Friday, September 02, 2005

SPECIAL EDITION: ABC Halts Promotion on 'Invasion'

In yesterday's edition, I discussed the new ABC drama Invasion and its somewhat disturbing previews in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Today, Reuters News is reporting that ABC has decided to halt promotion. A network spokesman tells Reuters that "the promos were pulled for sensitively reasons. The plan is to put them back on when it's appropriate to do so." He also says that delaying the premiere of the show is possible as well, but nothing has been decided at this time. For now, the show is still set to premiere September 21st. Invasion opens with a fierce hurricane hitting a Florida Everglades town, and the promos for the show are extremely hurricane heavy. Stay tuned to Pass the Remote for the latest on this story. And be sure to tune in later today for the regular edition.

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