Monday, September 21, 2009

'Psych' Goes Bollywood

Shawn and Bollywood go together like, well, super spicey food and spicey water: one just escalates the other. He was very quick to dismiss the curse and "solve" the case in a way too wham- bam- thank- you- ma'am manner. Too hell-bent on beating Lassie at his own game. And too anxious to impress Abigail. But no matter because this meant laughs for us along the way. Here's a look at the rest of the best in this week's edition of "The Funny, The Funnier and OK, For Real, My Side Just Split."

OK, I'm just going to say it: Lassie getting the better of Shawn for a change was funny. I loved the look of complete and utter joy when he fetched Spencer to do the interrogation with Raj (or "Roger" to Shawn). He knew what he was sending Shawn into, and he relished every moment of it. Classic Lassie. And as the case went on, he was sure to point out Shawn's shortcomings even further. The "friendly" rivalry between these two is unmatched. Best frienemies on TV!

With the competition between Shawn and Lassie heating up this week, Shawn decided that he would heal Raj of his fake curse by using the power of suggestion. So, he had him place one hand in water and the other on one of those science/energy balls. Gus kept repeatedly insisting that Raj could be electrocuted, but Shawn persisted. When Raj said that he could "feel something," Shawn chalked it up to the curse leaving his body while Gus grew more concerned that they were about to fry the man instead of relieving him of a girlfriend-harming spell. The bickering between Shawn and Gus and watching poor Raj in the middle was pretty hilarious. Warning, though, DO NOT try this at home for your own curse-be-gone cures.

Another week, another "Best of the Series" moment. Shawn, Gus and Abigail weren't planning on staying for dinner when they dropped in on Raj and his family celebrating Raj's brother's engagement, but once inside the house, they had little choice. Cut to the three sitting around the table eating traditional Indian cuisine (i.e. SPICEY!!) and the hilarity ensued. Shawn asked if the food had been seasoned with molten lava while Gus suffered through watery eyes and the sniffles. Then, Shawn declared that he couldn't see out of his left eye, and Gus proclaimed that he sees "dead people." Both attempted to get relief from their water glasses, but it was in vein as the water appeared to be spicey as well ("Who does that??!!"). So funny!!!! Abigail seemed to get through the meal unscathed (she had spent time in India).

There was one interesting development this week: Shawn was forced to confront his repressed feelings for Jules. She was posing as Raj's fiancee in order to trap the perp, and he grew more and more jealous as the story played out. Hmm... interesting.

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John said...

Another great episode. “Psych” is on a roll this season.

The Lassie/Shawn rivalry was great.

I liked Abigail in the episode and you are right – Shawn’s feelings for Jules are showing.

Jules had a bigger role than recently, which was nice.

The dinner scene was the highlight of the show – I am surprised it wasn’t the basis for the Psych Out. And drinking water after having hot food doesn’t work. The water just spreads the capsaicin around the mouth. Dairy products, with their casein, are best for controlling the heat.