Monday, September 28, 2009

Gus Has Got Talent

Gus was in a boy band!! They were like Boyz II Men with Hammer pants and taller hair and the revelation drove Shawn crazy with jealousy (he has always wanted to sing in a 4-part band) and disappointment (that Gus kept this from him). In a word, it was AWESOME!! Here's a look at the rest of the best in this week's edition of "The Funny, The Funnier and OK, For Real, My Side Just Split."

Can I get an amen? Shawn went to the funeral of one of Gus's college friends for moral support, but wound up having a fun time with the "amens" and the "hallelujahs." He asked Gus if he could give an amen if the preacher asked, and Gus told him he could but to wait for it. He did -- patiently too. When the preacher asked, "Can I get an amen?", Shawn gave an enthusiastic one. But, he couldn't let things go with that simple refrain. A few seconds later, he was standing up and shouting "hallelujah!" by himself in front of the entire church. Gus gave him a look and he apologized saying that he got a bit carried away. Shawn getting carried away? How unusual! Of course, the more carried away he gets, the funnier the scene.

For reasons not initially known to Shawn and Gus, Jules and Lassiter were especially tight-lipped about this case. They cited higher-ups and wouldn't share any info with Shawn and Gus. So, Shawn decided to resort to his own tactics (as usual). This included cozying-up to the new coroner, which meant posing as a coroner tech while Gus had to play a cadaver. Shawn used his charm to ascertain "Diddle's" cause of death. Luckily, Cadaver Gus was there to decipher the coroner's words so Shawn could ask a follow up question. The two learned that "Diddle" could have been strangled before he was involved in the hit and run.

Shawn and Gus posing as American ninjas and spying on a huge drug deal sounds hilarious on paper (because you know they're gonna mess it up!), but it was downright side-splitting to watch it play out. First, Gus's cell phone started ringing (with its "Hello" ringtone). The drug dealers heard it and Shawn and Gus started fighting over who was calling him this late at night. Gus discovered it was Shawn! He hadn't locked his keys when he put his phone in his back pocket (and yes, I know because I too own an iPhone, the keys automatically lock when the phone goes into "sleep mode." But benefit of the doubt -- his back pocket slid the bar and unlocked the phone). Then, Shawn used his phone to call Gus's phone and the "Hello" ringtone distracted the bad guys long enough for Shawn and Gus to get away. They were scooped up by one of them, though. When their masks were pulled off, the two screamed like children until they realized they were staring at Jules and Lassie. Then, the man with the scar entered and they started screaming while they rolled their chairs back into the wall of the interrogation room. Funny, funny stuff! My only complaint, where was Shawn's awesome Psych iPhone cover?

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John said...

I agree this was a winner. The show has been on a roll.

I didn’t catch the missing iPhone Psych cover.

In addition to you points, I want to give an Amen and a Hallelujah to a singing Psych Out at the end. It has been too long since we had one.

TVFan said...

Excellent point, John! It has been too long since we've had a singing Psych-out and this episode was begging for one. So glad they delivered.