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EMMY WEEK: Best Comedy Ballot! Plus New Season Scoop and More Guest Star News


Well, Emmy week is winding down and we only have two huge categories left before the big show this weekend. Today, we're going to take a look at the nominees in the best comedy category. After PTR makes our picks, be sure to vote for your favorite in today's Emmy poll. I'll reveal your winners in PTR's Emmy blowout edition on Monday.

Arrested Development
Curb Your Enthusiasm
The Office
Two And A Half Men

What Will Win: This has been The Office's year in all facets of the television world. It has all the buzz, critical acclaim and recognition that NBC could have hoped for, so I wouldn't be surprised to see it also get the Emmy Sunday night. Arrested and Enthusiasm could rain on The Office's parade, but I'm still giving the edge to the workplace comedy.

What Should Win: Scrubs, which has been plugging along for 5 seasons with little to no recognition. I don't expect things to be different this year, but Scrubs is certainly television's most deserving comedy for its hilarious antics, stellar cast and emotional undertones. I'll keep my fingers crossed, but I won't be holding my breath.

And now it's your turn to decide which comedy you would like to see take the statue Sunday night. Please vote for your favorite below in the PTR Emmy Poll. And be sure to vote in all of the previous PTR Emmy polls as well. Yesterday's drama categories can be found HERE, the comedy categories are HERE, and Monday's reality show poll is HERE. The 58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards air live this Sunday, August 28th on NBC.

Which comedy gets your vote?
Arrested Development
Curb Your Enthusiasm
The Office
Two and a Half Men
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New Season Scoop
As promised, PTR will continue to bring you new season scoop on your favorite shows as their premiere dates grow closer. Today, I have juicy info on two PTR favorites as well as some premiere scoop on a Fox favorite. WARNING: the following information is laced with SPOILERS, so proceed with caution. As usual, all information is subject to change.

You guys are loving him on The 4400 as Diana's photographer boyfriend, but Brennan Elliot will be popping up on another PTR favorite. Or rather, popping back up because the hunky actor will reprise his role as Lilly Rush's motorcycle riding former flame on Cold Case (screencap courtesy Kathryn Morris Online). I know I've told you this before, but the new scoop comes directly from Elliot. "I'm slated to do six of them this season," he tells Marilyn Beck and Jenel Smith. Six episodes! When we last left our favorite Cold detective, she was warming up to not-victim Joseph, so what will happen when Ray rolls back into town? We'll have to tune in to know for sure. Either way, it seems that Elliot will be getting lots of lovin' from two primetime crime drama leading ladies! Look for Elliot to begin his 6-episode stint with the third episode. And speaking of episode order, the crime drama has changed it around a bit since the last time I brought you season 4 scoop. The latest schedule looks like this (courtesy

9/25 - "Rampage" *Season Premiere*
10/2 - "War at Home"
10/9 - "Sandhogs" *Ray Reappears*
10/16 - "Baby Blues"

*click HERE for episode descriptions from a previous post

I've also learned that the tentative 5th episode of the season, "Saving Sammy," revolves around the 2003 case of a couple found dead in their car. They had a daughter and an autistic son. Joseph plays a part in this one because of his work as a youth counselor. A special thanks to orison at Look Again for this information.

Moving along to Veronica Mars and some casting scoop. Actress Laura San Giacomo will reunite with her former Just Shoot Me costar Enrico Colantoni during the upcoming season. She'll play a woman who hires Keith's private investigator firm to find out if her husband is cheating on her according to's Mike Ausiello. Series creator Rob Thomas tells the scoop master that Giacomo will appear in "several episodes" and that her character and Keith "hit it off." Ausiello is also reporting that famed heiress Patty Hearst will make an appearance in an upcoming episode. She'll play the granddaughter of the founder of Hearst College who goes missing the night before an important vote affecting the university. And thanks to DuckyXDale, I have some episode titles for the first few episodes of the season (the folks at VM are the title masters!):

3.01: "Welcome Wagon"
3.02: "My Big Fat Greek Week"
3.03: "Friday Night Sleights"
3.04: "Charlie Don't Surf"

Veronica Mars premieres October 3rd on the new CW network. And finally, when Bones kicks off its second season next week, expect a shocking turn of events in the case of Bones' mother. Something happens that changes her search for her wayward father and it leads to an emotional ending. Bones returns Wednesday, August 30th on Fox. And be sure to stay tuned to PTR for plenty of new season scoop, thoughts on the new shows and much more! Tomorrow, I'll bring you some scoop on the season finale of The 4400!


*NBC's ER is lining up some big name guest stars for its upcoming season. Look for Forest Whitaker to take over for Andre Braugher. Braugher had to back out of his guest stint after taking a role in the next Fantastic Four film. Busy Phillips will appear in at least 4 episodes as a devout-Christian intern. ER kicks off its 13th season September 21st on NBC. In other guest star news, recording artist John Mayer will make an appearance in the season premiere of CBS' CSI. He'll perform two songs from his new album, Continuum, in the 2-part 7th season opener (click HERE for episode info, but be warned the link contains spoilers). CSI rolls out its new season September 21st on CBS.

*And finally, CBS is adding 6 more series to its list of shows it will stream on its broadband channel INNERTUBE. How I Met Your Mother, Shark, The Unit, The Class, The New Adventures of Old Christine and Smith will join previously announced Jericho, NCIS, Survivor, Numb3rs and all three CSIs next month. Episodes of these shows will be available for free on CBS' online broadband channel the morning after they air on the network.

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That's all for today. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the final day of Emmy week with my picks for best drama. Plus, a 4400 season finale preview and all the latest television news!

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