Monday, August 28, 2006

Emmys Honor '24,' 'Office' But Aren't Feeling 'Grey!' Plus TV on DVD Monday

Even though the nomination process may have disappointed many, the awards show did not. Host Conan O'Brien kept things rolling all night with a funny gag involving Bob Newhart and plenty of "NBC in the ratings crapper" jokes, including a brilliant musical number to "Trouble" from Broadway's The Music Man. The speeches were good, the winners were (sometimes) surprising and the night was overall, enjoyable. It's more than you can say about most awards shows. Here is a breakdown of the night's best and worst. And you can check out a full list of the night's winners HERE courtesy of Yahoo! TV.

Best Acceptance Speech: Greg Garcia for writing in a comedy. The My Name is Earl creator decided to name the people that he isn't thanking for his win. They included a middle school teacher who told him he wasn't funny and a former boss who kept him busy doing mundane tasks when he was a PA. The speech was hilarious, much like the scribe's hit NBC comedy, and it added something different to the acceptance speech mix.

Best Joke: "Yeah, we weren't really invited." Those were the words from Lost character Hurley during the night's opening bit involving Conan trying to get to the awards show. The joke, of course, is the fact that the brilliant drama was snubbed in the best drama category this year after winning last year.

Biggest Relief: For the most part, the Academy didn't do the cliche thing and give all of the departing shows wins in their respective categories. Megan Mullally did win for Will & Grace when the award should have gone to Earl's Jaime Pressly, but overall, the trend was avoided.

Biggest Surprise: This is a tie between Mariska Hargitay winning for best actress in a drama and Grey's Anatomy not winning for best drama (in fact, the show went home empty-handed). Both were pleasant surprises for me, but definitely surprises. I thought that Kyra Sedgwick had her category all sewn up, but Mariska's good year continued when her name was called from the podium. She gave a very emotion-filled speech and she looked fabulous! Even though I may be a bit biased when it comes to Grey's, I can objectively say that it's not the best drama on television, so I was glad to see 24 win instead.

Biggest Bummer: The Office winning best comedy over Scrubs. Nothing against the workplace comedy (and it wasn't like I wasn't expecting it to win), but I had a small glimmer of hope that this would be Scrubs' year. No such luck as its fellow NBC comedy walked away victorious.

Best Dressed: Overall, everyone looked pretty fabulous last night. I was very impressed! Here are my top 3 of the night:
Grey's Anatomy's Katherine Heigl

Lost's Evangeline Lilly

Prison Break's Wentworth Miller

There were plenty of PTR favorites in attendance last night between the show and the after parties. Here is a look at what they were wearing on television's biggest night:
The 4400's Jacqueline McKenzie at an after party. She looks gorgeous!! And I seriously covet her shoes.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series winner Mariska Hargitay (L&O: SVU) arrives for the show last night. She's rockin' those post-baby curves and her hair looks fabulous!

Scrubs' Sarah Chalke arrives for the awards show. She also looked fabulous, and this dress works well on her.

And finally, you guys voted for your favorites last week in PTR's Emmy polls. Well, the results are in, and it seems, many of you aren't so happy with last night's show results. Here's how you voted:

Reality Competition:
You wanted Survivor (40%)
BUT, The Amazing Race once again took this category

Best Actor in a Comedy:
You wanted Steve Carell (45%)
BUT, Tony Shalhoub won again

Best Actress in a Comedy:
You wanted Jane Kaczmarek (50%)
BUT, Julia Louis-Dreyfus won

Best Actor in a Drama:
You wanted Denis Leary (86%)
BUT, Kiefer Sutherland finally won

Best Actress in a Drama:
You wanted Kyra Sedgwick (43%)
BUT, Mariska Hargitay finally won

Best Comedy:
You wanted Scrubs (60%)
BUT, its fellow NBC sitcom The Office took the category

Best Drama:
You wanted House (50%)
BUT, 24 took the award

So overall, an entertaining show with a mixed bag of winners and nominations. One thing is certain, The 58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards are in the record book. Maybe now we can begin hoping that this new system tweaks itself before the nomination process next season.


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Anonymous said...

Too bad for Scrubs. I like Grey's Anatomy fine, but wouldn't necessarily call it award winning material, so I'm glad someone else won instead (though I wouldn't have chosen 24).
As usual our faves have been snubbed, but guess we're used to it by now. Who needs mass recognition anyway. Just remember the REAL actors v/s supposed actors thread. And I love that Hurley!
- df

tube talk girl said...

I'm feeling your Scrubs snub. What do we have to do to get this show noticed? UGHHHH.... I'm also ticked about Denis Leary.