, and all the snubs! That's next week on Emmy week!! Plus all the latest TV news and information!


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Hmmm... you seem to be getting a lot of spam. But I guess as long as they leave notes it's ok, right?

Well, I could never forget the season finale of Cold Case, but it was great seeing it on paper (well, on screen) like that. Nice command of language! Can't wait for the 25th. Although not only do I have to, but I'll have to wait longer. Not sure if I can stand to be getting the episodes delayed once again this year. I just may start downloading... (not against the rules to talk about it here, is it? If it is, sorry :D).

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