Monday, September 28, 2009

'Cold' Voyage

Continuity. It's not that Cold Case is usually lacking it per se, but the show doesn't normally present us with story lines that require it. It's more of a close-ended kinda show. Each week, cases are wrapped up and personal stuff is put on the back burner in favor of the case stuff. But, something tells me that this season might be a little different. First, we had a CC rarety: "Previously on Cold Case..." and that little recap had nothing to do with this week's case. It was purely personal, as in, personal for Lilly. And that was a clear indicator for the episode that followed. Moe Kitchener is back (the one who tried to kill Lil by forcing her car off that bridge in last season's finale), and his initial hearing put him right back out on the street and set his trial for May. Looks like this is going to be a season-long arc for Lil. And judging by her stalking behavior at the end, things are going to get interesting. We've never seen Lil's dark side and I'm intrigued. I hope the show really delves into it throughout the season.

The case was interesting. As usual, I enjoyed the trip through time to 1966. It's always fun to see the sets, film effects, costumes and way of life. I liked Darcy, and I was intrigue by the mystery surrounding her death, but I had a couple of issues with the story. First, I thought Grace made a bad doer. I normally give this show the benefit of the doubt and just assume heat of the moment and all, but this time, I just had too difficult of a time buying this one. It felt forced. It felt like the show was falling into that trap of making the killer be the least likely person. It didn't feel natural. Second, I found it hard to believe that no one came across Darcy's body after her friend left it right there in the open in the engine room. Someone had to come upon it, right? I know the ship was decomissioned after that voyage, but they had to do a quick once over before they put it permanently into port.

So, this was kind of a mixed bag for me. Great continuity and personal developments, but just a mediocre case because of the resolution. I think we're off to a good start, though, so let's start off with a win. CC kicks off the season 1-0. Screencap courtesy of RichE.


RichE said...

I have to agree with all that TVFan.

The body being found so many years later is close to ridiculous. The case story was otherwise merely so-so.

It's good to see that CC has embraced the idea of on-going storylines, even though one of its strengths was the lack of "soap opera".

I'm not sure I buy Lilly's anger yet, it feels very forced so far. She must be aware that trials take a while to happen and that that was just a hearing to decide on bail. He hasn't been found not guilty. When's the trial? When's the season end? Co-inky-dink?

And why stalk Moe? He did what he did to protect the academy. The damage is done. By stalking him she's just going to put herself in harms way, increasing the risk to herself. Leave him alone and if he comes near you you've got more evidence against him. But then I'm not a TV show writer.

I'm a little puzzled by the Kat/Curtis (ADA Bell) thing. They go on a date and have a good time. He doesn't "make a move" (on the first date!) and then she doesn't respond to his messages. Some how this is his fault and she takes this as lack of interest? If he had tried it on would she have yielded or refused and then taken his calling as a sign of desperation? I guess I just don't get gender politics.

I'm liking Lilly's tight outfits ;-) but am not taken with the make-up. We know how, with very little effort, pretty Kathryn can be, so why put in the work to make her look bad?

Full-sized HD screencaps are available on my site.

Kathryn Morris UK

Anonymous said...

I really didn't care for the case, was much more interested in the detectives personal stories. Lilly needing 12 stiches to the top of her skull, Moe being out on Bail and Kat and ADA Bell Kissing.

I actually like ADA Bell, I'm glad that he's with Kat; about time she gets a bigger storyline


Anonymous said...

I too had a beef with the fact that nobody found the body for that long. They would have at least checked the engine room before docking the ship.
Still it doesn't drive me nuts as much the episode 8:03 did. What they did to make the suspect confess ticks me off more than any other episode.