Monday, June 15, 2009

Holly Hunter's Sense of 'Grace'

By LillyKat
PTR Senior Staff Writer

I never get tired of listening to Holly Hunter talk about Saving Grace.

Uh, hello ... It's.Holly.Hunter.

Actress Holly Hunter of TNT's 'Saving Grace'Why wouldn't we want to hear what she has to say about the ever complex goings-on of Detective Grace Hanadarko? I actually need to send her a thank you note (or two) given her insights into the character have gotten me through some of my more critical phases in following the show.

All of which would explain why we've now been on the phone with her three separate times - each time trying to come up with a question or two she hasn't already answered for us. The series premieres its third season, Tuesday, June 16th at 10 p.m. on TNT.

So, what am I looking forward to this season?

Some more quality bonding time between Grace and Angel Earl.

Their relationship seems poised to become more of a partnership than an adversarial relationship, especially given Grace is at the point where she's ready to start talking about what she may - or may not - believe.


Turns out Holly is looking forward to seeing this develop as well.

"Yes, me, too," says Holly. "I think it’s interesting you say that because the relationships in the show are really very rich for me personally. I mean, the adventure the two characters of Grace and Ham are on is really fascinating to me and very complicated. And the decade-long history that I have with Rhetta - as two best friends, who have maintained this incredibly intimate relationship - [is also] fascinating to me. And the conflicts - the knowing and the not knowing that we have of one another. But, this relationship between me and Earl is pivotal. It’s really the fulcrum by which the rest of the show operates, and I think that this season, I'm ready to ask him questions. I'm ready to challenge him about belief and he’s ready [to hear it]. He challenges me as well. But I think that there are larger questions that can be asked and that the show can ask, and they can ask these questions through Grace, and Grace can be challenged by questions through Earl."

And with the start of the third season, where does she continue to draw her inspirations for portraying Grace?

"I draw them through endless and ongoing conversations that I have with Nancy Miller, the creator of the show," says Holly. "Nancy and I debate, we agree, we discuss, we challenge each other. We have an ongoing dialect with the other writers, where we talk about what we want to talk about and what the show will talk about. My conversations with the other cast [and] crew have been incredibly stimulating for me. And we do have things we want to discuss as people - as actors - and that is always provocative for me.

"And then there are people who have endlessly inspired me," continues Holly, "from Jack Kerouac to the writer of Henry and June, Anaïs Nin. She is a journalist extraordinaire, who has been a real inspiration for me in her revealing – her willingness to reveal her own desires and Henry Miller's desires; he has been an influence as well. People who live big, sloppy, romantic lives fascinate me."

And Holly continues to fascinate us.

Our thanks once again to Holly Hunter for taking the time to chat with us about all-things Grace Hanadarko. We also want to thank our friends at Turner publicity. The third season premiere of Saving Grace airs Tuesday, June 16th at 10 p.m. on TNT. Be sure to check out the show’s official Web site to catch up.


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