Tuesday, August 22, 2006

EMMY WEEK: Best Acting in a Comedy Ballots! Plus 'The Closer,' Guest Star Round Up and Fox Ratings

Yesterday, it was reality shows and today we're going to look at the actors and actresses up for an Emmy Award in the comedy categories. PTR makes its picks for who will win and who should win, but this year, it truly is anyone's game. Don't forget that you guys have a chance to voice your opinions as well. So, be sure to vote in PTR's Emmy polls for whom you think should win in each of today's categories.

Larry David — Curb Your Enthusiasm
Kevin James — The King Of Queens
Tony Shalhoub — Monk
Steve Carell — The Office
Charlie Sheen — Two and a Half Men

Who Will Win: Will it be perennial favorite Tony Shalhoub or the thrice nominated Larry David? This one is hard to call, but Tony Shalhoub seems to win only in the odd years (2003, 2005), so it seems, the "odds" are for him. And what about dark-horse Steve Carell whose workplace comedy has turned into the sleeper-hit of the year? I'm putting my money on Shalhoub, despite the "evens" being against him.

Who Should Win: Carell for his special breed of comedy that he brings to the Michael Scott character. Through him and the entire cast, The Office has gone from critic fodder to critic buzz in one season.

And now it's your turn to decide which comedic actor you would like to see take the statue Sunday night. Please vote for your favorite below in the PTR Emmy Poll.

Which actor do you want to win Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series?
Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm)
Kevin James (The King of Queens)
Tony Shalhoub (Monk)
Steve Carell (The Office)
Charlie Sheen (Two and a Half Men)
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Lisa Kudrow — The Comeback
Jane Kaczmarek — Malcolm in the Middle
Julia Louis-Dreyfus — The New Adventures of Old Christine
Stockard Channing — Out of Practice
Debra Messing — Will & Grace

Who Will Win: Hollywood loves a good success story, so I'm picking Julia Louis-Dreyfus and her Seinfeld - curse - breaking turn in CBS' The New Adventures of Old Christine. This show has given her a chance to shine on her own, and she has done so with great success. I can't imagine the Academy not rewarding her.

Who Should Win: Tough to call with the genre's most deserving actress left out (Gilmore Girls' Lauren Graham), but in her absence, I'll go with Jane Kaczmarek. She is quickly inching toward Susan Lucci territory with her 6 nominations and no wins since 2000. Maybe her 7th will be the charm. Let's hope so since Malcolm just ended its 6-season run.

And now it's your turn to decide which comedic actress you would like to see take the statue Sunday night. Please vote for your favorite below in the PTR Emmy Poll. And be sure to check back all week for your chance to pick your favorites in all the major categories including best actor/actress in a drama and best comedy and drama! The 58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards air live this Sunday, August 28th on NBC. To vote in yesterday's reality show poll, click HERE.

Which actress do you want to win Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series?
Lisa Kudrow (The Comeback)
Jane Kaczmarek (Malcolm in the Middle)
Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Old Christine)
Stockard Channing (Out of Practice)
Debra Messing (Will & Grace)
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'The Closer' Gets Caught in Traffic
They always say that it's the little things that matter, and when it comes to The Closer, that couldn't be more accurate. It is the little things that separate this show from its crime drama siblings. Of course, they also say not to sweat the small stuff, a concept that has obviously never graced Brenda Leigh Johnson's ears, which is precisely what makes the little things so much fun. You know, leaving your coffee (that you just waited in an entirely too long line
to get) on the roof of your police vehicle as you back out while talking on your cell phone about a triple homicide that they need you at stat is a bad day in and of itself. But, backing into a complete jackass and then accidentally stomping on your own phone only makes matters worse. And the crowning glory of your entire day has to be when an overzealous captain from Traffic comes knocking on your office door and tells you that you were involved in a hit and run. I don't know about you, but it makes my worst days seem pretty tame! Of course, none of this would have been the pure comic gold that it was had it not been for the way that Brenda dealt with it. She really couldn't be bothered due to her time consuming case (and the fact that she felt that she did nothing wrong), and that just made Capt. Traffic even angrier. It was awesome! The case was interesting this week as well. I knew the second that Brenda arrived on the scene and found the mattresses, money and lack of drugs that the house was being used for illegal immigrants, but the tragic story behind all of the people who perished in the back of that truck was an unwelcome surprise. Loved Sanchez's tip in the interrogation room! And what about Brenda's Traffic issues? She took care of them the best way she knew how -- gave the captain an award!


*Your favorite shows have lined up some big name guest stars for their upcoming season premieres. Look for actress Kathleen Quinlan to guest star on House's September 5th premiere on Fox (click HERE for all the details of the season opener, but be warned that the link contains SPOILERS). Actor Blair Underwood will pop up on the September 18th season premiere of CBS' The New Adventures of Old Christine as Ritchie's new teacher (click HERE for all the episode details, but be warned that the link contains SPOILERS). Sofia Milos will return to CBS' CSI: Miami for that show's fifth season premiere on September 18th, reprising her role as Yelina Salas (click HERE for the details, but be warned that the link contains SPOILERS). And finally, April Bowlby is now a series regular on CBS' Two and Half Men where she plays Kandi (click HERE for details on the September 18th season premiere, but be warned that the link contains SPOILERS).

*And finally, Fox opened up its season to good numbers last night. The second season premiere of Prison Break was on task with its average last year and it was good enough to win the 8 p.m. hour. Fox's new thriller Vanished opened up decently as well, winning the 9 p.m. hour in total viewers and holding onto most of lead-in Prison Break's audience. You can catch new episodes of both shows Monday nights on Fox.

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That's all for today. Be sure to tune in tomorrow as Emmy week continues with PTR's predictions for whom will/should win the best acting in a drama categories! Plus, all the latest television news.

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suekola44 said...

The Closer was its awesome self last night!

Anonymous said...

Yes it was..one of the better episodes recently..talk about great acting..how about a woot to entourage

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