Thursday, September 08, 2005

When We Last Left Off...'Everwood' and 'Desperate Housewives'

We're up to day 3 on our week-long refresher course. As we chip away at each recap, the new season gets closer and closer. Yes, we're in the home stretch now. In fact, two shows start their new episodes tonight! More on that later, but first, here's your quick look at Everwood and Desperate Housewives.

When we last left off on Everwood, Ephram had left for Europe, Amy decided to defer admission to Princeton, and Dr. Andy Brown was contemplating leaving the quaint town and heading for the big city of Chicago. Yes, times were a-changing for the little town that doesn't deal well with change. Ephram's sudden fight or flight instinct kicked in on a trip back to New York City to audition for Julliard. In an unfortunate twist of events, he ran into ex-girlfriend Madison. They decided to catch up on old times, and Ephram learned that Madison had delivered his child and given him up for adoption. Even worse, Ephram learned that his father had been in on the plan, and even told Madison to do what she did and never tell Ephram. So, Ephram skipped out on his audition with Julliard and he and Dr. Brown headed back to Everwood. He didn't go to his high school graduation, he broke up with Amy (who had learned about Madison and the baby before Ephram), and he packed his bags and left for Europe. Meanwhile, Amy had bigger concerns as she dealt with her mother's cancer and decided to defer admission to Princeton in order to help her family. Newcomer Hannah left to visit her dying father, but not before her wildest dream came true and Bright kissed her - on the mouth! And, Dr. Brown started contemplating a move to Chicago for a prestigious position at a hospital since there wasn't a lot left in Everwood with Ephram gone. But, Rose Abbott's plea and Harold's party seemed to keep Andy in Everwood, or was it the realization that he loved neighbor Nina? Nina is now faced with a tough choice - stay with now live-in boyfriend Jake (who may or may not be addicted to pain killers) or choose Andy, whom she has always loved? And will Ephram return to Everwood? Will Amy regret her decision? Find out when Everwood's fourth season premiere airs September 29th on the WB.

When we last left off on Desperate Housewives, we were mid-scene with Mike walking into a gun-toting Zach and scared Susan. But, much more happened on the season finale. We learned that Mary Alice killed Diedre (Zach's real mother) when she came looking for Zach after getting her life cleaned up. It was Diedre's body that was hidden in the toy chest. Meanwhile, Mike took Paul Young out to the desert because he believed that Paul killed Diedre, but Mike soon learned about Diedre's son, prompting an interesting reaction. Rex learned that his illness might be the result of some tampering with his prescription, which led him to forgive Bree in a note he left her before he died in the hospital. Tom told Lynette that it's her turn to go to work while he stays home with the kids because he accidentally quit under false pretenses due to Lynette's manipulation. Carlos learned about (a pregnant) Gabrielle and John and vowed revenge. Zach beat Felicia with a shovel, and headed over to Mike's house because he misunderstood Felicia's statement that Mike took his father away to kill him. Zach intends to kill Mike when he gets home. At the end of the episode, we saw Mike enter his home and shut the door. Will Zach shoot Mike and Susan? Who's the father of Gabrielle's baby? Will Lynette go back to work? Will Felicia live? Can Bree move on without Rex, and will she learn the truth? Tune in September 25th on ABC to find out!

Tomorrow in our last day of recaps, we'll take a look at the finales of Cold Case and Alias. And coming next week - it's Emmy week!!! I'll be discussing all the big categories, the nominations, the telecast, and everything else Emmy. I'll make my predictions for whom I believe will win as well as for whom I believe should win. That's all next week on Pass The Remote!! Don't miss it!!


*Premiering Tonight!!! Fox is kicking off the third season of The O.C. and the debut of their 20-year spanning Reunion tonight starting at 8 p.m. eastern. For more on both shows, visit

*Scott Baio is guest starring on Fox's Arrested Development per He'll play a lawyer hired by the Bluth family to replace the departing Henry Winkler. So far, he's scheduled for one episode, but no word yet on when his character will debut. Arrested Development premieres September 19th.

*More stars are signing on to present at next weekend's 57th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Zach Braff, Geena Davis, Adrian Grenier, Alyson Hannigan, Hugh Laurie, and Chris O'Donnell are all set to present at the live ceremony. The Emmys air September 18th on CBS.

*And finally, Nielsen ratings are out (after a one day delay due to the holiday weekend), and surprise, surprise CBS landed on top for the 14th consecutive week. Led by CSI: Miami (#2), CBS had 5 of the top 10 shows. NBC landed in second for the week, but the big news was Fox's debut of Prison Break landing in 6th for the week with 10.5 million viewers. For the full top 20 shows, visit USAToday.

That's all for today. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the refresher on Cold Case and Alias. Plus, all the latest TV news! And don't forget to check back next week as well, for Emmy week. All next week!


suekola44 said...

Thanks for the refresher on housewives. Unfortunately I do not get Everwood but it's nice to know what I'm not able to see unfold.

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