Wednesday, September 07, 2005

When We Last Left Off...'Medium' and 'Lost'

Continuing today with our week-long refresher course for the new season we have the season ending cliff hangers on Medium and Lost. Both shows ended abruptly, and left us dreading the next four months of wondering what would happen. But, never fear, for the new season is almost here! Here's the recap on each show to prepare you for their upcoming premieres.

When we last left off on Medium, Capt. Push from the Texas Rangers (Arliss Howard) was lying in the hospital and disconnecting the machines that were more than likely keeping him alive. But first, let's back up and discuss how we got to this cliff hanging moment. Allison (Patricia Arquette) was working on a case involving a serial killer. The case was going nowhere, and Allison was fresh out of her clue-ridden dreams. One night, Capt. Push came to her in a dream and started to give her the name of the next victim and provide her with important information. The only problem - Push came to Allison because he suffered a heart attack and died for a few minutes. Once he was brought back to life by paramedics, Allison lost him and she didn't get all of the information she needed. After Allison tells Capt. Push about her dream, he decides that it's best for him to die completely in order to catch the ruthless serial killer, so the ending moments of the episode show Push disconnecting himself from the machines in hopes that he will die and return to Allison in her dreams with the information she needs to catch the killer and save the next victim. Will Capt. Push end his life? And if he does, will he come to Allison and give her the information she needs? Will the serial killer be caught? Tune in September 19th on NBC to find out!

When we last left off on Lost, everything was amiss. Jin (Daniel Dae Kim), Sawyer (Josh Holloway), Michael (Harold Perrineau Jr.), and Walt (Malcolm David Kelley) had all built a makeshift raft and sailed off into the sunset hoping to find help for the other survivors. The only problem was that they weren't the only people setting sail. A group only known to viewers as "the others" followed the group in their own boat, unbeknownst to our favorite castaways. When "the others" caught up with the castaways, they pretended to help. They had Walt board their boat, and then they quickly pulled away from the raft taking Walt off into the dark night. When the survivors fought back, "the others" fought and knocked Sawyer into the ocean, left to fend for himself. It seems that the French woman Rousseau was correct in thinking that "the others" wanted a child, but she had the incorrect child. She thought they wanted Claire's (Emilie de Raven) baby, so she stole him only to find that "the others" weren't at their supposed camp. Meanwhile, Jack (Matthew Fox), Locke (Terry O'Quinn), Hurley (Jorge Garcia), and Kate (Evangeline Lilly) went into the jungle to find an abandoned ship with dynamite inside. Rousseau led them there, but she left shortly after, and science teacher Arzt blew himself up by accident with the very volatile dynamite. Once the group had secured the dynamite, they headed over to the hatch. They carefully blew it open, and viewers we left staring at their blank faces as the camera traveled down the seemingly long tunnel under the hatch. What's in the secret hatch? What do "the others" want with Walt and will he be rescued? What about the castaways who went out on the raft? Will Sawyer survive? Find out September 21st on ABC!

Tomorrow, we'll recap Everwood and Desperate Housewives. Be sure to tune in then!


*NBC is considering the pilot Grand Union for midseason per zap2it. The halfhour comedy is set to star Alias' Greg Grunberg, who is leaving his post at the ABC spy thriller. The show centers around a Long Island Grocer (Grunberg) and his crazy family. Union marks the first show in a long time where Grunberg hasn't worked with Alias creator and long-time friend J.J. Abrams.

*CBS is releasing details about Without A Trace's fourth season premiere. According to their press release, the show picks up right where last season's cliff hanger left off. "As Martin clings to life following a shoot out, Jack, Samantha, and Danny search for the mercenary responsible for opening fire on Martin, Danny, and the terrorist in their custody." For more information on the opener, including spoilers, visit The Futon Critic at the link above. Trace premieres September 29th on CBS.

*NASCAR star Greg Biffle is set to guest star on CBS's Yes, Dear. He'll play a closet lawn mower racer on a upcoming episode. Biffle will play himself. No word yet on an air date.

*And finally, the six network special to raise money for Hurricane Katrina victims in adding more networks and some star power. PAX, PBS, FX, USA, TBS, E!, Bravo, Trio, ABC Family, TV Guide Channel, and various regional Fox Sports networks have all signed on to air the special. Scheduled performers include Sheryl Crow, Dixie Chicks, Alicia Keys, Paul Simon, and Neil Young. In addition to the live performances, Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Ellen Degeneres, and Chris Rock are among the stars signed on to appear. The special comes on the heels of last Friday's NBC relief special, which raised more than $50 million according to some estimates. This week's Shelter From the Storm airs Friday, September 9th.

That's all for today. Be sure to tune in tomorrow as we refresh our memories on what happened during the Everwood and Desperate Housewives finales. Plus, all the latest TV news!


Suekola44 said...

Thanks for the last edisode updates. They will really help me out when Lost and Medium return. I seem to have forgotten alot about medium over summer. Also, it looks like NBC12 won't be airing Gilmore Girls late night this season. A great big Boo Hoo!!!!! Keep up the updates.

Anonymous said...

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